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The Study of a Hellhound

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  1. http://i.imgur.com/2FNB07l.png
  2. Courtesy of Monorus (http://imgur.com/a/eLguu#1)
  5. >the Hellhead scoffed and begrudgingly hooked her incredibly short hot pants and began to tug them down
  6. >”...slower” you tell her
  7. >a flash of embers erupted from the Hellhound, clearly enraged by the order. But she does as shes told and ever so slowly peels off the thin fabric and gently slid them down her toned legs, revealing firm pert ass that'd make even pious men think twice
  8. >she steps out of it and tosses it at your face
  9. >you catch it reflexively; its seething hot to the touch and a faint aroma of her tingles your nose
  10. >"Happy human?" she stands turning around, a hint of ire in her voice as she crosses her arms and looks menacingly at you
  11. >you couldnt help steal a quick glance at her framed breasts before returning her leering gaze
  12. >you stood up from your seat, still returning her gaze as you proceeded to pace around the hell hound, her body heat could even be felt even where you stood
  13. >"Are all of your kind like you?" you asked genuinely curious as you stood behind the hell hound, partially thankful that she didnt bother to turn her head to speak to you
  14. >"None like me. We're all a little different. Some weaker, some stronger. Some more vicious and cunning." she said, with a surprisingly proud tone in her voice  
  15. >her tail wagging to-and-fro seemed evident of that as you peered down to her ashen bottom, the plump flesh seemed almost inviting to you
  17. >you reached out and dragged a finger across her ass, the feeling of which was akin to  dipping a finger into a freshly drawn hot bath; painful at first, but bearable
  18. >her ears twitched as she looked over her shoulder, "Careful human, I might just bite." a slight warning in her voice
  19. >but you paid no heed to her as you cupped her ass and began to fondle it, molding the flesh in your hand, perhaps getting too ahead of yourself
  20. >but she didnt protest as you played with her butt, pulling it up and letting it bounce back into place, a sight which was, you admit quite exhilarating
  21. >"Are you done yet human?" she said exasperated, knocking you out of your trance; it seems you got ahead of yourself
  22. >you meekly apologize and jot some more notes in your notebook; this was indeed invaluable information you were getting
  23. >you continue to walk around her, stopping in front of her and looking at her now annoyed face, her fiery eyebrows smoldering
  24. >you quickly look back down at your notebook and make a quick about her eyebrows, extraordinary really, before asking her to open her mouth
  25. >the request surprised her, and quite humorously you thought, she raised one of her fiery eyebrows  
  26. >but she did as you asked and opened her mouth, revealing a sharp row of canine like teeth, a faint orange glow emanating from the back of her throat
  27. >after taking another quick note, you asked her to stick out her tongue. Without saying anything, she did as you asked, her tongue lolling out for you  
  28. >gingerly, you grasped it with your index finger. You could see her eyes widen at the sudden sensation, but luckily for you, she didnt bite off your precious digits
  29. >you began to roll the piece of flesh between your fingers and peered closer, her taste buds clearly visible; you didnt mind the saliva that was coating your finger tips
  30. >having finished exploring your tongue, you let go, and with a quick 'slurp' the hellhound's tongue retreated back into her mouth as you took more notes  
  31. >"Was that really necessary?" she asked annoyed once more
  33. >”Every little detail mattered.” you assured her
  34. >eventually your gaze drifted downwards towards her breasts, supple and exquisitely shaped, they would have put most noblewoman's accessories to shame  
  35. >"You should draw a picture, it would last longer." The hellhound warned
  36. >”Of course, but that would come later.”
  37. >the statement that quite shocked the hellhound at your sudden, professional retort
  38. >you then ask her to drop her arms, and her eyes squint at you, clearly not happy at what was transpiring
  39. >but once more she relented and dropped her arms to her sides
  40. >you gently placed a finger along her upper chest, the sensation still burning but tolerable to you, and slowly began to move downwards towards her soft mammaries
  41. >your finger sank into the soft flesh as you traced the outline of her boob before finally grasping it yourself and giving it a light squeeze
  42. >the hell-hound openly grimaced but kept her arms at her sides as you began to fondle her
  43. >you asked her if her kind could produce milk
  44. >the question caught her off guard once more, but not in the way that you intended
  45. >"Of course you idiot. Why else would I have these then?" she sneered at you
  46. >of course, of course; an honest mistake. You soon moved onto your next test; taking your thumb, you gently grazed it against her darkened ashen nipple
  47. >the sensation was stiff, and the more you played with it, the stiffer it became until it was fully hardened. You studied the hell hounds reaction carefully, her eyes going wide at the sudden touch before her eyelids began to flutter
  48. >you couldn't help but notice her fists begin to ball, she seemed to enjoy this as her mouth was agape, her rapid shallow breathing in tune to your thumb playing with her
  49. >finished, you pulled your hand away and made another note; sensitivity was the same as it was on hell hounds
  50. >as soon as your hand pulled away, she readjusted her stance and folded her arms once more
  51. >"I hope you are done with your games human..." she said with her usual threat in her voice, but this time in a much softer tone
  52. >of course of course, there was just one more place you had to document
  53. >both you and the hellhound looked at each other for the longest time before your eyes glanced downwards at her
  55. >immediately, her eyes widened in shock, but she quickly recomposed herself
  56. >"Are you actually serious human? Or do you take me for a fool?" she said full of suspicion
  57. >but before you could make your excuses she clicked her tongue and let out a heavy sigh "Whatever…”
  58. >you breathed a sigh of relief as you instructed the hell hound to get on all fours, and raise her butt in the air for you
  59. >she did so and quite surprisingly, she raised her ass high into the air and stretched her arms out in front of her, her tail wagging to and fro like a happy dog
  60. >once more you were greeted with her ass, and you wasted no time in getting behind her, the scribbles of your charcoal pencil becoming faster and faster as you drew this amazing sight
  61. >minutes passed, and you soon became enamored with the perfect circumference of her form, her arching back and raised tail that drew you in as you drew her
  62. >Suddenly an outburst disrupted your enraptured study
  63. >"Are we going to do this today human, or are you going to-" she began, but you quickly cut her off, shushing her
  64. >she had looked back at you, peering over her arm with a look of initiation that had to be put to paper. Her eyes peering over her arm, her arching back, and fluffy tail must be documented  
  65. >she seemed taken aback by your work, and held her position as you completed sketching her. Finally finished, you set aside your note back and informed her that you were beginning the final test
  67. >the hell hound would only scoff at you and  would mumble something beneath her breath as you assumed your position behind her
  68. >you gently grasped her flank, letting your fingers sink into the flesh to get a firm grip as you surveyed the sight
  69. >her butthole, in clear view, reflexed involuntarily and you could feel her muscles tighten underneath  your hand. But what you wanted to investigate was further down
  70. >you gently brought your fingers to her entrance, and curiously you could feel her heat even from there. You gingerly began to touch it, mentally taking notes at the textures of her entrance as your fingers traced her
  71. >her muscles flexed once more, but she didnt offer any sign of resistance at your exploration. You noticed that although unnaturally hot, it was still bearable to the touch
  72. >you wondered what it would feel like to put your own dick in her
  73. >but you brushed such thoughts aside, after all, you were a man of science
  74. >"Would you just get on with-Ah!" she yelped as your first finger entered, plunging your digit into her
  75. >the first thing you noticed as how hot she was, and how hard she clenched down on your finger; truly remarkable
  76. >you wasted no time in inserting another finger, and you swore you heard a low short moan come from her
  77. >You slowly began to pump your fingers, slowly letting each knuckle pass into her. Her fluids were hot to the touch and soon began to coat your fingers and dribble down your hand with each thrusting of your fingers
  82. >her body began to tremble occasionally as you rhythmically began to finger fuck her,  her tail wagging back and forth with embers raining down on your head
  83. >you ask her if she has had any pups
  84. >it takes her some time before she answers, but she takes a sharp deep breath when she does "None.....yet"
  85. >extraordinary, this was something you couldn't pass up then
  86. >you crouched down, affording yourself the best view of her entrance and committing it to memory for a sketch later, and began to ever so gently spread your fingers apart
  87. >you could hear her audibly moan louder as you opened her folds, revealing her deepest parts
  88. >Surprisingly, it looked no different from the medical journals you had read as a student, but every little detail mattered
  89. >finished with your examination, you withdrew your fingers and sat back. The tail of the hell hound would stop wagging as she looked back at you, "You done?" she asked somewhat downtrodden
  90. >you nodded, but noticed that her eyes were fixed at your fingers, drenched in her juices. Her orange pupils would then look at your expectantly while her ears twitched slightly
  91. >well, every little detail did matter
  92. >you hesitantly drew your soaked fingers into your mouth and closed your lips around them, sucking them clean of her fluids
  93. >if you had to describe it, it would have tasted like freshly baked bread; more tests would be needed
  94. >you picked up your notebook and scribbled your findings down. The hell hound however, rolled to her side and propped up her head with her paw, allowing you a full look at her nude body  
  95. >she seemed quite pleased as you jotted down your notes and began the sketch of her vagina
  96. >"So are you finished, human?" she asked. You only nodded
  97. >"Really?....well...there is one more thing  I can show you..."she said inspecting the claws of her free paw
  98. >really? Something you hadn't seen before? A special ability perhaps?
  99. >The hell hound only grinned at you, flashing her canine-like teeth, "Have you ever seen a hell hound…mate?"
  100. >you shake your head; although examining such an act would be a momentous boon to your research, it was imperative to be impartial in your studies, you informed her
  101. >although you would be happy to present of the act if she found a willing mate
  102. >worryingly, she didnt seem fazed
  104. >"Ah....too bad for you then..." she said lightheartedly with a grin.
  105. >but in a flash it was gone, replaced by an expression of feral lust as she pounced on you with a sudden burst of speed, tackling into you and rolling a few times before she pinned you down, her meaty paws holding your arms down
  106. >you told her that this wasnt part of the deal; that the two of you had an agreement
  107. >she merely scoffed at you, her widening grin becoming even more unnerving as she relished in your fear. You could feel her juices begin to soak into your trousers
  108. >she leaned down, her lips just grazing your ear as she whispered into it. It wasnt her agonizingly hot breath that sent shivers through your body; it was the malice in her voice
  109. >"I.....lied..."
  110. >you would later descend from the mountain clothed only in a torn lenin shirt and your journal, scorch marks and scratches covering your body. The passing travelers would take you for being the survivor of a band of marauders
  111. >there was just once important piece of information you forgot to mention
  112. >hellhounds never forget a scent
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