Anon - [Nameless] [Untagged]

Jul 31st, 2014
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  1. >Ughhhh....
  2. >Your head...
  3. >There’s a buzz in your ears and your head feels like it is going to implode
  4. >You knew you should not have allowed Caramel to rope you into drinking that much
  5. >You try to open your eyes but close them right away as sunlight assaults them
  6. >You let out grumpy moth noises as you shift a bit on the bed
  7. >At least you made it to your bed ok
  8. >You have no recollection of last night
  9. >The last thing you remember is Caramel using her usual tactics to rope you into drinking a few more drinks than usually
  10. >And you falling right into them...
  11. >And then you had some more and...
  12. >The memories stop there
  13. >You shift from lying on your side to lying on your back and let out a groan
  14. “My head...”
  15. >You are Hexferry and you are hung over
  16. >Bad
  17. >You raise your hoof and rub your forehead without opening your eyes
  18. >Last night was Caramels birthday party and things got a bit out of hoof
  19. >Most likely, you can’t remember exactly...
  20. >Another bang of pain shooting trough your skull reminds you why you avoid drinking
  21. >You let your hoof fall on the bed now
  22. >And it does not drop off the edge of the bed
  23. >...
  24. >How are you even lying about on your bed
  25. >You move around a bit more and shift back to your side again
  27. >...
  28. >Why does your bed feel so different?
  29. >Your eyes shoot open and you are greeted by an unknown wall
  30. >...
  31. >This is not your bedroom
  32. >Before you have the chance to think deeper you hear something shifting behind your back
  33. >You suddenly feel very awake as you stare at the wall in shock and listen
  34. >More sounds of somepony moving about behind you, and then a groan
  35. >A male groan
  36. >Your heart beats fast as you lie there still
  37. >Soon the shifting stops and you feel somepony sleeping soundly again
  38. >You gulp as cold dread fills your body
  39. >T-there’s no way...
  40. >It’s just one of your friends, voice coarse from singing or something, and the two of you must’ve gone home together and not gotten all the way there before you passed out
  41. >That’s what happened, there’s nothing to fear!
  42. >With confidence you turn around and OH SWEET ANUS OF CELESTIA
  43. >You see Virgo sleeping soundly next to you
  44. >You quickly shoot up to sit on the bed, ignoring the headache from the sudden movement, and just stare at Virgo while pulling the cover more over yourself as if to shield you from this horrible reality
  45. >Virgo just continues sleeping as you stare at him in shock
  46. >D-did you... a-and him?
  47. >N-no way, no hat could never happen, no matter how much alcohol was involved
  48. >T-that’s right there has t-to be a logical explanation for this!
  49. >You try to calm yourself down by breathing calmly for a while, which seem to do the trick
  50. >You let go of the blanket you are holding up between him and you in your hooves
  51. >You just need to wake him up and ask him
  52. >You inch your hoof towards the sleeping Virgo, but then stop
  53. >You cheeks start to burn up
  54. >What would you say to him? Not to mention how much jokes he will crack at it
  55. >You pull your hoof back, there are other ways to confirm that nothing happened last night
  56. >You hang your head
  57. >...
  58. >You glance at Virgo’s crotch that’s covered by the blanket that’s still somewhat covering parts of him due to you pulling it as a barrier
  60. > start to blush
  61. >Do you really have to?
  62. >You gulp and ignore the warmth in your cheeks as you shakily move your hoof towards the blanket covering Virgos crotch area
  63. >And then, carefully, you lit it up
  64. >...
  65. >And now you n-need t-to...
  66. >You gulp and move your head to look at his-
  67. >You let out a surprised squeak when you see it, just...resting there...
  68. >But then you notice something else that makes your blood run cold
  69. >Some sort of crust
  70. >You quickly let go of the blanket and start to cradle your head in your hooves as it falls back to cover Virgos nether region
  71. >D-d-d-did you two really-
  72. >You lift your head
  73. >No, this means nothing, it could be disgusting stallion things, that does not tell you anything
  74. >Of course, you should just take a look at yourself
  75. >...
  76. >You facehoof while biting your teeth’s together hard due to all the embarrassment you feel now
  77. >There was no need to glance at Virgos junk at all!
  78. >You feel like punching yourself right now
  79. >Virgo just shifts a bit in his sleep
  80. >Before you can get any more embarrassed you lift up the cover and gla-
  81. >You slam the blanket back down as cold sweat starts to form on your face
  82. >You had sex with Virgo
  83. >...
  84. >You rest your head in your hooves
  85. >You had unprotected sex with Virgo!
  87. >Oh no, this, it’s- you- with him- that-
  88. >Suddenly you feel Virgo shift a lot
  89. “Ughhh.. Hexferry? Wha-“
  90. >Before Virgo can do anything else you punch him in panic
  91. >Hard
  92. >He drops unconscious right away
  93. >You gasp in shock
  94. >”V-virgo?”
  95. >Virgo stays unconscious
  96. >You poke him a bit with your hoof
  97. >”W-wake up you baka...”
  98. >Oh no, what if you killed him?
  99. >You quickly grasp him by his fluff with your hooves and start shaking him while yelling
  100. >”Virgo! Come back! D-don’t let our foals grow up without a father!”
  101. >You suddenly hear something drop and turn to look in the direction the sound came from
  102. >Caramel hovers there, at the doorway
  103. >There’s a cup of honey on the floor, broken
  104. >She stares at you and you stare at her while blushing
  105. >Caramel’ expression does not change at all as she slowly turns around and flutters out of the bedroom while closing the door behind her calmly
  106. >...
  107. >You bury your face into your hooves in embarrassment
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