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  2. --- Josh Done Quick: Info ---
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  5. tl;dr I'm doing a speedrun marathon for a week
  7. JDQ is my own personal speedrun marathon, where every game (and almost every other part of the marathon) is ran by me! While most streamers do a Birthday stream to celebrate their birthday, I've decided to do an entire solo speedrun marathon for a week instead!
  9. I'll be doing speedruns of almost every game I know how to do, and maybe some that I don't!
  10. You can find the full schedule here:
  12. I've had the idea of a solo marathon for a few years, but this is my first time trying it so I have no idea how it's going to go. It could be great, or I could burn out 2 days in and have to cancel, who knows! As such, I've tried to keep everything as simple as possible, in an attempt to make a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test the idea.
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  15. -- The Runs/Schedule --
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  18. tl;dr Lots of GTA, mostly GTA:SA and some wacky bonus donation goal runs
  20. The schedule was made by me and Emma, looking at all the games I have (or could) do speedruns of and attempting to make a balanced and fun schedule from them. There's obviously plenty of GTA:SA, as well as other GTAs, but I didn't want it to be just GTA games so I've also included all my most popular non-GTA runs as well. we did spread out the GTAs (And SA) as much as possible to make sure there was at least one run every day everyone wanted to watch.
  22. We tried to make the estimate for every run very high in order to guarantee that we don't ruin the schedule, but also so that I can take a food/poop break between runs as I'll hopefully finish them all early.
  24. Every day has a maximum of 12 hours of runs scheduled, and then a 12 hour rerun of the same day. So there will be (at most) 12 hours of Live Joshimuz #CONTENT, and then while I sleep there will be another 12 hours of content to cover the 24 hours of every day. We cannot go over 12 hours because then the rerun will also be over 12 and we'll start having schedule problems. As such if a day does go over 12 I'll have to stop, however this (hopefully) isn't likely as most days are around 8 to 10 hours.
  26. We also have a few "Donation Goal" runs, which are runs that are scheduled over other runs (or other versions of the same run) and will replace them if we meet a donation goal before they start. For example on Tuesday there is a GTA:SA Any% run, however there is a donation goal for a GTA:SA Cheat% run. If we meet the goal then instead of doing a normal, boring, Any% run, I'll finally do the highly requested follow up to my ancient Cheat% run I did back in 2013, but with modern strats!
  27. We tried to keep all the donation goal runs as straight upgrades over the things they were replacing, but this wasn't strictly possible in all cases. In those instances we made sure the donation goal run would be more popular than the run it replaces (Like doing a GTA:V Any% Yes Mission Skips blind run, instead of Blur Any% (Hard)).
  29. Every run I'll attempt to do with a professional style of "Marathon Commentary", and I'll also be using my best attempt at professional layouts and presentation in general, in more of sort of a parody way, rather than an actual need to be professional.
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  32. -- Donations --
  33. ---------------
  35. tl;dr Money goes to me, despite my feelings about it
  37. I feel bad for saying it but: All donations will be going to me, and not a charity like other speedrun marathons. While I would love to support a charity (Like Charity: Water or Doctors Without Borders) I also need an income.
  38. I spend a fair amount of on my time and money each year supporting ESA (raising money for the Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation this year!) as a volunteer/team senior, and I think it's probably economically and logically best if I keep my charity efforts strictly to that and keep my own personal stream as my own personal work and income.
  40. I'm also at bit of a crossroad right now professionally where I need to find some other form of income to keep sustaining my streaming equipment and current living situation. One option is to get some sponsors like AMD which could provide me with modern streaming tech and who knows what else. However I've always tried to avoid this route as I feel like a major draw to my stream is it's *UN*professional-ness. It's just me, chilling, doing what I want when I want, with no sponsor logos or "PLZ SUBSCRIBEZZ" or anything like that. If I did choose to finally partner with some companies then I'm not sure what impact that would have on me or my current style of streaming.
  42. I'm trying my best to provide good #CONTENT for your money. I'll be streaming 8-12 hours a day for a week, I've put a ton of work into the schedule, layouts, stream tech etc. I have fun and wacky (and probably painful for me) donation goals for you to enjoy, and I've managed to convince Emma (Kitteamuz) to read every single donation we receive as we receive them (unless the messages are bad ofc).
  44. Also all the things I plan to spend money on are hopefully of interest to you. First and foremost I have a lot of the usual money issues (Rent, Student Debts, Bills, Tax etc etc) but paying that allows me to continue to actually stream and make #CONTENT. I'm also in desperate need of a new PC setup. I'm still using the same 10 year old TELEVISION as my main computer/gaming monitor, the same 4th gen i7 970 (non-ti) 720p capture card PC setup from 5 years ago, and all sorts of stuff like that. People are always asking me to stream modern gaming content (Like Red Dead Redemption 2) but I simply don't have the tech for it.
  46. At the end of the day, if anything I've just said you can relate to, or you simply don't think it's worth your money, then don't give me anything and instead just hopefully enjoy the marathon. I'm sure it's going to be a massive, hilarious, train wreck :D
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