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  1. john@ProBook ~/anura-git $ gdb ./anura
  2. GNU gdb (Ubuntu 7.7.1-0ubuntu5~14.04.2) 7.7.1
  3. Copyright (C) 2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
  4. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>
  5. This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
  6. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.  Type "show copying"
  7. and "show warranty" for details.
  8. This GDB was configured as "x86_64-linux-gnu".
  9. Type "show configuration" for configuration details.
  10. For bug reporting instructions, please see:
  11. <http://www.gnu.org/software/gdb/bugs/>.
  12. Find the GDB manual and other documentation resources online at:
  13. <http://www.gnu.org/software/gdb/documentation/>.
  14. For help, type "help".
  15. Type "apropos word" to search for commands related to "word"...
  16. Reading symbols from ./anura...done.
  17. (gdb) run --module=citadel
  18. Starting program: /home/john/anura-git/anura --module=citadel
  19. [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
  20. Using host libthread_db library "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libthread_db.so.1".
  21. INFO: main.cpp:383 : Anura engine version 1.4
  22. INFO: main.cpp:422 : Default Tile Size: 16
  23. INFO: main.cpp:423 : Default Tile Scale: 2
  24. INFO: main.cpp:425 : Build Options:
  25. INFO: main.cpp:427 :     isomap
  26. INFO: main.cpp:427 :     lua
  27. INFO: main.cpp:427 :     save_png
  28. INFO: main.cpp:427 :     sdl2
  29. INFO: main.cpp:427 :     svg
  30. INFO: main.cpp:431 : LOADING CONFIGURATION FROM master-config.cfg
  31. INFO: preferences.cpp:580 : SET PREFERENCES PATH: ~/.citadel/
  32. INFO: module.cpp:276 : LOOKING IN 'modules/citadel/module.cfg': 0
  33. INFO: module.cpp:276 : LOOKING IN '/home/john/.citadel//dlc/citadel/module.cfg': 1
  34. INFO: preferences.cpp:580 : SET PREFERENCES PATH: ~/.citadel/
  35. INFO: preferences.cpp:634 : EXPAND DATA PATHS
  36. INFO: preferences.cpp:634 : EXPAND DATA PATHS
  37. INFO: main.cpp:516 : ARGS: --module=citadel
  38. INFO: main.cpp:516 : ARGS: --auto-size-window
  39. INFO: main.cpp:516 : ARGS: --bigscreen
  40. Usage: /home/john/anura-git/anura [OPTIONS]
  42. User options:
  43.       --config-path=PATH       sets the path to the user config dir
  44.       --fullscreen             starts in fullscreen mode
  45.       --height[=]NUM           sets the game window height to which contents
  46.                                  are scaled
  47.       --host                   set the game server host address
  48.       --[no-]joystick          enables/disables joystick support
  49.       --level[=]LEVEL_FILE     starts the game using the specified level file,
  50.                                  relative to the level path
  51.       --level-path=PATH        sets the path to the game level files
  52.       --[no-]music             enables/disables game music
  53.       --native                 one pixel in-game equals one pixel on monitor
  54.       --relay                  use the server as a relay in multiplayer rather
  55.                                  than trying to initiate direct connections
  56.       --[no-]resizable         allows/disallows to resize the game window
  57.       ----module-args=ARGS     map of arguments passed to the module
  58.       --scale                  enables an experimental pixel art interpolation
  59.                                  algorithm for scaling the game graphics (some
  60.                                  issues with this still have to be solved)
  61.       --[no-]send-stats        enables/disables sending game statistics over
  62.                                  the network
  63.       --server=URL             sets the server to use for the TBS client based
  64.                                  on the given url
  65.       --user=USERNAME          sets the username to use as part of the TBS
  66.                                  server and module system
  67.       --pass=PASSWORD          sets the password to use as part of the TBS
  68.                                  server and module system
  69.       --[no-]sound             enables/disables sound and music support
  70.       --widescreen             sets widescreen mode, increasing the game view
  71.                                  area for wide screen displays
  72.       --width[=]NUM            sets the game window width to which contents are
  73.                                  scaled
  74.       --windowed               starts in windowed mode
  75.       --wvga                   sets the display size to 800x480
  77. Diagnostic options:
  78.       --[no-]debug             enables/disables debug mode
  79.       --[no-]fps               enables/disables framerate display
  80.       --set-fps=FPS            sets the framerate to FPS
  81.       --potonly                use power of two-sized textures only
  82.       --textures16             use 16 bpp textures only (default on iPhone)
  83.       --textures32             use 32 bpp textures (default on PC/Mac)
  85. Developer options:
  86.       --benchmarks             runs all the engine's benchmarks (intended to
  87.                                  measure the speed of certain low-level
  88.                                  functions), only useful if you're actually
  89.                                  hacking on the engine to optimize the speed
  90.                                  of these
  91.       --benchmarks=NAME        runs a single named benchmark code
  92.       --[no-]compiled          enable or disable precompiled game data
  93.       --edit                   starts the game in edit mode.
  94.       --show-hitboxes          turns on the display of object hitboxes
  95.       --show-controls          turns on the display of iPhone control hitboxes
  96.       --simipad                changes various options to emulate an iPad
  97.                                  environment
  98.       --simiphone              changes various options to emulate an iPhone
  99.                                  environment
  100.       --no-autopause           Stops the game from pausing automatically
  101.                                  when it loses focus
  102.       --tests                  runs the game's unit tests and exits
  103.       --tests="foo,bar,baz"  runs the named unit tests and exits
  104.       --no-tests               skips the execution of unit tests on startup
  105.       --utility=NAME           runs the specified UTILITY( NAME ) code block,
  106.                                  such as compile_levels or compile_objects,
  107.                                  with the specified arguments
  108.         --[no-]allow_debug_console_clicking (default: true)Allow clicking on objects in the debug console to select them
  109.         --[no-]assert_on_missing_sound (default: false)If true, missing sounds will be treated as a fatal error
  110.         --auto_update_anura=    Auto update Anura's binaries from the module server using the given name as the module ID (e.g. anura-windows might be the id for the windows binary)
  111.         --[no-]auto_update_module (default: false)Auto updates the module from the module server on startup (number of milliseconds to spend attempting to update the module)
  112.         --auto_update_status=  
  113.         --auto_update_timeout=5000Timeout to use on auto updates (given in milliseconds)
  114.         --campaign              
  115.         --db_json_file=         The file to output database content to when using a file to simulate a database
  116.         --[no-]debug_custom_draw (default: false)Show debug visualization of custom drawing
  117.         --[no-]debug_shadows (default: false)Show debug visualization of shadow drawing
  118.         --[no-]editor_grid (default: true)Turns the editor grid on/off
  119.         --fakelag=0             Number of milliseconds of artificial lag to introduce to multiplayer
  120.         --[no-]force_auto_update (default: false)Will do a forced sync of auto-updates
  121.         --[no-]force_strict_mode (default: false)If turned on, turns on strict mode checking on all objects
  122.         --global_frame_scale=2  Sets the global frame scales for all frames in all animations
  123.         --global_scale=1        Global scale value.
  124.         --[no-]internal_tbs_matchmaking_server (default: false)Run an in-process tbs matchmaking server
  125.         --matchmaking_heartbeat_ms=50Frequency of matchmaking heartbeats
  126.         --max_ffl_recursion=1000Maximum depth of FFL recursion
  127.         --min_window_height=768 Minimum window height when auto-determining window size
  128.         --min_window_width=1024 Minimum window width when auto-determining window size
  129.         --mouse_drag_threshold=1000Threshold for how much motion can take place in a mouse drag
  130.         --[no-]reload_modified_objects (default: false)Reload object definitions when their file is modified on disk
  131.         --[no-]resizeable (default: false)Window is dynamically resizeable.
  132.         --[no-]respect_difficulty (default: false)
  133.         --scenario              
  134.         --[no-]strict_mode_warnings (default: false)If turned on, all objects will be run in strict mode, with errors non-fatal
  135.         --[no-]suppress_strict_mode (default: false)If turned on, turns off strict mode checking on all objects
  136.         --tbs_bot_delay_ms=20   Artificial delay for tbs bots
  137.         --[no-]tbs_client_prediction (default: false)Use client-side prediction for tbs games
  138.         --[no-]tbs_game_exit_on_winner (default: false)If true, tbs games will immediately exit when there is a winner.
  139.         --tbs_server_delay_ms=20
  140.         --tbs_server_heartbeat_freq=1
  141.         --tile_pattern_search_border=1How many extra tiles to search for patterns
  142.         --tile_scale=2          Scaling of game tiles
  143.         --tile_size=16          Size of game tile edges
  144.         --vsync=-1              Vertical synchronization setting. 0 = none. 1 = snc, -1 = late synchronizaiton.
  145.         --[no-]write_backed_maps (default: false)Write to backed maps such as used in Citadel's evolutionary system
  146. ERROR: main.cpp:577 : unrecognized arg: '--bigscreen
  147. [Inferior 1 (process 10832) exited with code 0377]
  148. (gdb) bt
  149. No stack.
  150. (gdb) quit
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