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  1. [06:07:05] <Kiiwinki> Everyone enjoys posturing in their self-righteousness
  2. [06:07:14] <Kiiwinki> Anyone who claims not to is a lying sack of shit
  3. [06:07:29] <luzi> i don't
  4. [06:07:37] <Kiiwinki> But that's because you're black
  5. [06:07:42] <Amanda> A CHALLENGER APPEARS.
  6. [06:07:48] <luzi> :D
  7. [06:07:52] <Kiiwinki> You something
  8. [06:08:04] <Kiiwinki> Come up with some fitting negro-joke
  9. [06:08:06] <Kiiwinki> I'm too tired
  10. [06:08:11] <Amanda> XD
  11. [06:08:56] <Amanda> Admit defeat already and hit the sack.
  12. [06:09:02] <luzi> u know what type of ppl say bad things about other races?
  13. [06:09:12] <Amanda> WHITE PPL
  14. [06:09:16] <luzi> insecure ppl
  15. [06:09:40] <luzi> they're not secure in their own superiority...
  16. [06:09:51] <Amanda> preach~
  17. [06:09:55] <luzi> XD
  18. [06:10:08] <Kiiwinki> That only applies to people who insist on involving - even if only on a subconscious level - valuation of people into it
  19. [06:10:17] <Kiiwinki> I really just find nigger jokes amusing
  20. [06:10:42] <Amanda> I guess in Finland, you can afford to.
  21. [06:10:42] <Kiiwinki> They have ascended to the plane of gratuitous irony
  22. [06:11:24] <luzi> it's okay
  23. [06:11:42] <Kiiwinki> The irony is laid so thick and gratuitous that it might as well not exist, for to derive it is no less a feat than something equally simple (too tired for metaphors)
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