Play Rough

Jun 4th, 2019
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  1. There are few days of rest in Iron City; the incessant flow of goods rattling their way up the pneumatic tubes to Zalem must continue through all. However, once every few months the Factory maintenance crews shut down operations as they sweep through the cogs of the rusted machinery upon which Iron City is built. The sacrifice of a day’s work keeps the rest of production in good order; or so it would seem. In the summer months this is a day of celebration; firedancers twirl in the cobbled streets as people shout and sing deep in to the twilight hours. And in winter, it is a time of contemplation; of quiet huddles in cozy rooms as snowflakes brush past the windows separating warmth from chill.
  3. The maintenance day has come in the depths of winter this time, leaving you curled up on your old couch, sketchbook in hand as you idly fill in the details of a mechanical limb. The design is crude; form offset for function as with most cybernetics in the city. Work like Ido’s is an exception to the rule. An errant stroke destroys the current line you’re working on and you sigh, putting the sketchbook down and glancing fruitlessly at the door to your bedroom. Despite a cozy day spent together, with the fall of evening Alita requisitioned the room; emphatically refusing to give any details on some kind of ‘surprise’ which she’s working on. With a smile and a kiss she left you on the couch, where you’ve remained for the last half-hour. You have half a mind to bang on the door but your pride steps in before that thought can reach its conclusion.
  5. Finally, your wait is rewarded with a soft ‘ok’ from behind the wooden barrier, and the tiny squeak of hinges swinging back. Alita stands in the doorway, hands clasped in front of her as the light from the living rooms spills over her lithe form. She glances shyly up at you; the depth of her eyes highlighted by the sharp liner which she’s so fond of. The cute glance is at odds with her brazen lack of clothes; a lacy pair of black panties which would surely make Ido blush to see are all that remain of the day’s outfit. You take the time to drink in the view of her as she lightly steps over to you, a tiny smile playing at the corners of her mouth. You just manage to find the words you need before she arrives.
  7. “You look beautiful.”
  9. The smile grows as she slides down next to you, running her finger slowly down your chest; tracing the lines of your ribcage. The smell of lilies and lemongrass washes over you and your skin tingles at the pressure of her finger through your shirt. The shyness is melting away from her now as she speaks, excitement layered over an undercurrent of desire.
  11. “Remember how I learned to change my body’s colours?” An image of the summertime joy flashes across your mind and you nod. “Well, it turns out I can change more things too! I’m really starting to get the hang of the nanotech.” She focuses for a moment, and you watch in amazement as a rainbow of colours swell from her chest and swirl across her skin; fractal patterns hypnotic in the apartment’s light. Her smile matches yours as the colours twist and turn before eventually fading back to their usual black and purple. You reach out to cup her face, feeling the organic skin against your fingertips. She leans in to the touch, and you feel the devotion in your words as you reply.
  13. “That’s incredible. You’re incredible.” Her eyes lock with your own, and she bites at her lower lip as a predatory glint appears in her grin. Her response is caring, though iron-firm in its commitment.
  15. “That’s not all I can do.” She lovingly guides your hand from her face to the cybernetic skin by her ribs. You feel her shudder slightly as you massage little circles across the ridges of her body. Though it was unusual at first, you’ve come to love the ridges and divides in the design of the Berserker body. Her soft hum fades in to a request as your free hand traces along her thigh.
  17. “Close your eyes.” You chuckle softly and do as instructed, continuing your exploration of her body’s lines. Alita’s breathing grows heavier, and after a moment’s held breath she speaks again.
  19. “What do you feel now?” The cheesy response you have prepared falls out of mind as you realise that the skin under your fingers is warm and silken smooth. It feels- human. Your eyes shoot open and you see Alita’s wide smile all the way up to the creases around her beautiful eyes. At first glance the Berseker body seems the same, but as you examine curves near your hand you see the minute change around your fingertips. The nanomachines of the body seem to almost flatten when your fingers touch the structure, creating points of deep purple skin. Were it not for the colour it could not be differentiated from the skin on an Organic. You lay your palm flat along her stomach and watch in wonder as the surface of her skin flows around your touch; creating a unique warmth of connection between the two of you. A shiver runs through Alita as your move across the expanse of her toned stomach, feeling the nanomachines move with in perfect harmony with you. You can’t keep the crack from your voice as you stare in to her deep eyes.
  21. “How did you…”
  23. “I got some help- and I had a chat to a friend.” She moans softly as you find the crease between her hip and thigh. “This skin is so sensitive. I can feel every bit of you.” You feel the fire rushing through your blood as you lean in, finding her soft mouth as her half-lidded eyes close fully. The kiss is warm and loving; the dance of your desires matched as her tongue finds yours in a familiar rhythm. You press in to her lips and focus on the feel your shared love as she pushes back. So caught are you in the moment that you barely notice her grab your wrist and guide your hand to the waistband of her panties. Your fingers instinctively move inside the elastic but a final strand of doubt tugs at the back of your mind. You break apart briefly despite her noise of protest.
  25. “Are you sure about this?”
  27. The overwhelming desire shines bright in her face, and her voice is raspy through her long breaths.
  29. “I want you.”
  31. You nod slowly and her fingers tighten around your wrist as your fingers find entry past the silken fabric. The nanomachines meld under your fingers, and you feel Alita twitch as the familiar folds of her sex appear just as the skin did before. You run your fingers over her soft vagina lips, waiting for the slick parting. Alita moans as you massage the opening before gently sliding your finger in to the warmth of her sex. A pink blush spreads across her cheeks as her hips grind against your hand, begging you to find a rhythm. As you move inside her you lean in to plant soft kisses on her collarbone, feeling her whimpers as your movements grow faster. You feel the pressure mount in you as the stiffness rises in your pants. Just as her moans grow to a crescendo she suddenly grabs your arms, fingers pressing almost painfully in to you as she shudders through her whole body. With one swift movement she climbs on top of you, straddling you with her eyes ablaze as she demands your attention.
  33. “I want you inside me.”
  35. With perfect poise she lifts her leg, releasing your arms as she easily removes the panties. You struggle for a moment with your belt before managing to slide your pants over your throbbing member. Alita grabs your shirt and almost rips it apart as she pulls it over your head, leaving the two of you nude in the glow of the room’s lamps. She spreads her legs back across your lap, grabbing your hands in a tight pin overhead as her hips grind against yours. You twitch instinctively as your feel the heat pouring from her body. It takes only a second for your bodies to meld together, with your shaft sliding in to the embrace of her sex. You feel an electricity run through veins as your skin tingles with every little movement. A rhythm comes soon after, and she gasps and moans as she rides you. Every inch of her face is flushed with pleasure; her eyes closed as she’s lost in bliss and desire. Through the ecstasy of feeling she kisses you, rough and forceful and you thrust deeper in to her, moaning in to her mouth as her grip on you tightens. Her movements grow faster, desperately looking for release as you match her speed. The two of you teeter on the edge of a cliff, and with a guttural moan you feel her tighten around you as your climax crashes over you.
  37. As you fade in to the afterglow of your climax, Alita slumps on top of you, her breath coming in shuddering gasps. The two of you lie there intertwined in the sticky sweat of your shared embrace, and you feel the burning heat in your spirit. Alita sighs in contentment and you barely catch her mumbled words through the lazy wanderings of your mind.
  39. “Mmm… Koyomi was right about this.”
  41. You chuckle a little and kiss her hair, smelling the flowery strands and you smile, joyous in the absolute perfection of your shared life.
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