[NEETPone] Floorb's inner thoughts, by nervousGoofball

Sep 29th, 2017
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Hanging out in your room in hoersworld
  3. >Life here isn't so bad
  4. >In fact it's gotten better recently
  5. >Since you and your roommate hooked up
  6. >It was kind of inevitable
  7. >Two sexually frustrated outcast virgins kept in close quarters
  8. >Who find each other exotic
  9. >And now your dick is sore
  10. >Not that you're complaining
  11. >Actually you kind of wish you had some guy friends you could brag about it to
  12. >Even though that seems like kind of a teenage dudebrah thing
  13. >Hey brah, you look like you just got a blowjob!
  14. >I did!
  15. >Fukken-A!
  16. >That isn't you
  17. >But having just gotten blown does make you feel closer to that than you ever have in your life
  18. >More manly than usual
  19. >Not that you feel unmanly most of the time
  20. >But today is different
  21. >You haven't bothered to put your pants back on, and are sitting bare-assed in front of your computer
  22. >And you still have half a chub thinking about it
  25. >To be fair it was a sloppy, too long, toothy blowjob
  26. >Which would have gone much quicker if she hadn't been so averse to you fucking her face a little
  27. >Not that you wanted to make her gag
  28. >Well, maybe part of you did
  29. >You did think it was hot when she did
  30. >And she pushed you back right away
  31. >But she seemed pretty satisfied when you came in her mouth
  32. >Even if it took 20 min, and she was rubbing her jaw after
  33. >And now your dick is sore from her teeth rubbing against you the whole time
  34. >But fuck, it was worth it
  35. >You got a blowjob for the first time in your life
  36. >She swallowed, and even ran her tongue up your shaft to get the last drops out after you came
  37. >And it's something you want in your fuckig life from now on
  38. >Just without the teeth, which you're sure can be worked out
  39. >You already sent her a little message saying "You're awesome!"
  40. >And she responded with a blushing emoji
  41. >But that isn't enough
  42. >You gotta do something to show her how much you appreciate her
  43. >Think
  44. >She like comics
  45. >You type "comic book stores, Ponyville" into the search bar
  46. >One result actually in Ponyville, and not all that far away
  47. >Galaxy Girls Comics
  48. >You have a few bits
  49. >Maybe take her out and get some comics for the two of you to read together?
  50. >Show some interest in what she's into?
  51. >You like comics, but you have no idea what's worthwhile here
  52. >And she draws
  53. >She's got to have some perspective on what's interesting in the Equestrian comic industry
  54. >You walk out of your room, across the living room to her half open door
  55. >Shit, you're still not wearing pants
  56. >Fuck it
  59. "Hey, Floor," you say, "Is Galaxy Girls any good?"
  60. >The sound of her hooves on the keyboard stops and she replies, "They stay in business selling mainstream stuff to colts and fillies"
  61. >"But they have some good stuff in the back"
  62. >You can't resist saying:
  63. "So do you."
  64. >"STOP IT!," she yells, trying to sound angry, but failing entirely
  65. "Well I've got some bits burning a hole in my pocket. Think we could find anything worth reading together there?"
  66. >"Yeah, that ought to be easy!"
  67. "Then it's a date!"
  68. >"Oh, a DATE?!," she says. "You know there's a Five Mares right next door."
  69. "I thought you liked Shake Shack better"
  70. >"I do, but Five Mares is good, too"
  71. >You have enough bits to cover that, so done deal
  72. >But you are surprised
  73. >From the autistic screeching you've seen on ponynet it seems like most ponies have pretty strong feelings about where they get their hayburgers
  74. >You've been going to Shake Shack because you thought she liked that best
  75. "Whatever you want, Floorb"
  76. >She appears in the doorway, feigning a mad face at you
  77. >"I hate it when you call me that."
  78. "You're so cute when you hate shit."
  79. >She snorts
  80. >She actually snorted at you!
  81. >Pretty fucking cute!
  82. >"Let's go," she says
  83. "Lemmie just put some pants on," you respond
  84. >"Yeah, you probably should. Stallions don't walk around with their junk hanging out, and yours is hanging out most of the time."
  85. >Pants it is!
  88. >Walking into the comic book store shows you Floor isn't entirely alone
  89. >There are some colts and fillies there, sure, with an indulgent parent buying them whatever
  90. >But the mare behind the counter, and the few other pones there
  91. >They don't look all that different than your Floorb, if maybe a little fatter
  92. >Certainly not much better groomed
  93. >And at least one of the grown mares in the shop doesn't seem to have a cutie mark, either
  94. >You hear her talking to the mare behind the counter
  95. >"At a certain point you just become a connoisseur of pop culture, and where does that leave you?," she asks the hefty mare
  96. >"Running a comic book store, if you're lucky," the fat mare laughs
  97. >Then she notices Floor and addresses her, "Floor! Good to see you! It's been a minute!"
  98. >"Yeah," Floor replies, "Good to be back"
  99. >"Who's your friend?," the fat mare asks, giving you a quick glance
  100. >"Anon, meet Tuesday. Tuesday, Anon," Floor manages to state without mumbling
  101. >This is obviously a comfortable environment for her
  102. >"You're hanging out with humans now?," Tuesday asks
  103. >Floor laughs and blushes a little, "Just this one"
  104. >Tuesday's eyes go wide and she whispers, "Coltfriend?"
  105. >Floor blushes a little harder
  108. >"No wonder you haven't been around," Tuesday says in a conspiratorial tone, "Too busy with other things."
  109. >She turns to you and says quickly, "Nice to meet you," then right back to Floor
  110. >"You know that would make a great comic - My Human Coltfriend - an autobiographical black and white... You should totally do it!"
  111. >She continues, "I could easily sell that here. Human stuff is hot right now. It would have to be an... adult title, though."
  112. >Blushing Floor responds, "I don't think I could do that."
  113. >"Well if you COULD I'm sure I could sell it," Tuesday replies. "That's exactly the kind of title my adult customers would be interested in"
  114. >You're a little taken aback
  115. "You want her to do an erotic comic about our relationship?"
  116. >"Adult," Tuesday corrects you, "and autobiographical. But it's be foolish to leave the erotic stuff out."
  117. >She smiles at you and adds, "That's what everypony wants to know about, but is too polite to ever ask."
  118. >Now you're blushing
  119. >She continues, "Interspecies romance is edgy as fuck. Perfect for an indie black and white."
  120. >Floor responds, "I might try a few sketches, but I'd really need to be inspired to actually commit to doing a title."
  121. >"That's a lot of work," she adds
  122. >"Of course it is," Tuesday continues, "Good stuff doesn't just appear out of nowhere."
  123. >"But think about it, Floor: a nerdy mare without a, you know, hooks up with a human coltfriend? In comic book form?"
  124. >"A lot of my customers would eat that up."
  125. >Floor is still blushing, but you're amazed how well she's holding up given Tuesday's frankness
  126. >"I'll think about it," Floor says, then changes the subject, "Any new titles I might like?"
  127. >"In the back," Tuesday responds
  130. >You and Floor are in the back of Galaxy Girls Comics, mindlessly going through indie and adult titles
  131. >Floor speaks up,"She's right. It's a great idea. It's way too embarrassing for me to do, but it would work"
  132. "A comic about our relationship? I don't think it would be all that interesting. We're not the most active couple."
  133. >"That has nothing to do with it," she responds. "Most autobiographic comics are about the authors anxiety and insecurities"
  134. >"I've got plenty of those. Weave that with an interspecies romance and add in a little fucking?"
  135. "That would really be putting yourself out there naked to the world."
  136. >"Yeah," she says, "WAY too terrifying, even in the form of a comic only a few ponies would ever read."
  137. >"But," she continues, "I'm sure there woud be those few who would read it. It IS a good idea, just not for us."
  138. >You sigh in relief
  139. >The idea of other ponies reading about your sex life from Floor's POV in comic form sounds like a nightmare
  140. >Even if it were just a handful of nerdy mares reading it
  141. >You'd be constantly wondering who knew what about you when you walked down the street
  142. "I'm not comfortable with the idea at all"
  143. >"I wouldn't put us through it, don't worry," she says. "But I may have to do a few sketches, regardless."
  144. "I'll give you something to sketch when we get home."
  145. >"What, this morning wasn't enough to hold you off for a while?," she responds, rubbing a hoof against her jaw
  148. >Be Anon
  149. >Home from a little date with Floor
  150. >Reading comics while she sketches
  151. >Over lunch you agreed Five Mares sucks compared to Shake Shack
  152. >But you had a good day out regardless
  153. >You finish the title you were reading and look over at your pone gf
  154. >She's been sketching intensely for almost an hour now
  155. "What are you working on?"
  156. >She blushes and says, "It's a little embarrassing."
  157. "Too embarrassing to show the guy who came in your mouth this morning?"
  158. >"That's kind of what it's about," she replies
  159. "Really?"
  160. >"Yeah. You and me, slice of life, my internal dialog full of self-doubt... Just like the idea Tuesday suggested."
  161. "You're scaring me. I thought you weren't gonna do that."
  162. >"I'm now going to let anypony see it, but I really like the idea."
  163. "You gonna let ME see it?"
  164. >"I guess. Give me a minute to finish up"
  165. >Ten minutes later she shows you her work
  166. >It's several frames of her sucking your cock, from different angles
  167. >The text is her thoughts as she's doing it
  168. >Which reads as follows:
  169. >Well he likes this
  170. >Doesn't taste so bad, kinda like salty milk and coins
  171. >Watch the teeth!
  172. >If I let him he'd totally gag me with this thing
  173. >And get a lapful of puke
  174. >This is taking a while - my jaw is getting sore
  175. >Do I totally suck at this?
  176. >Is he about to?
  177. >Fuck yeah, you did it!
  178. >Swallow!
  179. >Last lick leaves him shaking
  180. >Glad that's over!
  181. >Look at how happy he is!
  184. "Floor, that's actually good."
  185. >Not that you really needed to know her internal dialog while blowing you
  186. >But it is interesting to read a comic about the blowjob you got this morning
  187. >And it's both hot and totally vulnerable at the same time
  188. >Just like your Floorb
  189. "The idea of other ponies seeing this makes me very uncomfortable," you begin
  190. "But it IS compelling as fuck."
  191. >She is all pleased with herself
  194. >Be Floor Bored
  195. >Be completely lost in a piece of art you've been working on in your room
  196. >You've been drawing a lot more recently
  197. >Since Tuesday at the comic shop gave you an idea
  198. >A comic about your relationship with Anon
  199. >A sexy one at that
  200. >But also one that shows the kind of thoughts that run through your head that you wouldn't share with him
  201. >Even though you have a good relationship with a good sex life
  202. >Which is really the focus of what you've been doing lately
  203. >Now you're doing a comic about the time you and Anon did anal
  204. >Which both of you thought was hot in theory
  205. >But in reality it wasn't, at least for you
  206. >How it hurt, but you let him finish anyway
  207. >Hoping he would be quick about it
  208. >Which he was, but you wished it had been quicker
  209. >Or that he hadn't liked it at all and just stopped
  210. >Not that you gave him any indication you weren't enjoying it
  211. >You kept that to yourself, which is kind of the point of the comic
  212. >The stuff a mare thinks but chooses not even to share with her lover
  213. >Because sometimes pleasing him seems more important
  214. >Even if it hurts
  217. >You're working on the last two frames, where you turn to the reader
  218. >And explain that he hasn't tried to do it since, so hopefully he didn't think it was all that big a deal
  219. >But if he asked you'd probably tough it out and let him do it again
  220. >Instead of telling him it was painful and unpleasant for you
  221. >You're down to the lettering when you hear him call from the other room
  222. >"Whatcha doing, Floorb?," he asks, using that annoying pet name he has for you
  223. "When are you gonna stop calling me that?," you ask, trying to make the annoyance clear in your voice
  224. >He appears in your doorway and smiles, "When it stops getting a rise out of you."
  225. "I don't know what it's like where you come from, but here, pissing off your marefriend is something a stallion tries to AVOID doing."
  226. >He continues to smile at you, eyes all shiny
  227. "This is flirting to you, isn't it?"
  228. >He's SO annoying
  229. >But also really cute standing there grinning at you like an idiot
  230. >"More sex comics about us?," he asks, straining to see across the room
  231. "Yeah," you respond, "I'm definitely inspired."
  232. >"So I guess I ought to be proud that sex with me is inspirational?," he says, puffing himself up a little
  233. >He's such a fucking goofball
  234. "Yeah, you should," you say smiling, "I can't remember when I've been this productive... or happy for that matter."
  235. >"But you still don't want me to see it, do you?," he says teasingly
  236. "You know what happens. You were there!"
  239. >"But still you don't want to show it to me. Is it full of pervy secrets you don't want me to know about?"
  240. "I have every intention of letting you know every pervy thing about me over time... You're hardly a kink free zone yourself"
  241. "But Anon," you sigh, "There are things I can draw and write about that I could never put into words with anypony else"
  242. "Not even you. So this allows me to get everything out on paper."
  243. >"So it's kinda like therapy?," he asks
  244. >For an annoying goofball he can be insightful sometimes
  245. "Sort of like that," you say a little guardedly. "It's still something I'm creating, and I can see it getting better."
  246. >"So maybe someday all of Ponyville is going to read about our sex life?"
  247. >There it is
  248. >You KNOW that idea bothers him
  249. >You're creating something based on your intimate life together that COULD be published
  250. >Even if it seems like a one in a million chance
  251. >Then again it doesn't sound all that great to you, either
  252. >It sounds embarrassing beyond belief
  253. >Even if getting your work published WOULD be amazing
  254. "Fat chance," you reply. "But that's not gonna stop me from drawing it."
  255. >"Well then I won't stop inspiring it," he says with a lustful look
  256. "Not now. Go away," you say. "Let me finish this and you can be inspiring later!"
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