Oriko Sidestory

Sep 3rd, 2017
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  1. Oriko's Sidestory
  3. Part 1 - I will put an end to her
  5. Oriko: Why am I here...
  6. For what purpose...
  7. I don't... know anymore...
  9. Kyuubey: Oriko: what kind of wish will you make your soul gem shine with?
  10. Oriko: I... I... I want to know the reason for me to live.
  11. Kyuubey: The contract is complete. Now, try out your power.
  13. Oriko: This is...!
  14. What is...
  15. Is this... Mitakihara...!?
  16. The city is...falling apart...!
  17. Is that... a witch...!?
  18. If this is said to be... my fate...
  19. I will do whatever it takes to put a stop to this...!
  20. --!!
  21. A magical girl...!?
  22. --!!
  23. The magical girl... became a witch...!?
  24. T...This is...!
  26. Kyuubey: Was your wish granted?
  27. Oriko: --!!
  28. (The power of foresight... what I just saw... was this world's...future...)
  29. (The end is coming... to this world...!)
  30. (To prevent the end is... the duty tasked to me...)
  31. (But... what should I do...! It was an unbelievable power...not to mention diabolical...)
  32. (I knew with one look. No one could defeat "that"...!)
  33. If this is said to be... my fate...
  34. (I will put an end to her)
  35. (I absolutely... must not let "that" be unleashed...!)
  36. If this is said to be... my fate...
  37. Kyuubey: Oriko?
  38. Oriko: I know the reason for me to live now.
  39. (If it is a threat no one could destroy...I will put an end to it before it is born)
  40. (A magical girl that will eventually become the worst witch...)
  41. Kyuubey, I have good news for you.
  42. It seems like my foresight magic will also be of some use to you.
  43. It seems there is a prime subject that has an unprecedented amount of potential hidden within her...enough to become the ultimate magical girl...!
  44. Kyuubey: The prime subject for a magical girl...? You know about that kind of stuff?
  45. Oriko: True... I guess you could say my powers are that of a bystander...but I don't have as much power as an observer capable of moving the world...
  46. That's why, I'd like my recommendation to be of use to you, the one who produces magical girls. The magical girls who could save this world from witches...
  47. Kyuubey: I see. I give you my thanks, Oriko.
  49. Kyuubey: "Chitose Yuma"... I just took a look at the magical girl candidate you mentioned the other day. I think she's a bit too young but it seems she has enough potential.
  50. I'll continue observing her...and when the time comes I'll call out to her.
  51. Oriko: Is that so? I'm glad I could help you.
  52. Kyuubey: Anyway, I'm going to watch Yuma.
  53. Oriko: (By all means, please continue to waste your effort...)
  54. (While you're chasing after Chitose Yuma...)
  55. (You won't be able to meet "that girl" who will destroy the world...)
  56. (Kyuubey...I will also have you trapped within my plans)
  58. Yuma: ...Kyo-ko....where are you...?
  59. Oriko: Are you searching for Kyouko-san?
  60. Yuma: ---!? You...! Who...!?
  61. Kyo-ko! Do you know where Kyo-ko is?
  62. Oriko: Sakura Kyouko...Is she still in this world? Or is she already...
  63. Yuma: Wha...What....What will happen to Kyo-ko...!?
  64. Oriko: She is destined to die fighting a witch...
  65. Yuma: That's...! No! Can't happen! Yuma will save her!!
  66. Oriko: Oh my... I wonder if you have the power to overturn fate...? You cute-but-good-for-nothing-san...
  67. Yuma: --!! Good-for...nothing... Yuma is... Kyo-ko! Kyo-koo...!!
  68. Kyuubey: What happened to Kyouko?
  69. Yuma: K... Kyo-koo...! I have to save Kyo-ko!
  70. Kyuubey: Yuma, if you contract with me and become a magical girl I will grant your wish.
  72. Kirika: What... are you...?
  73. Oriko: I am Mikuni Oriko. I will tell you the secret of the magical girls. So, "become my pawn".
  74. Kure Kirika. "I will... have you work for the sake of my objective as well."
  76. Oriko: Kyuubey, it's been a long time since we've seen each other.
  77. Kyuubey: There was something I wanted to tell you.
  78. Oriko: What is it?
  79. Kyuubey: There was an incident where a girl was murdered around here.
  80. Oriko: But.. is that something you would go out of your way to come tell me?
  81. Kyuubey: The one who killed her was a magical girl.
  82. Oriko: ...! Magical girl...?
  83. Kyuubey: There's no mistake, judging from the wounds and the last words of the girl as she died.
  84. Oriko: Is that so...
  85. Kyuubey: The culprit magical girl seems to be a pretty strong one. Oriko, you should be careful too.
  86. Oriko: Me?
  87. Kyuubey: If the culprit is a magical girl... the possibility of you girls becoming the next target is also pretty high after all.
  88. Oriko: So that's what it is... That's why you came to warn me.
  89. Kyuubey: It wouldn't be good for me either if you girls were unnecessarily exposed to harm.
  90. Oriko: Thank you. I'll be careful.
  92. Kirika: Oriko, I'm sorry.
  93. Oriko: It's already over. Instead of going after you for mistakes you've already made, I'll expect great things from now on.
  94. I won't decide your worth right now.
  95. Kirika: ... Yes, that's true.
  96. Yeah! Got it! I got it!
  97. Please expect great things from me from now on!
  98. "I'll make sure I won't kill anyone aside from magical girls next time."
  100. Oriko: "I did not expect... that she would even take lives."
  101. "But"
  102. Kyuubey: Oriko, you should be careful too.
  103. Oriko: "In order to get what I wish for within my grasp, even though it's nothing more than to protect... in order to disturb "that kindness-feigning monster's" sight"*
  104. "I'll have Kirika continue to create disturbances regarding the magical girls."*
  105. (*Had a tough time with these 2 lines: Basically, what she's saying is that she's well aware that Kyuubey is only pretending to be a nice guy, and she plans to continue to keep his eyes off Madoka by using Kirika)
  106. Kirika: Now, Oriko
  107. "Hurry up and give me your next orders."
  109. Madoka: ......? ....! .....
  110. Oriko: ( we meet again...)
  111. (I wonder how many times have I met you in my foresight dreams like this...)
  112. "Over and over again, it repeats... Even though I meet with you like this... in the real world I still cannot reach you."
  113. "Before you become the worst witch...before you become a magical girl."
  114. "I have to find you and kill you before Kyuubey does."
  115. (How irritating...I have seen this scenery so often I bore of it...)
  116. Madoka: ...? ...! .....
  117. Oriko: (Many times... it ends up repeating...)
  118. (No....! This isn't a repeat...!)
  119. (This place is...)
  120. (It should be... familiar...)
  121. It's not Mitakihara...!?
  122. Then, where exactly...
  123. --!? This is...!
  124. A distortion is this space!?
  125. (A distortion appeared in that space...?)
  126. Mami: ...! ...
  127. Oriko: Tomoe Mami...! Why are so many of Mitakihara's magical girls....!
  128. Kyouko: ...! ...
  129. Oriko: Sakura Kyouko...!?
  130. (She appeared from that distortion in space...?)
  132. (Mitakihara and this place...)
  133. (Have been connected by the distortion in space...?)
  134. (Where exactly is this place...?)
  135. Wait...! Don't wake me up...! Please show me where this is!!
  136. --!!
  138. Kami...hama... Haa, haa....
  139. " "Kamihama" ... What kind of city is it? To think, not just "that girl", but Sakura Kyouko and Tomoe Mami... magical girls that shouldn't be there are all gathering there..."
  140. "The distortion in space that connects Mitakihara and Kamihama... Such a thing didn't exist in any of my predictions so far..."
  141. "Does this mean that something that can change the future will happen? At the land of this yet unseen "Kamihama"...."
  142. It might be necessary for me to reach out the hand of my plans to this... "Kamihama"....
  143. Kamihama... Will something happen there that will upset my predictions...?
  145. Part 2 - Let's go to Kamihama Together
  147. Oriko: (What an unpleasant awakening...)
  148. (On top of that, the dubious prediction took too much magical energy...)
  149. Sigh... I guess I shall drink some black tea and try to calm myself down.
  150. Kirika: Oriko! You were awake!
  151. Oriko: Yes, good morning, Kirika.
  152. Kirika: Yeah, good morning!
  153. What's wrong Oriko?
  154. Your face is pale...?
  155. Oriko: I kind of... saw an unpleasant foresight dream...
  156. Kirika: Another foresight dream?
  157. If you use too much magical energy you'll get tired...don't push yourself too hard.
  158. Oriko: Yes, I know.
  159. Kirika: Sheesh...! To make Oriko suffer when she's asleep too! I won't forgive you! Damn bad dreams!
  160. Oriko: *giggles*, oh Kirika, you're getting mad at a bad dream.
  161. Kirika: Butbutbut, it's something that's making you suffer right!? Doesn't matter if it's a living thing or whatever, I won't forgive it!
  162. Oriko: It's alright, as long as I drink black tea I'll feel... oh my...when did we...
  163. Kirika: What happened?
  164. Oriko: This isn't good, we're out of black tea...
  165. --!!
  166. Kirika: Oriko?
  167. Oriko: (Again...!? This is...)
  168. Kyouko: ....! ....?
  169. Mami: ....! ....? .....
  170. Oriko: (Sakura Kyouko and Tomoe Mami...! The same one again...)
  171. (No, this is... To be precise, it's about today.)
  172. (The two of them will arrive in Kamihama soon today...)
  173. (For what purpose...? What exactly is in Kamihama...?)
  174. Kirika: ...ko... riko...? .....Oriko...?
  175. Oriko: ---!
  176. Kirika: Oriko? Are you okay?
  177. Oriko: Y, Yes...
  178. Kirika: It's okay! Don't get discouraged! If it's about the black tea, I'll go buy some right now and come back!
  179. Oriko: ....Huh?
  180. Kirika: If it's for your sake, I'll go do any kind of errand, no matter what it is. Carrying out your orders is what I live for, after all! Now, Oriko! Ask me to do anything!
  181. Oriko: ("An errand"... huh...)
  182. (Should I send Kirika on an errand... to Kamihama?)
  183. "But that Kamihama city is outside of my territory... I couldn't send Kirika to a city that I not only know very little about, but one that's also dubious..."
  184. "But isn't as though we have the time to carefully prepare ourselves..."
  185. "We need to make a move as soon as possible after all"
  186. "...I'm very sorry, Kirika. But I won't do something like make you shoulder all the responsibility by yourself."
  187. "I will move myself. And let's protect...our world together."
  188. Let's see...It will end up being a bit of a far errand, but...
  189. Kirika: If it's for you, I'll go anywhere! Where's the destination gonna be this time?
  190. Oriko: It's "Kamihama". It seems there's a famous black tea shop there.
  191. Kirika: I see! Okay! I'll head over to Kamihama now! Do you know where the shop is?
  192. Oriko: Wait. There's one other... "errand" I'd like to ask of you. To be exact, today... Tomoe Mami and the other girls, the Mitakihara magical girls are going to that Kamihama city.
  193. Kirika: Tomoe Mami? Who is that again?
  194. Oriko: You've fought her once before. The gold-haired magical girl.
  195. Kirika: Ah---ah! Her! And? I just need to kill them?
  196. Oriko: Don't get too ahead of yourself. You just need to set up some kind of diversionary mischief for them and that will be enough.
  197. Kirika: Hmmmm. Well, I'll do as you say Oriko, but y'know...
  198. Oriko: If you go as far as to take their lives, you'll fail this time's errand.
  199. Kirika: Awawawaa! Got it! I got it...! I definitely won't try to kill them!
  200. Oriko: Also... I want you to go ask them about Kamihama. Why did you come to Kamihama... what do you know about Kamihama...things like that.
  201. "At the very least, my goal is to distract the eyes of Kyuubey with "that girl" and Kamihama which may have important connections to her."
  202. "It seems Tomoe Mami and the others could be useful later too. Now is not the time to kill them..."
  203. (I won't let the same mistake happen again...)
  204. Kirika: OK, OK! Leave it to me! I'll definitely get the errand done!
  205. Oriko: Yes, I'm counting on you. Kirika.
  206. Kirika: I'll be back!
  207. Oriko: Take care.
  208. (Me too... I'll go after you soon. Kirika)
  209. Soon...
  210. (About now, Sakura Kyouko and the others should be facing off with Kirka....)
  211. "While Kirika disrupts Sakura Kyouko's return, on the other hand I'll send an important agent that holds the key to our success in to that new destination."
  212. (I must also go... to Kamihama)
  213. "If Kamihama truly has something that can change the future..."
  214. "It won't be long before Kyuubey also turns his eyes to Kamihama."
  215. "In that case... the next step I should take in order to complete the trap that will ensnare Kyuubey is..."
  217. Oriko: Good evening, small magical girl.
  218. Yuma: --!! You... again...!? What...? What do you want from Yuma...?
  219. Oriko: *giggles*... Please don't be so afraid. I will give you another chance at her salvation.
  220. Yuma: Salvation....?
  221. Oriko: Sakura Kyouko-san...
  222. Yuma: !?
  223. Oriko: She truly is a reckless person. To think she's about to be taken by the hands of Death again...
  224. Yuma: Kyo-ko!? What happened to Kyo-ko!?
  225. Oriko: Something dangerous is about to happen to her. I wonder if you will be able to overturn the fate of her death...once again?
  226. Yuma: That's...
  227. Oriko: You don't believe a word I say? But I turned out to be correct last time?
  228. Yuma: -!! Yu, Yuma will! Yuma will save Kyo-ko!
  229. Kyo-ko said she would go to this place called "Kamihama"!
  230. You... Do you know about "Kamihama"!? Please tell me where "Kamihama" is!
  231. Oriko: I know. Come along... let's go to "Kamihama" together. If you wish to save Sakura Kyouko, come follow me.
  232. "Even if it won't be long before Kyuubey starts to closely observe Kamihama... If Chitose Yuma's footprints are there, Kyuubey's mistaken thinking that Chitose Yuma will become the ultimate magical girl should become further entrenched."
  233. "I will have you become my tool... once again."
  235. Yuma: Is this... "Kamihama"...?
  236. Oriko: That's right.
  237. (To be exact... This is also my first time here, but...)
  238. Yuma: Kyo-ko... What about Kyo-ko?
  239. Oriko: (To think the grief seeds I had stocked up in order to purify would have a use like this)
  240. (More than enough time has passed... since I've obtained this one)
  241. (This grief seed is at its limits...)
  242. " the time to hatch into your true form once again!"
  243. Yuma: Hyaaah! Wh, What...!? Is this... a witches' "barrier"?
  244. Witch: ○。○’◇____ + 。○。"+◇!!!
  245. Oriko: "Don't worry, Sakura Kyouko-san will soon come to rescue you..."
  246. "Until then, please survive, Yuma-san. Farewell."
  248. ???: !!
  249. A magical girl…!
  251. Oriko: …! (So she’s appeared. You too... you were together with Sakura Kyouko..)
  252. (You were one of the magical girls that appeared in my foresight dream…)
  254. Kyouko: Shizuku…?
  255. Why…
  256. Shizuku: Yuma-san’s…!
  257. Kyouko: —!? Yuma!?
  259. Oriko: (Our precious pawn.)
  260. (Sakura Kyouko, the one who will become that Chitose Yuma’s savior…)
  261. (And I will appoint you with the role of guiding that savior.)
  262. …Oh my, nice to meet you. Are you a magical girl of this city?
  263. Shizuku: Yes. Are you different…?
  264. Oriko: That’s right, this is actually a different city than the one that is my territory.
  265. Shizuku: You also came to Kamihama….
  266. Oriko: I “also”?
  267. Shizuku: Lately, there’s many other magical girls... like you...coming to Kamihama from outside...
  268. Oriko: (—!! … As I thought…)
  269. (Magical girls are gathering in Kamihama from other cities…including Mitakihara…?)
  270. …Is that so?
  272. Shizuku: ? Isn’t that the same with you? Aren't you here to hunt the witches...gathering in Kamihama...?
  273. Oriko: (“Witches gathering”…!?)
  274. Witches gathering…?
  275. (As I thought something different…is happening in Kamihama…)
  276. So that’s what it was…
  277. You’ve taught me something useful.
  278. If that’s the case, I need to brace myself.
  279. Shizuku: You didn’t know that there’s a lot of witches here…?
  280. …Then, why…? If you’re not here to hunt witches….why did you come to this city…?
  281. Oriko: I was chasing after a magical girl and arrived in this city. Although… ever since I arrived I lost sight of her…
  282. Shizuku: A magical girl… what kind of girl is she?
  283. Oriko: She’s still a very young magical girl. Her name is Yuma but….
  284. Shizuku: “Yuma”…
  287. Kyouko: I did promise that I’d be back by dinner…
  288. I hope Yuma’s not crying, but…
  290. Shizuku: Sakura-san’s…?
  291. Oriko: “Sakura-san”?
  292. Shizuku: Someone I know…once mentioned the same name, so…
  293. Oriko: Sakura…Kyouko-san?
  294. Shizuku: You know her…? Sakura Kyouko, I mean…
  295. Oriko: Um, Yuma-san mentioned Kyouko-san a lot.
  296. Shizuku: Then, as I thought…
  297. Oriko: Are you acquainted with that Sakura-san?
  298. Shizuku: Yes… it might be a good idea… to tell Sakura-san about this…
  299. Oriko: That’s true… it’d be dangerous if she was lost in a city with this many witches…
  300. Shizuku: Then I’ll be going… I have to go tell Sakura-san so…
  301. Oriko: Yes, I’ll try looking around this city…!
  302. To think she would throw herself into danger…a human’s feelings really are a mystery.
  304. Part 3 - It Would Make Me Very Upset
  306. Shizuku: It might be a good idea… if I tell Sakura-san that Yuma-san went missing…
  307. Oriko: You're right…! That'd be for the best...
  308. Shizuku: Then I’ll be going… I have to go tell Sakura-san so…
  309. Oriko: Yes, I’ll try looking around this city…!
  310. (…Good for you, Yuma-san, it sounds like help will be arriving soon…)
  311. Now then… I’ll also take a look around Kamihama.
  312. (From what I can tell after walking this far… it looks a lot like an ordinary city…)
  313. “Is the reason why the magical girls are gathering here simply to hunt witches…? Then, why are the witches…?”
  314. What exactly is here…in this city?
  315. “I tried looking around various places but I didn't have any more visions regarding “that girl”…”
  316. It might be a bit longer…before she will arrive in this city.
  317. “I must obtain the truth behind the abnormalities of this city… before that time comes.”
  318. It seems doing anymore than this would end in a waste of effort. I should start…
  320. --!? A witch's barrier!?
  321. When did it...!
  322. (How many witches have I defeated since I arrived in this city...!)
  323. ...Whatever the circumstances may be, there are still far too many witches here...!
  324. (As I thought, there's something wrong... with this city...!)
  325. (In this situation, I can't afford to waste a shot!)
  326. (Although I have been healing myself each time... I don't have a lot of magic left...)
  327. I need to fight intelligently here...!
  330. Oriko: That was close... It would have been dangerous if the fight had gone on any longer...
  332. "There's a limit to how much I can act on my own, with the foresight draining my magic."
  333. "In order to fulfill my objective, it's just as I thought: I have no choice but to have Kirika lend me a hand..."
  335. Oriko: It's such a relief that I was able to come home before Kirika. If she knew that I had gone out on my own...
  336. Her face would probably become red, she'd get mad at me and say something like "It's too dangerous!".
  338. Oriko: (...She's late... Just some tricks would be enough... don't you dare fail this "errand"... Kirika...)
  339. Please... come home soon.
  341. -- Flashback --
  343. Oriko: The blood won't stop...! We need to call a doctor...!
  344. Kirika: Oriko, I don't need a doctor. Even if I showed 'em this, they can't do anything.
  345. Oriko: What are you saying...!? At this rate you'll...!
  346. Kirika: It's fine. Anyway... won't you hear my confession? Oriko.
  348. -- Flashback within a Flashback --
  350. Oriko: Is this all the money you dropped?
  351. Kirika: Ah... Uh, yeah...
  353. -- /Flashback within a Flashback --
  355. "To you, Oriko... that might have been nothing more than a show of kindness, but to me, who had been alone,
  356. It was more than enough to shine a small light into my heart."
  358. Kirika: Of course, that's not all. There were a lot of other things... that attracted me to you, but...
  359. I searched for you, Oriko over and over again... I tried calling out to you over and over again... but...
  361. "... I was scared. I thought there was no way you would remember someone like me. That's why I... wanted to change into someone befitting of you.
  362. I became a magical girl wishing for that."
  364. Oriko: No way... for my sake...?
  365. Kirika: Oriko... I'm sorry I lied to you. The Kirika you know is a fake. The real me was a kid who was cowardly, couldn't face anything head-on, and lost their nerve.
  366. Thank you, Oriko, for going along with my lie.
  367. Oriko: I won't forgive you...! At all... You have an obligation to recompensate me for deceiving me...! So, promise me...! No matter what you will protect me with all your strength, forever...!
  368. Kirika: ... Got it. I promise you.
  370. -- /Flashback ---
  372. Oriko: (You... promised me, so...
  373. Please... No matter what, please come home to me, Kirika....)
  376. Kirika: Oriko!!
  377. Oriko: --!!
  378. Kirika: Orikoo! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Orikoo!!
  379. Oriko: Kirika? What happened...?
  380. Kirika: The black teaa! The black tea you asked me to get...!
  381. Oriko: Black tea?
  382. Kirika: I went through all that trouble to buy it and...! While I was fighting with that gold one and the red one, it got messed up...! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Even though you asked me to get it for you...
  383. Oriko: So that's what happened...
  384. Kirika: I tried to go buy another but...
  385. Oriko: It's okay. I don't care about that stuff. (Even if the black tea is gone... at least you came home to me...)
  386. Kirika: I'm sorry... I tried to go buy another black tea to replace it but... the only place open was a supermarket...
  387. Oriko: You don't need to apologize. See... this black tea also has a really lovely scent.
  388. Kirika: Oriko... Uuuuu....
  389. Oriko: You're going to put jam in it, right?
  390. Kirika: .... Yeah..! Yeah.
  391. That gold one... Mami, was it? ... and that red one that was with her. It didn't seem like they knew anything about Kamihama.
  392. But it seems like they felt some abnormality--though they didn't know what exactly--and came to investigate.
  393. Oriko: Is that so...
  394. Kirika: Actually, me too. I thought, man, Kamihama is a weird city. I mean, for some reason there were a lot of witches...
  395. Oriko: (As I thought... Kirika too... and Tomoe Mami's group as well...)
  396. (Everyone feels something abnormal about Kamihama...)
  397. ....
  398. Kirika: Oriko...? S, So it really doesn't taste good after all!?
  399. Oriko: .... Huh?
  400. Kirika: I mean, I mean it is black tea from a supermarket, after all! Sorry! I'm sorry. As soon as I can... ... Tomorrow! Tomorrow, I'll go back to Kamihama and buy another!
  401. Oriko: Kirika. It's fine. Don't worry about it.
  402. Your "errand" ended in great success. That's why there's no need for you to redo the "errand".
  403. Kirika: Oriko...
  404. Oriko: (I still don't know the source of it, but... something abnormal is happening in Kamihama)
  405. (Even though you've safely come home, I have to...)
  406. (No, as if I'll do something reckless like send you to Kamihama...)
  408. "In order for us to save our world... I have no choice. I will have to borrow your strength, but..."
  409. "It would make me very upset if you weren't in the world we will eventually save, Kirika."
  411. TV: "City council member Mikuni Hisaomi's body was found hung by his neck at his own residence."
  412. Mr. Mikuni was suffering from a series of corruption scandals...
  414. Female Student A: She's here...! It's Mikuni-san...!
  415. Female Student B: I can't believe it...! Even though all that stuff happened... If it were me, I'd be so embarassed I wouldn't have come to school.
  416. Female Student A: Hey, she'll hear you...!
  417. Female Student B: Who cares... she's the daughter of a criminal, isn't she?
  418. Oriko: ......
  420. To everyone, I was considered "city council member Mikuni".... "Mikuni's daughter", instead of "Mikuni Oriko".
  421. Everyone would only see me through my father. At most, I was just a part of Father, and if that's the case....
  423. What am I... living for...?
  424. (I no longer know... why I'm living...)
  426. --!!
  427. It was... a dream....
  429. Even after I became a magical girl and the meaning of my life was shown to me... I still see that dream.
  430. Even though I know the why I am living... I want someone...who will...
  432. Acknowledge that I...
  433. that "Mikuni Oriko" is alive...
  435. ...?
  436. This scent...
  437. Kirika. You were already here.
  439. Kirika: Oriko! Did you just wake up? Oriko
  440. Oriko: This black tea...
  441. Kirika: It's the Darjeeling one you mentioned before! First thing in the morning, I went to Kamihama, bought some and brought it here!
  442. Oriko: You went through all that trouble just to...but why? You didn't have to.
  443. Kirika: But Oriko, you actually wanted to drink this one, right? I can't just sit and let any of your wishes left ungranted.
  444. Oriko: Oh, Kirka...
  445. Kirika: Oriko? I'm not wrong, am I? Are you unhappy...?
  446. Oriko: *giggles* I'm fine. The black tea I wanted to drink was, in fact, this one. Thank you, Kirika.
  447. Kirka: ....! I don't need thanks or anything! If it's for you, Oriko, I'll go anytime, anywhere, no matter how many times!
  448. Oriko: But... from now on, make sure you don't recklessly go too far away. If something happened to you, I would be upset.
  449. Kirika: Yeah! Got it! Got it, Oriko! Now! Let's have teatime before it gets cold!
  450. Oriko: Yes, let's do that. (The one who will acknowledge me... The one who sees me as "Mikuni Oriko"... was here.)
  452. Oriko: If you weren't here, I would have fallen apart a long time ago.
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