Pedophile jokes

Jun 6th, 2014
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  1. Q. What does a paedophile have after supper? A. Under eights.
  3. Sherlock Holmes announced that he was having a schoolfriend to stay. Later, Dr Watson came back unexpectedly and caught him in bed with a nine year old boy. He said, "Holmes! What kind of schoolfriend do you call that?" Sherlock Holmes replied, "Elementary, my dear Watson."
  5. Q. When is it bedtime at Michael Jackson's house? A. When the big hand's on the little hand.
  7. Q. What do necrophiliac pedophiles and dyslexic pedophiles have in common? A. They say that kids are sexy dead.
  9. Q. What is a paediatrician? A. A doctor who's afraid of pubic hair.
  11. Q. What do you do if a paedophile is drowning? A. Throw him a buoy.
  13. Q. What do a paedophile and a Big Mac have in common? A. They're both old meat between 10 year old buns.
  15. Q. What's the similarity between a paedophile and whisky? A. They both come in small tots.
  17. Q. Why did the music teacher get fired? A. Because he was stuck in A minor.
  19. Q. What did one paedophile say to the other? A. I'll give you one ten for two fives!
  21. A Roman sent a servant to the slave market to buy two 8-year-old boys, and was really annoyed when he came back with one 16-year-old.
  23. Q. What should you do when your YF starts smoking? A. Slow down, and use a little more lubricant...
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