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  1. everything from Fight Club Warrior Discord
  3. "Missing Instance/Raid mobs with hit cap?
  4. Some of you have heard about the current status of hit gear - misses with hit cap are being observed. What we know so far is as follows
  5. - It only appears to occur in instances.
  6. - It can happen against any level of mob
  7. - It happens regardless of Weapon Skill and Hit chance
  8. - It is not to do with devilsaur or +hit set bonuses
  9. In short - we don't know the exact reasoning, whether this is a bug (probably) and when a fix (if any) will be applied. The current most likely cause is a passive 1% miss chance, like casters, but whether this is intended is TBC. Continue to itemise normally, and we'll keep you updated if anything changes."
  12. "Buff cap - still figuring out what's going on"
  13. "• Max 32 buffs
  14. • Stances count
  15. • Talents don't count
  16. • Equip effects don't count
  17. • Set bonuses don't count
  18. • Gear enchants count with exceptions:
  19.   ◦ Sharpening stones don't count
  20.   ◦ Damage scope doesn't count
  21.   ◦ Crusader enchant doesn't count
  22.   ◦ Resistance enchants don't count"
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