Normal Norman - Wargames

Jun 14th, 2013
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  1. Being Norman
  3. >I'm in the middle of a war here
  4. >Battle has been bloody and traumatizing. I've seen true companions fall victim to desperation, and getting their heads blown off because of carelessly not taking cover
  5. >This is trully hell on earth
  6. >However, we are crushing the enemy batallion
  7. >Once we were down to the last enemy soldier, something horrible happens
  8. >First, a grenade takes one half of the squad, then, a burst of machine gun shots takes most of what is left of our troop.
  9. >The carnage leaves me with two companions.
  10. >Luckily they are my friends, Brad and Red.
  11. >We have gone together on many a mission, and have formed a deep bond. We can almost read our minds, because with little words we know exactly what we're supposed to do
  12. >Now we must stop this menace quickly, forcing it to surrender or ending its life.
  13. >"We ought to be careful, our enemy could be anywhere, so keep your eyes open" I say as I took cover while paying close attention to my surroundings
  14. >"Eeyup" replied Red, as of he didn't care about my warning, but still paying attention to everything arround him
  15. >"C'mon Normy, it cant be that bad" Brad said "it's three against one, and no one beats the Brad"
  16. >It seems that only I know the menace we are trying to defeat, the soldiers we lost back there were the elite of the elite and the enemy just went through them like a hot knife goes through butter. It's almost as if they didn't care about their lives
  17. >As I was lost in my thoughts, a single shot impacts a side of my abdomen. Thanks to my body armor, the wound was not lethal and I can still move, but another one like that and I'm dead meat
  18. >"I've been shot," I yell "take cover"
  19. > Brad and Red immediately follow my command and seek shelter
  20. >"Guys" I say as I do my best to avoid the gunshots "we're fighting a prodigy here, if we don't pay attention we won't survive"
  21. >"Listen ya'll" Red spoke "we won't win this fight if we keep hiding here. I'm going out and shoot the hell out of that fellow"
  23. >"No Red," I shouted as he positioned himself out of his cover "we don't know where the enemy is yet"
  24. >Red ran to another position, no shots were heard
  25. >"See," Red says "it's safe to move arround"
  26. >"Not bad Macky" Brad says as he moved to a nearby stone wall. No rounds were shot during his movement
  27. >"It seems you were right, maybe the enemy moved to another place so keep being careful" I say
  28. >As soon as I move out of my cover, a barrage of shots flies right in front of my face giving me the scare of my life.
  29. >I immediately fall back to my cover, It seems the enemy recognized me as the greatest threat
  30. >"Damnit, I told you the enemy was still there" I yell as I take refuge in that little brick wall "it seems it's aiming for me, so I'll be the bait while you guys track him down"
  31. >I start running from cover to cover towards the direction in which the shots came from, while my companions took alternative routes in order to proceed with a pincer attack
  32. >After a short while, the machine gun stopped shooting. Our enemy's main weapon had finally ran out of bullets
  33. >"Now it's time for our counterattack" Simultanouly we shout as we approach the place where our enemy had relentlessly been attacking us not too long ago. It was a one story building with just one entrance
  34. >It seems it was some kind of store, its interior offered lot's of hiding places but no cover against a powerful enough weapon
  35. >"We need to be careful guys," I say "our opponent is good at hiding and has the avantage here, wait for my signal"
  36. >"Enough with that, I'll fight head on" Red says as he propells himself inside the building "Biiiiiiiiiig McIntosh" he shouts
  37. >"No Red, no!" gunshots are heard inside of the building
  39. >The shooting stops as soon as Brad and I go inside
  40. >There we find our fallen comrade
  41. >"Guys," Red says "I'll let you know that our enemy has no more bullets, sadly I missed all my shots"
  42. >"Don't worry Macky, tonight I'll tell your sister that you died fighting like a man" Brad says
  43. >"Fuck you Brad!" Red's last words where exactly what I felt like saying in that moment
  45. >"Good, We already got this in our hands" Brad says "the enemy has no bullets afterall"
  46. >"Keep your guard up Brad" I say "when you are out of bullets you can still use your knife"
  47. >As I say that, a shadow appears behind Brad "behind you Brad!" I start shooting but it was useless, my opponent dodged every shot, inflicted a fatal wound on my friend and disappeared from my sight
  48. >I approach Brad to see if I can help and to secure his weapons
  49. >"Normy, tell your mom that I really enjoyed last night" were his last words
  50. >"Fuck you Brad"
  51. >It's just me and the enemy now. I have enough bullets to kill an army while my opponent wields just a knife, It's time to sweep the area with bullets
  52. >"Come out of wherever you are!" I yell as shoot everywhere, destroying every possible hiding place
  53. >Once everything was destroyed, there were no traces of my enemy
  54. >"Where are you?" I asked
  55. >"Right behind you Norman" I heard my enemy say as a knife made its way through my neck "good game!"
  56. >Fuck we lost
  58. >On the next day, Purple talks to me at school
  59. >"Time to fulfil your part of the bet, I want you to say it aloud" she says
  60. >"Okay," I reply "a bet is a bet"
  61. >I shout "The best gamer in the world is Twilight Spurple"
  62. >Everyone looks at me wierded out by my screams
  63. >"You said it wrong, do it again"
  65. >Goddamnit Purple!
  67. Wargames end
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