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The Sewer Crabs

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  1. Johnny "Shortstack" Morreti walks off, snapping. Hopefully Spaghetti snaps in unison with him.
  2. Tim "Spaghetti" Ferrari snaps in unison, keeping his arm in the same position as he moves.
  3. Johnny "Shortstack" Morreti halts his snapping, "Hey slick, this place fits my style, ya dig? I think this should be our turf, cool cat."
  4. Tim "Spaghetti" Ferrari: Huh...
  5. Tim "Spaghetti" Ferrari: Yeah..
  6. Tim "Spaghetti" Ferrari: I can dig it.
  7. Johnny "Shortstack" Morreti: Yeah, I'm liking this groove, Ace.
  8. Tim "Spaghetti" Ferrari: I'm thinkin....
  9. Frog Blast the vent core killed EpicTheDinosaur using weapon_cc_akm
  10. Johnny "Shortstack" Morreti: We should check the rest of the shim and sham around this town first though, yeah Timmy Boy?
  11. Tim "Spaghetti" Ferrari: Paint the walls with spaghetti.... Cover the floors with spaghetti....
  12. Tim "Spaghetti" Ferrari: It'd look great.
  13. Johnny "Shortstack" Morreti: Let's agitate this gravel.
  14. Tim "Spaghetti" Ferrari: Yea, yea.
  15. Johnny "Shortstack" Morreti approaches the man, snapping his fingers. Spaghetti snaps in unison.
  16. Tim "Spaghetti" Ferrari snaps in unison with him, eyeing down the newcomer as he slides on his leather jacket.
  17. Johnny Two Bags: The hell are you two doin'?
  18. Johnny "Shortstack" Morreti: This is our turf, daddy-o. Ya better scram.
  19. Tim "Spaghetti" Ferrari: Yeeea. Scram.
  20. Johnny "Shortstack" Morreti: Or we'll give ya the one-two bop, ya dig?
  21. Johnny Two Bags giggles, "The hell? When did it turn into the 70s?
  22. Johnny "Shortstack" Morreti: You think this is some game cool-cat? We ain't no children, ya feel? You're cramping my style.
  23. Tim "Spaghetti" Ferrari pulls on the sides of his jacket and puffs out his chest. "Ya don' wanna mess wit' us."
  24. Johnny Two Bags looks down both ways of the street then back to the two, "Am I being punked, right now?"
  25. Johnny "Shortstack" Morreti: Punked? You think we're jokesters, slick? As Spaghetti here said, ya don't wanna mess wit' us. We're the toughest gang around, cool as
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