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ROTMG Free Private Server, Play Online FREE Production Hack

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  1. Realm of The Mad God working hack tool for 13.2 and later - 2013
  2. check out our online ROTMG hack client, play for FREE online at
  3. www.ROTMGTool.com
  5. Our free client has all hacks built in, including; auto aim, auto nexus, full screen hacks, no debuffs and more.
  7. ROTMG Tool doesnt ask you to download dodgy software, or input your password anywhere, so you are 100% SAFE!
  8. Check us out at
  9. www.ROTMGTool.com
  11. ROTMGTool also has a brand new FREE ROTMG private server - custom items, custom maps, custom monsters and more content being added all the time!
  12. Play directly at
  13. www.ROTMGTool.com/pplay.php
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