Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 16, Double the trouble

Mar 12th, 2018
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  1. >After many songs and other games that Alberto Alpha unlocked, such as Darkest Dungeon, Silent Hill 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, everypony got tired and exhausted of playing or watching.
  2. >You aren't so sure about how many hours you've been playing, but something you are very sure... playing with hooves is really comfy! Must be the controller that adapts to the frogs of your hooves, but is so odd you can't explain how it works.
  3. >But watching Fluttershy play against Nemesis was a bit hilarious, her true side almost came out for many game overs against that monster. You swear you almost heard her curse...
  4. >Maybe too much time with your clones swearing like sailors without sail were a bad influence on her... or to them in general.
  5. >But you don't care! Maybe you're gonna teach them to swear a lot!
  6. >Except Epona, she is pure.
  7. >If only you could make global games and shit talk in voice chat to everypony else...
  8. >And speaking of games! All those games? They had ponies and other creatures, everything except for humans. It got you curious, probably magic from the GameColt that it transfers data from human to pony.
  9. >Anyway, the fillies were tired and decided to take a nap; and so that was your cue to leave the lighthouse and get some air.
  10. >It was still day, although the sun was... going from spot to spot in the sky as the moon was trying to chase it! If there is a sudden eclipse and you become blind you're blaming Discord.
  11. >Two of your clones were with you at least to make you company as Discord was done with... whatever he was with.
  12. >Oh right! Mini-Celestia turned evil and... blah, blah, blah. You don't care that much.
  13. >Alberto One and Juan were with you, Alpha was probably playing some more games and trying to unlock anything he could in the GameColt.
  14. >You ask your two clones who were chatting a bit with each other.
  15. "You guys think Alpha's ever gonna run out of energy for playing games? You guys do sleep, after all, don't ya?"
  16. >'Hm?' Alberto's One right ear perked up. 'Neh, he's probably summoning underwear and pajamas to the fillies and taking photos to get off to.'
  17. >What the fuck? Your reaction was just a ten thousand year stare to Alberto One.
  18. 'Last time we caught him changing Fluttershy's mane to look like Sweetie Belle’s while he put a Japanese swimsuit on her. What a weirdo, uh?' Alberto Juan says.
  19. >Wow, creepy. Were you like this when you were a kid? Or was this influenced by other shit? You know you're not pure of soul, but holy shit that's fucked up.
  20. >...You don't want to see the photos, but if Discord catches them you'll never make him shut up about one of your clones being a total perv.
  21. >Suddenly, a clone sneeze teleported right at your side, and it was Alberto Alpha who had an N64 controller on his left hoof and was fuming.
  23. >He took a sniff before starting to yell.
  25. >Alpha looked at One while pointing at him angrily.
  26. 'You can lie about me about thousands of things, but never to THAT!'
  27. >Alpha says while his hind hooves stepped with anger at the ground.
  28. >Alberto One smirked at him while walking to his right side.
  29. 'Oh yeah? So... what is THIS?'
  30. >Alberto One pulled a pair of blue panties with white stripes that Alberto Alpha was holding in his left hoof.
  31. ‘Very kinky if you ask me!'
  32. >Wasn't Alberto Alpha holding a controller with that hoof?
  33. >Alberto Alpha stepped back and threw the panties to the ground while yelping in panic.
  35. >Alberto Alpha was acting so embarrassed for that trick Alberto One pulled and the other clones could do nothing but laugh at him.
  36. >Such bullies, perfectly chaotic.
  37. >You say while chuckling.
  38. "I think Discord would be proud of that move if you ask me."
  39. >"I would and I am little boyos!" You hear a distant voice while it's laughing.
  40. >Out of nowhere, your father appeared wearing a police outfit, a police car- eh... cart? Yeah... a police cart alongside him. The police cart had a pet cage with /something/ inside that you have no idea what it is, but it's moving too much to your liking.
  41. >Luna was at the side of the police cart wearing a police outfit while munching on a pink donut.
  42. >Before Discord said anything, Alberto Alpha quickly hid the panties under his blue cap and sneezed teleported away.
  43. >Alberto Juan snickered and called him a chicken as he tried to regain his composure.
  44. "Oh hi, your Supreme However Incredible Tutor! How are you today on this marvelous day-night-day?"
  45. >You welcome your dad coming to him near but he puts his claw on your head to stop you from going any further.
  46. >"Eh. I had better days... hunting down a pony isn't my thing, not when she can fly in outer space and move the sun against my will." Discord stared to the cage unamused. "Ugh, from all the ideas I had, I thought this one would be funny and not... so tiring."
  47. >You take two steps back and make various tires appear around Discord.
  48. "Here, have more so your day is complete."
  49. >"I expected nothing else from my son." Discord says while taking a tire and munching it. "Hmm, you've improved in your chaotic magic, I can taste it! Soon enough and you'll be a great king some day."
  50. >Ah, that made you feel so good!
  51. "Good to know. So, Discord, about that cage... is mini Celestia in there, right?"
  52. >Discord nodded. "Most likely. It was a problem to get her in there, fillies alicorns are really powerful in her youth and Celestia is no joke! She took us a challenge to catch her but we got her in the end!"
  53. >Suddenly you felt as if somepony was lying on your back, someone light enough that you barely noticed they were there.
  54. >"Yeah, it was such a fun game! But I got bored and let myself lose at the end! Hihihihi!" An adorable and familiar filly voice says. Turning your head slightly to the right you could barely see mini Celestia.
  55. >But she was different! Her eyes were black and her iris orange, her mane and tail were literally on fire and her cutie mark was totally different as if the yellow of the sun expanded through most of her flank.
  56. >Was this her evil form? How did she do this to herself?
  57. >"Oh hai anonono!" Mini Celestia cuddled with her mane... which was warm and not that hot to burn you.
  58. "Oi, Discord"
  59. >You turn your gaze to Discord.
  60. >"I totally knew she gave up if you are going to ask that."
  61. "No, I wasn't going to ask that, I don't care about that... just, how did this happen?"
  62. >"Oh, that's easy to answer!" Mini Celestia jumps from your back, to Alberto's Juan back, and finally flies her way to Luna's head. "Discord fed me an odd orb that probably had some dark powers! He called it... Erebus? I think?"
  63. >Luna's ears perked up and looked towards Discord with utter disbelief.
  64. >"Discord! You told me Celestia turned into her, uhmm, what she does during her ‘aggressive’ days! Not that you turned her into... that!"
  65. >"Oh Luna..." Discord pinched her cheek. "You know I lie a lot! You should be used to it!"
  66. >Well he is right in that, you got used to him lying about sort of stuff.
  67. "I don't think it's a problem. Discord can get her back to normal. Also, what the heck is up with that name? Erebus? Where did you get that?"
  68. >Discord snaps his talons and a bizarre portal with all sort of abominations inside appear in front of him. He then puts his paw inside and pulls out a black orb that had various spirals with twists and everything.
  69. >"This... is Erebus!" Discord rises the black orb with his paw in pride. But then he suddenly lowers his arms and looks to the side disappointingly.
  70. >"Well, I was going to originally call it 'Nyx' but... bleh, but then I realized, only an abomination of nature would be named such a thing, and this thing is an abomination of the universe, not nature.."
  71. >Everypony else including yourself nodded about that. Not because of the reason, but because Nyx sounded really really dumb.
  73. >"Well, I think is time for the tiny ponies to go to sleep, so the adults can get to work!" Discord says while looking at Luna. "That's your cue to start babysitting them, Luna."
  74. >Luna sighed as she slowly nodded to Discord.
  75. >"Yes, Discord, I'll take the foals to bed... but at least let me raise the moon so it's night time."
  76. "Night time? But I slept over the course of nine days! I don't want to-"
  77. >"Sleep? I dun wanna!" Mini Celestia finished your sentence. "I want it to be day so I can play all the time without sleeping! I won't obey any rules anymore! The day will last fowrever!"
  78. >Well that was anticlimactic.
  79. >"Sister... I don't want you to become something minor of what I was... just, let that bad energy come out and be back to normal, please." Luna begs while she looks at mini Celestia with eyes of pleading while extending her hooves towards mini Celestia.
  80. >"Noou! I dun wannit!" Mini Celestia says as she was flying in mid-air in front of Luna.
  81. "Tia, you don't rule here, so let me remind you-"
  82. >"Hush you! Anono didn't even call me Tia!"
  83. >She got so aggressive her mane got more into fire and it made you back a bit away.
  84. >"But I am no longer Tia! I am now..." She took a dramatic second to say her new name. "Daybreaker!"
  85. >Hnng, she must be D’aww-breaker instead, that last word was with a cute squeak.
  86. >Also, if she is looking for a fight, she is getting one! You can try your chaotic magic, and who knows? Maybe you could learn something new without knowing it.
  87. >"Okay! That's enough! If Discord is not doing anything, I will!" Luna spoke with a very commanding voice. "Celestia! I shall not repeat myself, obey us or else!" Luna tried to hold her hoof against Daybreaker, but she evaded it.
  88. >"Nooooou!" Daybreaker teleported away from Luna and teleported next to Discord, she looked for a moment at the orb that Discord was still holding with his paw, 'Erebus', as if she had a sudden idea. "Aha! Maybe you're not having much fun now... but maybe you need something like this!"
  89. >Daybreaker picked up Erebus with her magic.
  90. >Discord easily let her take it for some reason, although he looked a bit shocked.
  91. >Discord and you could easily stop time, but you two weren’t doing anything!
  92. >"Take this!" Daybreaker said as she threw the orb at Luna.
  93. >You see Luna's horn start to shine as she attempted to teleport away from the dark orb that was getting thrown at her, but for some reason, she couldn't use her magic, which made her confused for a moment.
  94. >You noticed how Discord's dragon tail snapped. He wanted this to happen, like, it's something ending in chaos... you understood that.
  95. >But you couldn’t help but wonder, doesn't this mean that Luna is gonna turn into…?
  96. >"Sister, no!" Those were Luna last words as a gray cloud covered her.
  97. “Yo, Alberto'” Alberto 1 poked your shoulder as he offered you some popcorn. 'Want some? This will be fucking good.'
  98. "Oh sure, I'm always up for some popcorn." You say as you make some seats appear to watch the spectacle.
  99. >Discord appeared next to you three as he wore a pair of 3D glasses.
  100. >The glasses he had were a nice touch, but you were gonna one up him next time.
  102. >As the grey cloud began to disappear, you could hear some loud cackling. The figure of what appeared to be Luna, suddenly stood behind the cloud, and with it, her eyes had suddenly shined a pure deep blue like the sky.
  103. >"Hahahaha! You have made a terrible mistake by throwing that orb at me! Because I am no longer Luna!"
  104. >Yet another dramatic pause and-
  105. >Wait what the flying fuck? Your clones were as confused as you were when the cloud entirely disappeared.
  106. >Luna was completely different, of course. But... she was now a filly, smaller than Celestia herself, or well... Daybreaker.
  107. >"I am Nightmare Moon!" A different Luna, one which had a blacker coat and different but similar cutie mark to Daybreaker, made her appearance.
  108. >You just throw your popcorn away and look at Discord disappointed.
  109. "Seriously? Now Luna is a filly too? What's up with you and turning everypony into fillies?" You asked your father while raising an eyebrow.
  110. >"Me? Nothing really." He shrugged. "Ask the creator of this bizarre fanfiction about it." Discord says as he munches some popcorn.
  111. >Fanfiction? Ugh, you'll never get what he means.
  112. >Well at least Daybreaker and-
  113. >Agh. You can't take those names seriously, you are just calling them mini Luna and mini Celestia no matter the name change.
  114. >You bet they are just playing around and those are just visual disguises.
  115. >"Now fear me as I make it night fworever!" Mini Luna claimed as she attempted her most evil laugh, but failed miserably at it.
  116. >"No! I am still the big sister!" Mini Celestia flew towards mini Luna and started yelling at her. "IT'S GONNA BE DAYTIME FWOREVER!"
  117. >"No! It's gonna be NIGHTTIME FWORVER!" Mini Luna screamed back.
  118. >"DAY!"
  119. >"NIGHT!"
  120. >"DAY!"
  121. >"NIGHT!"
  122. >And so they started fighting about it, just with words.
  123. "Uh, maybe this wasn't so bad after all!"
  124. >Two alicorn fillies with mad power, what could go wrong?
  126. 'Ay Jesús, cuidado!' Alberto Juan screamed as he ducked a lightning spell that almost hit him directly in the face.
  127. >You thought they were going to be arguing about day and night all the time!
  128. >You thought maybe they would get tired and call it a day, or night… or lo que sea.
  129. >But no! You now had to dodge all the attacks that came from their tantrums! Hell, you even had to use your time stopping spell, and even that was not enough to evade their spells.
  130. >Eventually, one of the stray spells had zapped your tail, charing it to a burnt crisp.
  131. >They may be destroying part of your island and messing with the environment by continuously changing from day to night, but nopony messes with your tail! Not even yourself! Because... well, you can't actually grab and munch it.
  132. >Why is it so tiny, anyway? Did Discord make it so tiny you couldn't catch it, but only distract yourself long enough to go around like a puppy? Hmm...
  133. >Wait, why were you angry for again?
  134. >Oh, yeah! You were staring at your tail! It is burning from a sudden flame that appeared from nowhere... you must chase it and extinguish the fire!
  135. "Chase the tail, chase the tail, chase the tail!" You said while chasing it until it extinguished .
  136. >Woo! You almost got dizzy for that! Anywho! What was happening and why everything looks like the apocalypse?
  137. >...
  138. >Oh right, the alicorn fillies!
  139. >Celestia and Luna were flying around El Dorado while trading attacks and destroying part of your island! Your beautiful, beautiful island!
  140. >"Bahahaha! This is the best! I couldn't believe turning Luna into a filly would be so golden! Hahahahaha!" Discord said as he laughed in a crater created by Luna's attack.
  141. >Fucking asshat, if you weren't the prince of chaos and didn't care at all about the consequence, you would kick his shit in over this.
  142. >...
  143. >Why does your tail smells like BBQ?
  144. 'Ey Alberto! Look out!' Alberto 1 called out, as a beam directly targeted you.
  145. "Oh"
  146. >Welp, the beam is near you and there is no time to freeze time. Might as well accept your fate.
  147. 'Don't you stay there! Do something you-' Alberto 1 continued speaking as you were just thinking your next move.
  148. >Hmmm...
  149. >Oh, right! Body swap!
  150. "Ah, yes Alberto 1." You look directly at him and focus your magic to change spots with Alberto 1, successfully changing before the beam struck you.
  151. >Good! Still works, after all! This time you weren't sleeping!
  152. >Alberto 1 had just realized you changed spots with him and he was the one getting shocked by the lightning beam that was coming right at him.
  154. >And just like that, Alberto 1 got zapped so hard you could see his pony skeleton for a few seconds... just like a cartoon.
  155. >Seconds later he instantly became a puddle of water.
  156. >You still don't understand why they turn into puddles, and you probably you would never know.
  157. >Whatever, time to speak to Discord.
  159. >You get close enough to the crater Discord was in to yell and call his attention.
  160. "Hey, dad! Cut the laugh for a bit and come talk with your son!
  161. >As soon as he saw you intact and without any harm, his laugh stopped and was disappointed.
  162. >"Well, I was something something like this would surprise you, maybe even make your clones panic!"
  163. >You shrug.
  164. "Eh, I don't care that much, although I felt my chaos magic rejoicing about that. Say, how long will they fight over who gets the control over the time of the day?"
  165. >You and Discord both gazed at the fight between Luna and Celestia.
  166. >"Feel fear over the power of the moonlight!" Luna yelled at Celestia before preparing yet another beam at her.
  167. >"The same attacks are beginning to bore me! Watch this!" Celestia held her breath for a seconds, and then unleashed a torrent of flame from her mouth.
  168. >"Wah! No fair! I can't do that!" Luna complained as their attacks collided.
  169. >Well now you want your own Celestia to use like a pokemon...
  170. >"Eh..." Discord scratched his beard while staring back at you. "About five more minutes, probably."
  171. "Are they staying like that from now on?"
  172. >"Most likely."
  173. >You shrug again.
  174. “Seeing fillies fight has gotten me bored now. Don't you have something exciting to tell me out of the blue?"
  175. >Discord's claw had suddenly appeared on your shoulder
  176. You take a look at it and then the whole body of your chaotic father appeared behind you.
  177. >"Why yes! I do have a few new stories that could raise your curiosity once I share them with you."
  178. >Discord then grabbed you by your shoulder and waved his paw all around the city below your island that was called 'Discopolis' or... something like that.
  179. >Discord is awful at naming cities.
  180. >"I will tell you the details in private, so let's head out to my office shall we?"
  181. "Sure. I just hope the lighthouse doesn't get attacked by the fillies."
  182. >You then look back at your lighthouse a bit worried, but all worry fades away when you spot Alberto Alpha with blue goalkeeper clothes kicking and sending away any spells that were blindly lost in Celestia and Luna's battle.
  183. 'I WILL PROTECT THE GAMES WITH MY LIFE! OVER MY DEAD BODY ALRIGHT! YAAAAAAH!' Alberto Alpha yelled as he continuously redirected any spells towards other locations that weren't the lighthouse.
  184. >Oh well, that's one less problem to worry about!
  185. "Okay, now I'm one hundred percent less worried, let's head to your office, dad!"
  186. >Discord deeply chuckled as he magically changed to a blue suit with a yellow wig and yellow big ass eyebrows.
  187. >"Oh yes son... let's talk about politics, shall we?"
  188. "Wait what"
  189. >He snapped his talons and you two poofed away from El Dorado.
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