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  1. 22:19]   Pending Name: . . .
  3. "I can't believe they did it!" The gathered crowd cheered as loudly as they possibly could, individual shouts and jeers lost amidst a sea of voices as more and more added their piece to the growing symphony. "The absolute madmen!" Widened eyes affixed themselves upon the waft of smoke wafting into the sky from atop one of the nearby buildings, twinkling sparks flashing across those shifting orbs whilst mouths hung agape in amazement. "I always knew they'd win!" Some boastfully proclaimed despite the nervousness etched upon their voices, heads shaking to-n'-fro' to glance at the ever-growing mob assembling within the streets. "Of course they'd win, Jenny always wins!" Others soon added their piece while nodding towards their compatriots, pretending the panic sweeping amongst them never existed in the first place. Hardly any of them envisioned that the fight between their local teenage robot and that towering behemoth - which now laid lifeless amongst the ruins of several nearby buildings - would end in such a manner. For the past hour, after all, Jenny was doing absolutely nothing else but getting her ass kicked to hell and back. Enduring blow after blow from the mechanical monster rampaging through the city, finding all of her attacks and counters ineffective against it. It was a damn miracle it ended the way it did. "Jenny! Jenny! Jenny!" Civilians shouted out at the top of their lungs as they gathered closer and closer to one another, hardly able to hear one another due to their incessant clapping and hollering for their hero. They expected the girl to peek off the side of that half-torn building, to dip her head past the edge of the roof and throw them a reassuring smile as they kept shouting louder and louder. Almost a dozen stories in the air, impossible for them to actually see anything from the ground level; impossible for them to see their savior laying beaten, bruised, destroyed, and half-unconscious amidst the rubble.
  5. . . . And so anotha' finds her end in this blasphemous city . . .
  7. Were the only words the poor girl could legitimately comprehend, each passing syllable carrying with it an ominous echo ringing out through her metallic skull. Voice growing softer with each passing utterance as it soon became nothing more than a meager whisper; still managing to press an unsettling weight upon her shoulders all the same. Darkness expanding from the corners of her eyes across the floor itself, processors working themselves into a tizzy running a scan upon the ocular peripherals, attempting to spot any underlying issue and repair it before her eyes were completely shut down. Yet they came up with nothing. Running a check upon the physical state of the peripherals afterward, they one more came up with nothing substantial. Neither the software nor the hardware itself was corrupted or damaged in her engagement. Compared to - at the least - the state the rest of her body was found in. Yet the pool continued to expand, that circular shape slithering down underneath her body, engulfing the entire floor into a void of darkness before long.
  9. ". . . Giving your life to save others, such a noble endeavor . . ."
  11. The voice called out for a second time as a small bubble formed between her legs. Slowly growing larger in size with each passing second, settling into the shape of an imperfect oval only slightly larger than her own skull before expanding outward. Sensors finding themselves on the fritz at the sight of that dreadful shape slowly forming out of the darkness itself, static interfering with her visual feed; making it almost impossible to see anything through it by the time the black shape began to take a proper form. Broad shoulders and a barreled chest hidden underneath a loose piece of cloth, the creatures head hidden beneath a fitting hoodie as it kept rising out from the ground itself. Before long a humanoid shape would stand before the robot herself, its back straightened and its head slowly rising, ready to reveal its face . . . only for nothing but the void itself to stare back at her. Minuscule embers flickering within its depths where eyes should be peering down into the robots own while the left arm stretched towards the side. Palm pointing at the dissipating smoke whilst still being hidden underneath the elongated sleeves, leaving the slightest indent of fingers across the fabric as wrist twists itself toward the side.
  13. ". . . It is a pity . . ."
  15. He added after a short pause as the shadows beneath them slowly peeled themselves off the ground, twirling in a whirlpool towards that outstretched hand; quickly forming a cylindrical shape against the flat of it as fingers latched onto it. Expanding outward from either end until a sharp CLICK rung out once the bottom half hit the roof itself, the upper half stopping just slightly above the cloaked figures own skull. Rays of light glistening down upon the androids downed frame as metal jutted out from the tip, taking the form of a scythe. The right hand idly stretched out towards the hilt as well, both palms holding it tight while lifting it above his shoulders. Arching itself backward ever so slightly, those sparks grew larger-n'-larger as pinkies extended themselves away from the grip. ". . . That Death cares not for self-sacrifice! AAAAAA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-! Wait, since when did Humans bled black blood?
  16. [23:02]   Vanilla Flavor: - Main Core Malfunctioning -
  18. Those were the last words the robot could remember before shutting down for good. Luckily her super-advanced circuits had a self-defense system that allowed for loose circuits and scrapped metal to be replaced and fixed. It just took a while, so the cheering crowds would have to wait for their savior. Minutes passed and the well-being of XJ-9 was still a mystery, the agitated white noise from the celebrating citizens turned into a faint collective mumble of rumors. "Do you think she's okay?" "Jesus, I she's dead" What shall we do?" A couple of silent minutes passed by, the policemen that arrived at the scene began working around a way to reach the hero's body, and a call for aid was motioned to Dr. Wakeman, the scientist that created the XJ-9 model.
  20. "Oof. . ." Jenny rubbed her head with as much care as her metallic limb allowed, the tender-looking frotting letting out an ironic CREAAK with each slight movement. The girl couldn't see, her mind was recovered, but her vision was still being fixed, all she could do was to sluggishly stand up with her eyes closed, seeking before the strange voice that spoke in eery rhymes. "Who goes there?" The robogirl was getting a little paranoid, the spooky prose felt really close, unbeknownst to her, it actually came from within the corners of her mind. Jenny stood up and extended her arms forward, moving them up-n'-down while walking slow, weary steps, she called out to the mocking call in her head; Each step causing her wounds to open up, gashing out streams of pitch-black oil. "Hey, jerk - I'll beat you up, did you see that monster? That was breakfast, you'll be dessert!"
  22. It was a matter of time until Wakeman found herself facing a mount of rubble, her slender, metallic fingers gracing the surface with a pair of light taps, then swinging back for a fierce kill. "Found you, villain! How's this for a noble endeavor?" CRASH! Naturally, the teen's overwhelming strength broke through the cement as if it were but paper, the excess of force causing the girl fall on her face, the rivers of fuel emanating from her body now formed a small puddle at her feet. SPLASH!
  24. - Fuel Resources are Limited. Entering Long-Lasting Energy Mode.  -
  26. "Oh god dammit." Jenny stood up from the puddle of tar, completely soaked in the gross, pungent liquid. With trembling hands, she closed her aluminum eyelids with force. As those glimmering cyans flickered, her vision went from pitch-black to blurry, gradually growing clearer. "Well, that's something." The teen turned towards the growing bubble on the nearby ground, expecting it to be but a mirage, XJ-9 remembered that robots can't have hallucinations, so after turning her hand into a small gun, she pointed towards the now-growing silhouette in shape of a male. "F-Freeze"
  28. Alas, a wacky looking skeleton emerged from the bubble, rocking a giant scythe and a dark cloak that simply rubbed the girl the wrong way, still feeling threatened, she kept her menacing hold, one of her eyelids turning into a cute little lens afront her pupil, target locked. "I'm not a human, creep! Now state your name - Friend or Foe?" As the puddle of oil continued, a tear of black liquid moved across the girl's forehead, Jenny was sweating,  with her long-lasting mode on, she wouldn't be able to fire. Hopefully, the Skeletor would be able to believe her bluff.
  29. [23:18]   Pending Name: "Put that toy away before you hurt yourself, child."
  31. Words muttered out through an imperious, stern tone of voice as flickering embers couldn't be bothered to even offer the girl the courtesy of staring her in the eyes; slowly jutting towards the bottom corner of the void itself. Silence dawned upon the rooftop - or as silent as one could hope for the scene to be given the androids incessant mumbling combined with those blasted sirens gathering at the scene - as the shape lowered itself into a squatting position. Cane once more clicking against the ground beneath them as Skeletor propped the Scythe itself against it, right arm pulling itself away from the hilt to dip into that growing puddle of blood. "Nonsense, ain't nothing in this world that ain't an animal or a human that bleeds." He added after a short pause while the indent of a finger pushed through that viscous liquid, lazily pulling it upward; hand stretching above his hoodie as the blood itself began to spiral into a stream. Creating something akin to a miniature tornado in both its shape and oscillation as a few droplets splattered across the woman's face in its ascent, pouring into the void obscured by the hood as the shape continued to speak. "And let me tell ya', neither are safe from the Grim Rea-! PTOO!"
  33. His little speech cut short as those compact flames widened until they engulfed half of the void itself, head quickly twisting itself towards the side to spit out that foul liquid without a second thought. The first humane feature slipped out from within the darkness itself as a tongue made itself shown, the pink muscle glistening in that black liquid. Soon the second feature would reveal itself as a palm jutted out from underneath the sleeve of that cloak, hastily dragging itself across the length of that member; doing its best to clean it while constantly spitting out more of the damned thing. "Ya' trynna give me a stomach ache or somethin' here Mon?!" Grim shouted out with an indignant tone as the hood itself fell down upon his back from the constant shifting of shoulders, properly revealing his face. Sweat visibly brewing across furrowed brows whilst narrowed scarlets glared down at the robot with a disgusted expression etched upon his visage. Dreadlocks banging up-n'-down ever so slightly as he turned his skull back over to the right to face Jenny, the threatening voice from before now replaced with something more fitting - more stereotypical - for the man crouching before her. "Cause it sure as Hell ain't funny! Urgh, I'm gonna need a damn Mentos to get rid of this horrible taste! Hells kind of human are ya' anyway?!"
  34. [23:39]   Vanilla Flavor: It was a strange sight to look at, whoever this character of menacing cloak and menacing looks was, he was a complete goofball, from his strange, Jamaican-esque accent to the way his lips curled and wrinkled at the disgusting taste of oil, it was almost adorable. And once he pulled his hoodie backward, Jenny noticed just how much of a hottie he was, instantly regressing her gun-hand to a regular palm, a shade of embarrassed blue flashing across her metallic cheeks. "O-Oh, it's not blood, mister, it's uh. . ." XJ-9 took a step back and hid her arms behind her back, who the hell was this fella? A tiny lid on the teen's shoulder opened up, a hilariously long claw holding a single mint moved with precision towards the pouting male. Once the small claw was next to him, it hovered in the air, waiting for him to pick it up. With a naive look on her face, Jenny simply stared, wondering what was it with the black bubble from which he emerged from. ". . .Oh! Oil, Oil, that's what I meant." His eyes were so dreamy.
  36. "Oil." The girl curled her lips into an innocent grin, then extended her arms and gave the mysterious figure a cute display of her body, sashaying her hips and turning into a swift loop, her cute little skirt lifted up by the movements. Her flashy display ending up in a cool pose, she totally had practiced this. "I'm Jenny! You've probably heard of me, you know. The robot girl that saves the day? Metallic hero? The Cyan Beauty?" That last one was invented, but all rumors had to start somewhere. "I am a robot teen, made to fight crime and pass math with solid Bs" XJ-9 kept her uncomfortable pose for a little while, her confidant grin turning gloomy as the cloaked stranger just wasn't recognizing her. After turning into a moody frown, the robogirl stood straight and crossed her arms. "It doesn't matter, who are you, mister?"
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