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Jun 18th, 2013
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  1. [IntroStrings]
  2. "The king has entered the building."
  3. "I'm Duke Nukem. Nothing more needs to be said!"
  4. "Always bet on Duke. Always."
  5. "That's right, boys and girls, the Duke is here to win another round!"
  6. "You can start quakin' in your boots now, kids. I'm here."
  7. "I win. Let's get to the next map already."
  8. "The Wheel turns again, but every turn has to have me."
  10. [FragStrings]
  11. "Tough break, kid, but this is what I do."
  12. "Stop screamin', it doesn't make you look good."
  13. "Let me wipe my boots on your ass real quick."
  14. "Right in the dick. You weren't usin' it anyway."
  15. "Go on. Cry. Cry and ragequit. Go on, do it."
  16. "I win. I always win."
  17. "It was funny watchin' you scramble away!"
  18. "I love the smell of fried assholes in the morning."
  19. "If you can't take it, why'd you sign up?"
  20. "This is my job, bitch, so sit down and take it."
  21. "Out of all the death screams I've heard, that was one of the worst."
  23. [KilledStrings]
  24. "Take a moment to reflect on your achievement, kid."
  25. "Awww, did I hurt your feelings?"
  26. "Well, that's one way to open up to someone."
  27. "You know, you've got a real attitude problem."
  28. "Fancy seeing you here. Small world."
  29. "Feel better now, kid?"
  30. "Shut up, punk. I won't hear your gloating."
  31. "Brag all you want. Go on, you've earned it."
  32. "Take every cheap shot you want, punk. It won't be enough."
  33. "Get your slimy hands off me!"
  34. "I'm not impressed."
  36. [RoamingStrings]
  37. "You're just stallin' the inevitable, kid."
  38. "You're runnin' like you drank straight from the tap!"
  39. "Come on, come on, I'm ready to go!"
  40. "I'd kill you fast, boys, if I wasn't laughin' so hard at your asses!"
  41. "Point your gun the other way, punk, maybe you'll start shootin' better."
  42. "Don't make me come find you, kid."
  43. "You useless shits. Gonna make me come find you, huh?"
  44. "You're hidin' 'cause you know you can't fight me. Smart."
  45. "Go run and patch up your boo-boos, baby boy. I'll wait."
  46. "What, are you waiting for the planets to align or something?"
  47. "You can't beat me. Get it through your head, little shit."
  48. "This is a waste of time. Let's get going already!"
  49. "Time to stop pissin' around and get this big guy back into action!"
  50. "I can see you flailing around, desperately aiming."
  51. "You're hilarious when you think you've got a chance."
  52. "You might think I'm just talkin' shit, but I'm preaching the truth."
  53. "Your bones'll make great gravel once I'm through with you."
  54. "All the sex appeal of a dog's shrivelled dick."
  55. "I could be gettin' laid now, instead I'm beatin' bitches!"
  56. "Don't worry, I'm not shooting at you. You can breathe easy."
  57. "You made a bad decision, wanting a piece of me."
  58. "Get back here, I wanna finish what I've started."
  59. "I'm not paid enough to put up with this kinda shit."
  60. "I'll be done with you and still be back in time for Oprah!"
  61. "I wonder if my shows recorded properly."
  62. "Pay attention, kids. I'm about to make this shit look good."
  63. "Got any ammo left after that, kid? You're gonna need it."
  64. "Let's speed this up. I've got shit to do."
  65. "When I get in this field, I play to for the top. Who's my next stepping stone?"
  66. "Go on, bastards, try and take me. I'll drag you to hell."
  67. "There's a reason nobody's survived tangling with me."
  68. "I've got a lot of love to spread around. C'mere and get some."
  69. "Can't help wallowing around in the pit of shit, someone's gotta shine."
  70. "Clowns to the left, jokers to the right..."
  72. [RareRoamingStrings]
  73. "Hah hah, and here I thought I'd never get back in action again. Then comes the Wheel."
  74. "I waited forever before, and look how that turned out."
  75. "Get out in the open! This ain't some Call of Duty cover-based shit!"
  76. "Your health isn't gonna regenerate, no matter how long you hide."
  78. //[LosingRoamingStrings]
  80. [WinStrings]
  81. "It's good to be the king."
  82. "This is my natural position...on top!"
  83. "The difference between me and everyone else is that I win."
  84. "This was determined from the outset! Only Duke wins!"
  85. "I win. Get used to hearing that. That's the only thing you'll hear."
  86. "The moment you think you can beat Duke is the moment you lose."
  87. "I could've won long ago, I just wanted to draw it out."
  88. "Everyone lined up for a free bitch-slapping. I just obliged."
  89. "Hail to the king, baby!"
  91. [LoseStrings]
  92. "Bullshit!"
  93. "Next time, scum."
  94. "The king needs his throne, but you can keep it warm for me."
  95. "I don't care what the scoreboard says! Duke doesn't lose!"
  96. "Man, and here I thought I'd go easy on you."
  97. "Looks like my ammo had an expiration date."
  98. "Don't push me, punk. I'm well and ready to go another round."
  99. "Come on, pussy, try me again. I'll take you on as many times as I need to."
  101. //[FrustratedStrings] // Spammer!
  103. //[EnragedStrings] // You fail it!
  105. //[DemoralizedStrings] // Your skill is not enough!
  107. //[PissedStrings] // Llama!
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