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  1. S Note: S -> A- are ranked by viability but this is due to personal preference
  2. Corviknight (Sablenite, Venusaurite, Banettite, Metagrossite, Aerodactylite)
  3. Corviknight is the most viable Pokemon in Mix and Mega for multiple reasons, but the main one is that it’s the best defogging and pivoting option by far out of this list. It’s seriously splashable as a result, making it fit on effectively every team at some point in their development due to its capability to check otherwise scary threats like Excadrill, Rhyperior, Kommo-o, Noivern and Hydreigon. It can also act as a general purpose tank even with Sablenite, as 97 Attack Brave Birds can do solid damage to the frailer breakers in the metagame like Gengar. Bulk Up sets that utilize Metagrossite / Aerodactylite can be quite tough to switch into without an Electric type like Rotom-W, and even those can be worn down. In general it compresses a large portion of roles for a team that allow free slots to be so prevalent in Mix and Mega compared to last generation – definitely my #1 choice.
  4. A+
  5. Arcanine (Altarianite, Pinsirite)
  6. Arcanine is quite possibly our best speed control option which packs a solid level of utility with a potentially devastating sweeping capability. A lot of wallbreakers in the current metagame are quite weak to Fairy types and this is why Altarianite is listed first despite Pinsirite being the better sweeping variant. Never-the-less, both of these variants are great at controlling the pace of the metagame and making sure threats like Hydreigon and Mew don’t get away with it easily. Being capable of taking hits from other possible speed control options like Lucario and Dragapult is also a great deal for it as it tends to make lategames with these Pokemon around easier to handle. However, it does tend to struggle with the heavy popularity of Banettite Toxapex and thus tends to fit into a more supportive role, utilizing Morning Sun more than being a brute wallbreaker like Entei was in the past generation.
  7. Hydreigon (Blastoisinite, Diancite, Altarianite, Lucarionite)
  8. Quite possibly the most devastating wallbreaker I have on this list, Blastoisinite Hydreigon has shown itself to be a masterclass in corebreaking and wears down Altarianite users like Kommo-o and Arcanine easily. Corviknight is only barely able to tank it at +2, and Toxapex will sometimes even be setup fodder for it, particularly Diancite variants. It even has some defensive utility – it takes on both Rotom-H and Rotom-W, and its decent Speed tier allows it to revenge kill a large amount of other threats like Dracozolt, Dracovish and Excadrill. Altarianite Hydreigon also allows Hydreigon to break through Fairy-type counters like Sylveon.
  9. Toxapex (Banettite, Sablenite, Latiasite)
  10. One of the most frustrating Pokemon to break past right now. Banettite Toxapex no longer suffers from the large amount of issues it had in USM – the power level is just right for it to become a big part of the metagame again, taking on Lucario, Arcanine, and Kommo-o with ease. Being one of the few Pokemon this generation with Toxic is also a boon to be blessed with and it’s one of the main reasons Toxapex is such a difficult Pokemon to play around in the current metagame.
  11. Kommo-o (Altarianite, Pinsirite)
  12. Kommo-o’s a defining Stealth Rock user in the metagame and it defines what is a bouncer and what isn’t a bouncer. It’s very important for dealing with Dragapult and other water types like Dracovish thus making it a great role compressor for a lot of teams that can harm things within an instant, and has few good resists. Sadly for Kommo-o a lot of these resists tend to be top tier. It also has a smaller niche which can utilize Clangorous Soul pretty well with a mixed attacking set, but this is yet to be fully unleashed and I’m ranking this primarily as a role compressor Stealth Rock setter.
  13. A
  14. Dragapult (Diancite)
  15. Brilliantly fast mon and has coverage that’s tough to wall, but tends to have issues with trying to decide its final move (two of U-turn / Thunder / Hydro Pump). Its 203 base Speed with Diancite affords it a Modest nature which it can use to pick up 2HKOs with Thunder that it would usually miss out on, such as Sablenite Corviknight, Mandibuzz and physically defensive Toxapex. Aside from this however it is fairly one-dimensional and lacks the power to do much against teams with harder counters like Clefable and Sylveon.
  16. Excadrill (Metagrossite, Lucarionite, Latiosite)
  17. Strong wallbreaker that sadly suffers from Corviknight being omnipresent. Aside from this though, because its main counter is Corviknight, and it happens to have a good set of resistances even without running a Levitate stone, Excadrill has great team synergy which it can abuse to get past CorviPex cores, particularly synergizing well with Rotom-Wash, Rotom-Heat and Dracozolt. Latiosite also has a good niche in being able to spin hazard guaranteed out of Rhyperior teams and its decent bulk allows it to threaten out other potentially frustrating Stealth Rock setters like Kommo-o.
  18. Rhyperior (Tyranitarite)
  19. Eternatus is gone but Rhyperior is still a very solid mon that takes on a lot of threats in the metagame. I tend to prefer specially defensive EVs with HP investment, primarily so it can take on Dracozolt and other Fire types better, but it can also run more offensive spreads which allow it to claw past Corviknight easier. However, it still suffers quite badly from Water types and Body Press Corviknight can be an issue for it as it chunks Rhyperior for a large amount.
  20. Rotom-W (Manectite, Latiasite, Glalitite)
  21. Rotom-W takes the idea of a Water resist and couples it together with a breaker capable of beating down CorviPex cores. For that alone it already creates a significant niche for itself but combined with the fact that its switchins tend to get very heavily punished by Thunder Wave makes it a powerful supportive wincon that can take the punishment throughout a game. Whilst Latiasite sets generally tend to struggle to beat Arcanine, Manectite sets have a wonderful ability to switch in and easily dish back enough damage to the point where a team cannot recover due to it being fairly difficult to KO whilst most of its resists, such as Dragapult, tend to get punished by either Thunder Wave or a +2 Hydro Pump. The reasons it doesn’t really go any further is a lack of recovery which can force balance teams including it to rely on WishPass which is exploitable in the current metagame.
  23. A-
  24. Gengar (Manectite, Diancite, Lucarionite)
  25. Gengar’s a pretty nuts wallbreaker but it struggles quite hard with Sablenite Toxapex without Thunderbolt, and Rhyperior without Focus Blast. Never the less, unlike most of the wallbreakers on this VR, Gengar has one of the highest Speed stats of them all, as well as having a Fairy resistant typing making Gengar quite a tough Pokemon to revenge kill. Not much else to say here about it.
  26. Mew (Lopunnite, Cameruptite, Gyaradosite)
  27. Lopunnite Mew is one of the best wallbreakers in the metagame – having the Psychic typing to take on Toxapex is one of the best things a wallbreaker could want right now. And whilst it does struggle with dealing with mons like Arcanine, it still has the tools to handle them, with Gunk Shot dealing excellent damage to Arcanine and Kommo-o, but leaving out some damage on Corviknight – albeit Close Combat will do enough damage to effectively make it dead at least. Cameruptite Mew can also do the same roles as most of these CorviPex breakers but it also has the ability to punish switchins heavily with Spikes, and it is one of the best setters of them to put more salt in the wound. Aside this Nasty Plot is probably the best stallbreaker of the metagame but needs some support vs offensive teams as it will hardly ever get off more than one or two hits.
  28. Noivern (Salamencite)
  29. Prior to last gen where it was used as an offensive defogger (by me), Noivern definitely settles better into the defensive role where in my opinion it is the best Fighting check in the metagame. Super Fang wears down Corviknight very fast and it is one of the few Pokemon to be blessed with Defog this generation. Although its Special Defense is weak, it can also tank a few boosted Fire moves from the likes of Chandelure, and on the physical side it can beat non Outrage Dracovish and Lopunnite Mew. Even with low Special Attack investment it still heavily dents wallbreakers like Excadrill and prevents them from coming in often, making this one of the best mons for Bulky Offense at the moment.
  30. Rotom-Heat (Manectite, Glalitite, Latiasite, Charizardite Y)
  31. Rotom-Heat is a strong wallbreaker capable of lighting up CorviPex as well as dishing out some heavy damage to Fire resistances. Its final moveslot can also be dedicated to good punishing options like Will-O-Wisp for use against Rhyperior as it cannot really harm it. Manectite has the added bonus of being a resist to both of Arcanine’s sets, meaning that as long as you have good Defog support it stays alive for quite a while and can outlast Rhyperior quite easily. Aside from this it generally suffers from being slow, except for Manectite sets, as well as being outclassed by Rotom-Wash as a bulky pivot due to its Stealth Rock weakness.
  33. Mamoswine (Lucarionite, Scizorite)
  34. Solid Stealth Rock setter that can tend to struggle with Corviknight without Icicle Crash flinches or some luck in Icicle Spear rolls but it often gets enough turns to do this. Mamoswine can also tend to tank a few things here and there, such as Toxtricity and Dracozolt, but aside from that it’s much like the past gen.
  35. Jellicent (Banettite)
  36. Alike to Noivern, Jellicent is a solid defensive presence but instead of being a fast support it’s a much harder wall to Dracovish, Mew and other potential physical threats with the unique ability to halt a sweep immediately with PrankWisp and the newly acquired Strength Sap. Sadly it doesn’t really get much utility from there, but it can be very frustrating to deal with burns from Scald + Wisp all the time.
  37. B+
  38. Barraskewda (Lopunnite, Aerodactylite)
  39. Being a fast threat is quite beneficial for Barraskewda as it can afford to run an Adamant nature which gets crucial rolls for 2HKOs on Toxapex and other Pokemon like Corviknight. It also happens to be pretty good at punishing other Water resists like Jellicent and Kommo-o with its solid coverage options.
  40. Dracovish (Metagrossite, Sharpedonite, Swampertite)
  41. Vish suffers some issues in speed in the bulky offense matchups, but its stallbreaking powers cannot be denied as it is one of the hardest wallbreakers to resist properly in the game. Metagrossite Sub Super Fang is a tough set to deal with in the long run and aside from somewhat dedicated slots like Jellicent this set doesn’t really have a long lasting counter. Other sets are powerful but suffer from Jellicent balance harder.
  42. Dracozolt (Metagrossite, Diancite)
  43. Takes some time to take out the opposing Ground types but once you have it’s basically free real estate for Dracozolt. PixiSpeed can prove frustrating at times but none of them can hard into Bolt Beak and Dracozolt often has multiple moves to punish them directly. Not really scary outside of these balance matchups like Dracovish however
  44. Hippowdon (Venusaurite, Sablenite, Pinsirite)
  45. Pretty solid check to Rhyperior and Excadrill, as well as somewhat punishing with Pinsirite + Curse, but again, not too much has changed from last generation from Hippowdon. It struggles with Levitate users and isn’t the best Stealth Rock setter but can be potentially deadly with the right team.
  46. B
  47. Chandelure (Cameruptite, Charizardite Y)
  48. Fairly strong breaker with loads of different options for specific targets as well as the ability to run Trick Room but linear outside of that. Walled by Toxapex half the time and can’t deal with general SpDef walls outside of that.
  49. Corsola-Galar (Gyaradosite)
  50. Strong Stealth Rock setter but fails to counter a lot due to Scrappy being very common. However, being Mold Breaker does allow it to take a few Pokemon completely under, such as Bulk Up Corviknight. It also checks Excadrill and co quite easily.
  51. Cursola (Ampharosite)
  52. Alternate variant to Corsola-Galar. It loses the ability to check Excadrill reliably and takes a lot more damage from Corviknight but the utility roles are pretty much the same. It however can also act as a wallbreaker against Toxapex cores alongside being a solid Stealth Rock setter with a good Fire resistance due to its high 150 base Special Defense.
  53. Ditto (Choice Scarf)
  54. Good revenge killer as a lot of mons hit theirselves super effectively. It’s a boon for balance as that allows it to quite comfortably take on Dracovish / Dracozolt users and beat Hydreigon without needing a clunky WishPasser like Sylveon.
  55. Gastrodon (Sablenite, Venusaurite)
  56. Eternatus got nuked and thus Gastrodon is no longer as good as it was but this thing still has a good niche in being capable of being a dual mode Mega – walls Dracovish unmega and takes on Rhyperior and a few other Electric wallbreakers. However, it does suffer with the large amount of Dragon types in the metagame, particularly Hydreigon.
  57. Mandibuzz (Sablenite)
  58. Still a good pivot that’s capable of checking Ghost types but it’s not nearly as important as it used to be as a lot of special threats can just muscle their way past it without it causing much trouble, and it is still weak to the Fossils.
  59. Toxtricity (Glalitite)
  60. Strong wallbreaker but it doesn’t have that strong of a Special Attack meaning that even if it gets in on CorviPex it can’t really dish out much damage otherwise, either from getting Scald burned, having to predict or taking too much damage from Brave Bird. It does beat Pex eventually but it tends to take a lot of damage in the process, which can leave it picked off by Extreme Speed. Difficult to wall, viable option but don’t expect it to switch in often.
  61. Tyranitar (Pinsirite)
  62. Fairly solid DD user as it still has large bulk after Mega Evolution that can check a few things allowing it to set up easily, but tends to struggle against Bulk Up Corviknight and some other Water types like Gastrodon. It can also struggle against Rhyperior due to being unable to OHKO it at +1.
  63. B-
  64. Clefable (Ampharosite, Cameruptite)
  65. Can either be a decent Stealth Rock setter or be a fairly strong stallbreaker with utility roles like taking on Dragapult. Not really worth it outside of this.
  66. Golisopod (Aerodactylite)
  67. Either has mighty priority or the ability to break cores involving Toxapex, but it will always struggle to find slots for either Sucker Punch, Aqua Jet, or First Impression.
  68. Gyarados (Salamencite)
  69. Another decent DD sweeper but it doesn’t get as many setup opportunities and can find itself walled at the worst of times, such as vs Manectite Rotom-W, Banettite Corviknight, etc. But it can hit most targets with STAB at least and this gives it a minor place in the metagame.
  70. Indeedee (Diancite)
  71. Indeedee’s role as an offensive cleric and compilation of speed control makes it a fair anti metagame choice, clearing the field once the opponent’s Steel-type has been eliminated. However, it struggles heavily in the early game.
  72. Lucario (Pinsirite)
  73. Strong setup sweeper but it arguably requires VoltTurn support to do its job best, and a breaker that can either wear down Corviknight like Noivern or a breaker that abuses Corviknight being omnipresent, like Rotom-Wash, Rotom-Heat or Toxtricity.
  74. Reuniclus (Sablenite, Banettite)
  75. Reuniclus is a decent wall alongside being a good CM wincon for uses against Toxapex balances. It’s difficult to break without a Dark type and can accumulate boosts quite easily. Probably the best mon in this rank.
  76. C
  77. Cinderace (Lopunnite)
  78. Largely outclassed by Arcanine but a much higher Speed tier alongside U-turn makes it a valuable cleaner for some bulky offense.
  79. Darmanitan-Galar (Choice Band)
  80. If you can predict well with GDarm then it rewards you, otherwise it’s a terrible mon that you can’t really fit onto a team since other breakers may do the job better.
  81. Dugtrio (Lopunnite)
  82. Niche trapper that can get rid of Toxapex, worn down Rhyperior and Electric wallbreakers. A decent balance / stall pick but not that great otherwise.
  83. Pelipper (Damp Rock)
  84. Rain setter – doesn’t really do much outside of this, but the style itself has some very strong weapons like Rotom-Wash and Swampertite Dracovish, so it’s worth using for Drizzle support alone.
  85. Shuckle (Gyaradosite, Ampharosite)
  86. Solid lead but can tend to face competition against Mew. Shuckle also has the capability of setting Webs which allow some unique sweepers like Hydreigon and Gengar to get the jump on every other speed control option in the metagame aside ESpeed.
  87. Sylveon (Sablenite)
  88. A decent cleric / Wishpasser that compresses a lot of special attackers into one answer, but is easily pressured due to its reliance on singular coverage and WishTect.
  89. Weavile (Pinsirite, Glalitite)
  90. Solid cleaner but it lacks the power or consistency to get past CorviPex a lot of the time. It also has a crippling weakness to PixiSpeed which can end its journey short, but it’s worth it if you want Fake Out support.
  91. Wobbuffet (Leftovers)
  92. Trapper that’s a bit more effective at dealing with threats like Rhyperior but it cannot deal with more than one attacking side at once and is rather prediction reliant.
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