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  1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director's Edition HD Purist Edition V3 (by iguanaclerk)
  3. This is the purist version of my HD recreation of the director's cut of Star Trek: The Motion Picture (based off V3 of the main project). While the main project uses HD theatrical footage when appropriate, this version includes most all of the shots altered for the director's cut DVD. Many of these changes were recreated in HD to match the director's cut while others were simply upscaled from the DVD.
  5. It's primarily sourced from the HDTV, which uses the same transfer as the director's cut DVD. While the HDTV is low detail and has lots of compression, it has more grain and much better contrast than the Blu-ray. Color-corrected Blu-ray footage is used for some shots with alien subtitles.
  7. V2 fixes one major error in addition to making more of the footage HD by compositing DVD footage over the HDTV footage. V3 adds more changes in HD, adds the new alien subtitles used in the DC, corrects an error and adds in four foreign dubs (Italian, French, Russian and German) and a host of subtitles from two different European dvd releases.
  9. Video: 1080p MKV - 14 GB
  10.     Both the video and audio are BD-compliant if you want to remux this for a Blu-ray.
  11. Audio:
  12.     Track 1: AC3 5.1 - This is the same 5.1 as the DVD, but I replaced the end credits music that was looped for the director’s cut and replaced it with the original cue from the remastered CD. The file is not re-encoded, and cuts to the different end credits at the end seamlessly.
  13.     Track 2: AC3 2.0 Dolby Surround from the DVD.
  14.     Track 3: AC3 2.0 The commentary from the DVD.
  15.     Track 4: AC3 2.0 This is a commentary originally released as a podcast for with visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman, restoration supervisor Michael Matessino, and producer David C. Fein.
  16.     Track 4: AC3 5.1 German
  17.     Track 4: AC3 5.1 French
  18.     Track 4: AC3 5.1 Italian
  19.     Track 4: AC3 2.0 Russian
  21. -Subtitles (SRT):
  22. English (HD)
  23. Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) (English) (HD)
  24. SDH (Alternate) (English)
  25. German [ger]
  26. Spanish [spa]
  27. French [fre]
  28. Hebrew [heb]
  29. Croatian [hrv]
  30. Italian [ita]
  31. Portuguese [por]
  32. Slovenian [slv]
  33. Commentary in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
  34. Text commentary by Michael Okuda [eng] (English) (HD)
  35. Text commentary by Michael Okuda in German, Spanish, French, Italian
  36. Alien Forced Subtitles [ger] (German) (HD)
  37. Alien Forced Subtitles [fre] (French) (HD)
  38. Alien Forced Subtitles [ita] (Italian) (HD)
  39. Arabic [ara]
  40. Bulgarian [bul]
  41. Czech [cze]
  42. Danish [dan]
  43. Icelandic [ice]
  44. Hungarian [hun]
  45. Dutch [dut]
  46. Norwegian [nor] (Norwegian Bokmål)
  47. Polish [pol]
  48. Romanian [rom]
  49. Finnish [fin]
  50. Swedish [swe]
  51. Turkish [tur]
  53. Changes in the director's DVD not included:
  54. - new Paramount logo
  55. - stars during the overture (they run at 30fps)
  56. - New opening credits (they run at 30fps). Instead the opening credits are recreated in HD, with yellow titles (the yellow color was Wise's idea.)
  57. - removal of a blue light blob in two shots (4:46,7:31)
  58. - I did not include the altered background during Spock's Kolinahr ritual, as this would render all of the scene in SD for a minor change. (10:35-12:52)
  59. - removal of the hole in the docking bay caused by the rig holding the enterprise model. (37:32)
  60. - dirt removal on the leaving the solar system view screen composite (39:14)
  61. - two frame removal of red light casting onto the enterprise (this was an intentional effect, but I think the DC editors thought it was an error.) (43:58)
  62. - any stabilization or adjustment to the plasma probe effects (1:14:08)
  63. - any changes in the revised ending credits. They credit the Yeomen introduced in the new transporter scene (Lisa Chess), fix a misspelling and introduce a new one.
  64. - new Paramount logo at the end
  66. HD shots modified for this project:
  67. - newly created opening titles which have a logo animation similar to the DC DVD.
  68. - used color-corrected Blu-ray footage to add the theatrical alien subtitle font.
  69. 5:59 - SD viewscreen overlayed over HD footage
  70. 12:54 - Motion tracked this shot to replace the title with an HD title in the main title font.
  71. 13:00 - fixed issue in the original DC effects where the shuttle disappeared for a frame.
  72. 13:05 - sd effect overlayed over stabilized HD footage
  73. 14:03 - SD modified ship overlayed over HD footage
  74. 44:06 - View screen after the asteroid explosion has the new DC effects.
  75. 38:48 - SD viewscreen overlayed over HD footage
  76. 53:45 - SD nacelle overlayed over HD footage
  77. 1:13:57 - The start of V'ger's light probe now fades in from white instead of just having some flash frames.
  78. 1:30:21-1:30:58 - Changed the windows when the Ilia probe is talking to Decker (they were black and the director's cut cut added shots of V'ger.)
  79. 1:49:30-1:50:04 - SD footage overlayed over the center of the opening orifice
  80. 1:54:51-1:55:15 - SD viewscreen overlayed over HD footage
  81. 2:09:09 - The final explosion shot starts with DVD footage and crossfades to HD footage. I also covered the beginning of it with some fading out flash frames because the added moire patterns were confusing for continuity and they were running at 30fps.
  82. 2:12:24 - The "Human Adventure" tagline now fades in and the stars fade out. The timing is a little quicker than the DC because I couldn't slow down and interpolate the stars satisfactorily, but it still matches the music alright.
  83. -There's also two shots with the deflector dish that they recolored to orange in the HDTV master in anticipation of using it for the director's cut, so I've kept them.
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