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  1. 22.07 17:51:50 DEBUG [visualization] [NCR Connector] SEND >>>> <message name="DataNeeded" msgid="B2"><fields><field name="HideGoBack" ftype="int">0</field><field name="HideTotal" ftype="int">0</field><field name="EnableSecurity" ftype="int">1</field><field name="Type" ftype="int">4</field><field name="Id" ftype="int">1</field><field name="Mode" ftype="int">1</field><field name="TopCaption.1" ftype="string">Покупка табака</field><field name="SummaryInstruction.1" ftype="string">Выберите цену для:
  2. Сигареты с АМ и МРЦ</field><field name="EnableMSR" ftype="int">0</field><field name="EnableScanner" ftype="int">0</field><field name="ButtonData.1" ftype="string">9900</field><field name="ButtonText.1" ftype="string">МРЦ 100.00 Руб.
  3. Цeна продажи 99.00 Руб.</field><field name="ButtonData.2" ftype="string">8900</field><field name="ButtonText.2" ftype="string">МРЦ 90.00 Руб.
  4. Цeна продажи 89.00 Руб.</field><field name="ButtonData.3" ftype="string">8400</field><field name="ButtonText.3" ftype="string">МРЦ 85.00 Руб.
  5. Цeна продажи 84.00 Руб.</field></fields></message>
  6. 22.07 17:51:53 ERROR [PrismaBridgeImpl] Mon Jul 22 17:51:53 MSK 2019 Error sending offline PRISMA events.
  7. 22.07 17:51:55 DEBUG [visualization] [NCR Connector] RECV <<<< <message msgid="b1" name="DataNeededReply"><fields><field name="Type" ftype="int">4</field><field name="Id" ftype="int">1</field><field name="Cancel" ftype="int">1</field></fields></message>
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