Shirou's outlet

Jul 27th, 2020
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  1. Shirou has been busy protecting beastmen for centuries, keeping himself primed and proper for the security of his people.
  2. When was the last time he cut loose? Decades? Centuries?
  3. What would make him just say "fuck it" and forcibly breed someone right there?
  5. >Her tight shorts
  6. >High cut "top"
  7. >Loose jacket
  8. >Her form fitting baseball uniform
  9. >Her energetic nature
  10. >Her youth
  11. >Her soft fur
  12. >Her tiny, cute fangs
  13. >Her peppy, adorable voice
  14. >And that goddamn hug
  15. >It's her fault she's being pinned down
  16. >It's been too long anyway
  17. >It's okay, she can take a beating
  18. >It's ok, she's legal
  19. >It's ok, she'll get over it
  21. >Recently found out that Michiru has a regenerative ability like Shirou, but slower
  22. >His feral side takes this subconsciously
  23. >Rapes are brutal
  24. >Internal trauma is disregarded by him
  25. >Deep clawing and biting is disturbingly common
  26. >He constantly growls "human fuck" and many other cruel things as her bones snap
  27. >She takes the abuse because she knows he needs an outlet, but the internal effects are still there
  28. >At least Shiro is more friendly and outgoing
  30. >But one incident showed the ugliest side
  31. >Previous sessions were usually repressed, animalistic rage, but that certain session was the product of a fresh wound caused by her
  32. >No amount of body spray could cover up the... abnormalities of Michiru's scent, especially to Shirou even in his human form
  33. >His demeanor was a sudden drop from his new "older brother" personality to one of calm anger
  34. >Of course, the calmness was lost in a sharp turn as soon as he transformed and dragged her into an alley by digging his claws into one of her ears before tossing her 100 pound body into the corner of a metal dumpster
  35. >In many of their romps, there was always an unspoken rule, never hurt the head too much. The brain is fragile despite any healing powers
  36. >Ogami was clearly and willfully violating that as he bashed her head against the lid of the dumpster, leaving a dent on it that got deeper with each bash
  38. >With one more throw onto the dumpster, she was given the chance to collapse onto the floor and realize what was happening
  39. >That realization cumulated into a desperate, angry, and feral "What the FUCK?"
  40. >Kagemori never swore, not even in her violent romps with the wolf
  41. >Even with her skull open, something in her was taken aback by her outburst
  42. >But in her shock and rage, there was an underlying fear thanks to the wolf standing there stone faced.
  44. >Using his left hand for support against the wall, Shirou continued bashing Michiru
  45. >Each hit, his grip tightened
  46. >Between gasps, sobs, and shrieks were sickening, definite cracks of the vertebrae within the Tanuki's neck and back before the much more prominent cracks of ribs
  47. >A few sparkles manifested at her tail, in a pathetic attempt at growing her tail to cushion the blows before simmering away
  49. >Michiru's grip on his arm loosened, and her arms dropped to her sides
  50. >The abuse paused, and Shirou's muzzle began sniffing at the bloodied, caved in head and neck
  51. >Michiru was definitely alive and conscious, with unblinking eyes with small tiny pupils
  52. >"You're killing me."
  54. >She was dropped onto the ground with an open hand
  55. >"Kagemori, you're wearing cheap, generic, sports body spray. That's obvious. Behind that is your natural scent. Easy. Deeper, there's there's a peach scented perfume. Under that, is a distinct scent."
  56. >Blood running from exposed skull and ripped flesh, Michiru looked up slowly and meekly
  57. >"Stop fucking Nazuna. You're going to outlive her, anyway. Might as well take care of the heartbreak now than later."
  58. >The Tanuki's head fell down again, shallow breaths becoming slightly deeper.
  59. >"So we're stuck together. Get used to it. Our healing barely makes us age. You'll outlive your children. Accept it now."
  60. >Her breathing sped up, just a little. As if it was trying to muster up the energy to express it's pain.
  61. >"And you're not strong enough to hold your own. You belong to me until you get strong enough."
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