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  1. " U R "
  2. WATTPAD USER : @yahjoon
  3. PASSWORD : taeyeon
  8. FACE CLAIM : TWICE's jeongyeon
  9. BACKUP : OH MY GIRL's binnie
  11. NAME : Chailai Meesang
  13. — " chichichi chia "
  14. — " chai "
  15. — " lia " or " lai "
  16. — " nesan " or " meemee "
  18. AGE : 22
  19. DOB : March 26, 1995
  21. HEIGHT : 169 cm
  22. WEIGHT : 49 kg
  25. " WHY "
  26. NATIONALITY : thai
  27. ETHNICITY : thai-korean
  29. HOMETOWN : pattaya, thailand
  31. PERSONALITY : chailai is someone who can't help but be awkward and odd at times, even if her life depended on it. the girl isn't you daily run of a social butterfly, she does have her days where she's smiley and asking how people are, but it's mainly her just awkwardly greeting others and giving them that small odd smile you give when you don't really want to. so, rather than smiling or having people think they're allowed to talk to her, she eats. she'll eat a whole buffet and the girl could still eat some more.... because, would you bother someone that's eating? no, right? that's exactly how chailai sees it. many say it's because she's in an environment different from what she grew from, but no, she just can't social. though she doesn't speak much to many, she shows her love, gratitude, and other emotions through her actions. she'll take care and pamper someone, either younger or older, it doesn't matter, and treat them kindly with a soft hug rather than speak to them directly. when she's angry, she doesn't really say, because she doesn't enjoy speaking her mind, but she'll act somewhat bitter and have a slower pace with that person... they'll figure it out themselves somehow, she hopes. also, the girl doesn't ALWAYS speak her mind, but she is mature enough to know when she should and shouldn't. she's almost like one of them mothers of the group, always making sure everyone's got their mind in the game, that no ones bothering someone else too much, that they're not stripping on a table. chailai is one of the babysitters of the group, and she doesn't mind it because she actually prefers that rather than socializing with someone she doesn't know of. chailai is someone who isn't social, like many of the other girls or her friends, she's a huge foodie, and she's a mother-like figure.
  33. BACKGROUND : chailai was born in bangkok, thailand, but soonly moved to pattaya, thailand. she lived there almost her whole life, but because of her ethnicity, she wanted to see the other side of her family. because of the fact that she is half korean, and because she loved most of her life in Thailand, she decided to move to korea at the age of nineteen. obviously, she didn't just move, she was accepting into a korean university, and thus began her life in seoul. moving to korea was a bonus in her life, she was already an adult and she was legal, meaning she could do whatever she wanted without needing to get her parents consent. though she did care what they asked for, she built her life in korea. she would visit her mothers side of the family, already had a wide knowledge of the country, and knew the language by heart already. chailai lived in a dormitory, her own that her parents paid for because it was for school and they accepted on paying her academic bills, and she gained various of friends from there only. though because of her not so social personality, chailai would always prefer being snuggled in bed while going through social media rather than being outside and being forced to social.
  35. FAMILY :
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