TP 100% New

Jul 21st, 2013
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  1. Ordon
  3. Go grab epona and then ride to goats
  4. - Herd the goats
  5. Jump outside of goat farm and watch cutscene
  6. Go outside of house and grab blue rupee next to epona
  7. Make your way to eagle guy and talk to him and then shoot the bird againts the crib
  8. - Bring the crib to woman and then run to her house to get the fishing rod
  9. Jump onto the small mailpillar thing and then onto the roof for rupees on roof
  10. Run over to the dock by the cat and catch two fishes
  11. - Also get two rupees in the grass on the way there
  12. Swim over the water and enter the shop to get milk in a bottle and buy slingshot
  13. Exit ordon and gate clip
  14. Now just make your way to the lantern
  15. - Equip [Lantern, Slingshot]
  16. Go get the small key and also light the small candles(?) for a heart piece. [Hearts: #1, 3 1/5]
  17. Get to the bokoblin and let them break the cage and then kill them with slingshot
  18. Herd goats again and then head to the ordon spring through the crawling hole
  20. Sewers
  22. Sewers is like normal, just go through it fast
  24. Ordon
  26. Go and get the sword and shield:
  27. - Listen to people by the dock
  28. - Scare eagle guy
  29. - Get the shield in the house
  30. - Dig yourself into the house with the sword and get it
  31. Now leave for faron twilight (you'll get a warp for ordon spring on the way)
  33. Faron Twilight
  35. Get the vessel of light and collect all the tears (no EMS)
  37. Faron Woods
  39. Talk to lantern guy to get small key and then head through the locked gate
  40. Make your way to Forest Temple
  41. - Kill bokoblin and then fill lantern oil at trill
  42. - Learn the Ending Blow
  44. Forest Temple
  46. Light all 4 candles and head through the north door
  47. Go get the small key and then head back to the locked door in the room with the big key
  48. Rescue the monkey
  49. Make your way to Ook and defeat him for Gale Boomerang (2 Cycle as you don't have Master Sword)
  50. Equip [Boomerang, keep Slingshot], Savewarp
  51. Enter first door and then go through the door to your left
  52. Use the bomb enemy to destroy the rock and then enter door
  53. Extinguishing the left candle and grab the heart piece behind the wooden structure [Hearts: #2, 3 2/5]
  54. Go back to the previous room and do a precise boomerang throw to get the bomb enemy to you while you jump down (
  55. - Throw it into the enemy to get access to the heart piece [Hearts: #3, 3 3/5]
  56. Get the boss key
  57. Use LJA to get to the boss door
  58. Kill Diababa and get heart container [Hearts: 4 3/5]
  60. Eldin Twilight
  62. Make your way to the Eldin Twilight by going through the south east exit on the hyrule field
  63. Warp to Northern Faron Woods to get the bridge and then go to Kakariko
  64. Get vessel in Kakariko
  65. Enter the big hut/house/whatever and get the bugs there and then exit
  66. Try to hit the bug in the graveyard before it digs down into the ground
  67. Crawl into house and get bug
  68. Go into same house but from top
  69. - Put fire on the fireplace to spawn bug, kill if not on upper platform
  70. - Kill bug in other room
  71. Go down the house to climb the other one across the streets
  72. Push box to spawn bug
  73. Climb the small house parts(?) and go through the window to the bomb shop
  74. Kill bug and exit through upper door
  75. Climb the little hill and go to explosive house or whatever
  76. Put fire on the house and then get 3 tears
  77. Continue to climb up hill to top and dig yourself into house, now get the bug
  78. Go to death mountain for more bugs
  79. - Howl at the wolf statue (Up, Middle, Down x2)
  80. Finish the vessel
  82. Hyrule field/Ordon
  84. Go back to death mountain to trigger the goron/iron boots
  85. Exit to Kakariko to tame Epona and then leave Kakariko through the southern exit
  86. Go left to the trees and catch a bug in the grass (Female pill bug)
  87. Go past the bridge and catch a bug to your right side (Male pill bug)
  88. Exit through the southern exit in the next area to Ordon
  89. - Learn Shield Attack on the way (Finishing blow as first attack)
  90. Grab the orange rupee behind the house where you got the sword (100 Rupees)
  91. Now beat Bo up and get Iron Boots
  92. Herd goats for heart piece [Hearts: #4 4 4/5]
  93. BiTE to get to King Bulblin fight:
  94. - Remember to save
  95. Equip Iron boots over slingshot and head towards death mountain
  97. Death Mountain/Goron Mines
  99. Head up the mountain like normal to Goron Mines
  100. - Equip iron boots before you go into sumo cutscene
  103. Run through the first two fires and then LJA over the lava, use iron boots to open gate
  104. Enter next room and jump right to get to the small key
  105. Navigate through the room over the moving platforms and enter door
  106. Sidehop right and land on the platform, get to the pullable wall and pull it ~3 times and then roll inbetween it and the wall, this should make you glitch through
  107. Get to the goron which will give you one of the key shards
  108. Climb up and go to next room
  109. Just jump over the magnetic walls and to the other side
  110. Walk on the magnetic stuff to the upper right corner on the minimap for Heart Piece [Hearts: #5 5 0/5]
  111. - Jump into lava to respawn
  112. Get to the next door
  113. Press iron boot switches and make your way through the room
  114. Grab small key in the north east corner under the water
  115. Jump towards the switch and hit it with a jumpslash to open gate
  116. Walk up the magnetic wall and go left for Heart Piece [Hearts: #6 5 1/5]
  117. LJA past the bridge: (above the door)
  118. Go to the left side and get a small key from a chest, now go to the right side and open the locked door
  119. LJA over to the door on the right side (aim above the door)
  120. Defeat miniboss and get the Hero's Bow
  121. [Equip Bow over Iron Boots]
  122. Activate statues by going to the one straight forward, then kill the one on the right side of the minimap
  123. Enter door and get big shard
  124. - Also get chest for 50 Rupees (150 Rupees)
  125. Now backtrack to the big room where you got the small key earlier
  126. Kill all bulblins and then either do this LJA ( (failed in video though)) or use the magnet with a jumpslash to get over
  127. Shoot down bridge from a distance and enter boss room
  128. - [Equip Iron Boots over Boomerang]
  129. Defeat Fyrus by shooting his head and then pulling him with iron boots and finally hit him x3
  130. Heart Container [Hearts: 6 1/5]
  132. --------------------
  133. Hyrule field/Lanayru twilight
  134. --------------------
  136. If you lost your shield buy a new one in Kakariko
  137. Bring epona to the bomb shop and buy the bomb bag
  138. Leave through the north exit
  139. - [Equip Bombarrows and Boomerang over Iron Boots]
  140. Shoot down the rocks on the mountain+ground (that leads to a heart piece)
  141. Talk to mailman
  142. Ride a litte bit to the right to find a bug (it's a tiny tiny bit north east of the southern exit)
  143. - Male grasshopper
  144. Ride towards the Eldin bridge and catch the bug on the entrance wall (Male phasmid)
  145. Shoot the rocks that is in the way of the path to spawn shadow beasts
  146. After you killed them continue on the path and enter lanayru twilight
  147. Continue on the path till you reach the Lanayru bridge, jump down and kill the bulbin on the kargaroc
  148. Fly through the cave
  149. Go up to Zora's Domain and spawn fire rock from Death mountain there
  150. Flow down with river and enter spirit grotto to get vessel
  151. Do Lanayru Twilight
  152. - No howling stone
  153. Go to cannon at Fyer (130 Rupees)
  154. Take epona through upper exit
  155. Boomerang bug on cliff (Female butterfly)
  156. Mailman Skip
  157. Enter Agitha's Castle and give her 5 bugs (280 Rupees)
  158. Go to bar for wagon transport
  159. King bulblin with Bomb Arrows
  160. Drain bombs and get 20 Rupees from Rock (300 Rupees)
  161. Get Zora Armor
  162. Awesome shortcut to Lake Hylia
  163. Enter Lakebed
  165. --------------------
  166. Lakebed Temple
  167. --------------------
  169. Swim through the tunnel and then get the waterbombs
  170. Make your way to the miniboss with LJA and stuff
  171. - [Equip Bombarrows, Boomerang] before miniboss
  172. Shoot it with bomb arrows, use bomb for damage tongue, throw bomb in mouth and bomb damage
  173. Grab the Clawshot and equip it over the bombs
  174. Leave through the door and the next one
  175. Stand on the right side and LJA over to the pillar and then go grab the heart piece [Hearts: #7 6 2/5]
  176. Go back to the main room and move the bridge with the grabbable switch right infront of you
  177. - [Equip bombs over boomerang]
  178. Run up the staircase and clawshot yourself up to the middle for heart piece [Hearts: #8 6 3/5]
  179. Vine clip and go to boss
  180. - [Equip Iron Boots over bombs]
  181. Sidehop and quickspin first phase
  182. Try to get quick cycles for second phase by equiping/removing iron boots after hits
  183. Get Heart Container [Hearts: 7 3/5]
  184. - [Equip Iron Boots & Water Bombs]
  185. Go through warp
  187. Midna's Deperate Hour
  189. --------------------
  190. Faron Woods/Desert Province
  191. --------------------
  193. Sacret Grove
  195. Warp to Northern Faron Woods
  196. Make your way to the howl statue before Sacred Grove (Up-Down-Up-Down-Middle-Up)
  197. Howl at statue inside Sacred Grove and then make your way through the woods killing the scrub
  198. Statue Puzzle: Left, Down, Up x3, Right x2, Down x3, Left and Up
  199. Master Sword
  201. Warp to Zora's Domain
  202. - Equip zora armor
  203. Float down and get 2nd bomb bag
  204. Rocket link (Boomerang over iron boots)
  205. Swim down waterfall, get out and grab golden bug to right (Male dragonfly)
  206. Swim to Iza, grab golden bug in front of boat house (Female dragonfly)
  207. Kill shadow beasts
  208. Minigame for 3rd bomb bag
  209. Transform into wolf and run to cave where you got Vessel
  210. - [Equip Clawshot, lantern]
  211. Light torches, HP in chest [Hearts: #9 7 4/5]
  212. Warp to Upper Zora's River, run forward and howl at stone --(Down-Middle-Down-Up-Middle-Down)--
  213. Enter fishing pond
  214. Get heart piece [Hearts: #10 8 0/5]
  215. - [Equip Bombarrows, fishing rod]
  216. Fish out bottle
  217. Warp to Lake Hylia
  218. Enter the long dark cave
  219. - [Equip Lantern over fishing rod]
  220. Get 100 Rupees, 3 Poes and the Heart Piece [Hearts: #11 8 1/5] [400 Rupees]
  221. Exit cave
  222. Howl at stone --(Down-Middle-Up-Down-Middle-Down-Up)--
  223. Kill poe by Auru's tower
  224. Auru's memo, swim to Fyer
  225. - [Equip Clawshot and Auru's memo]
  227. Shoot to desert and get Poe southeast of landing
  228. 2 golden bugs on the way to Gerudo Mesa (Male dayfly) (Female dayfly)
  229. Get Gerudo Mesa Warp
  230. Head North east and clawshot up on a hill
  231. Kill Poe and then dig down in
  232. Kill both Poes and exit
  233. Kill bulblins and get boar and then get back slice (Shield attack on him)
  234. Get Poe to your west
  235. Get small key and heart piece in Gerudo Ruins [Hearts: #12 8 2/5]
  236. King Bulblin 3
  237. Turn around and grab poe by King bulblin fight
  238. Grab poe left of Arbiter's Grounds entrance, enter AG
  240. --------------------
  241. Arbiter's Grounds
  242. --------------------
  244. Start like normal
  245. After you killed first poe get scent, pull chain and then get the right chest for heart piece [Hearts: #13 8 3/5]
  246. Go kill the second poe and then backtrack
  247. Normal route to third poe, kill the redeads with bombarrows (and get rupees)
  248. Normal route to 4th poe but bombarrows on stalfos
  249. - [Equip Bombs, Lantern] after stalfos
  250. Grab boss key when you pass it
  251. In the next room grab the chest for a heart piece [Hearts: #14 8 4/5]
  252. Kill Stalfos with bombs
  253. - [Equip Clawshot, Boomerang]
  254. Three cycle miniboss with jumpslash+quickspin and then grab the beyblade
  255. - [Equip Spinner over Boomerang], Savewarp
  256. Make your way to the boss
  257. Beat it up and grab Heart Container [Hearts: 9 4/5]
  258. - [Rupees 480]
  260. --------------------
  261. Snowpeak
  262. --------------------
  264. Open Mirror Chamber Warp, raise mirror
  265. Warp to Zora's Domain
  266. Fall down by the vines and get one poe
  267. Head to the other poe in the area and get it
  268. Swim/run to Snowpeak mountain base and get Ashei's Sketch
  269. Warp to Kakariko and go to graveyard
  270. Push back left grave and get both poes (Poe #19/#20)
  271. Crawl through tunnel
  272. Show Ralis the sketch for the Coral Earings
  273. Warp to Kakariko again
  274. Go into abandoned house for a golden bug (Female ant)
  275. Go into Barnes bombs and buy 30 bombs (390 Rupees)
  276. Leave through top exit and grab poe in rubble + poe by tower (Poe #21/#22)
  277. Go to Death Mountain Trail
  278. Take goron up and get Poe + HP + Rupees (?) (Poe #23) [Hearts: #15 10 0/5] [Rupees 450]
  279. Warp to Zora's Domain, map glitch and climb snowpeak while getting poes (Poe #24/#25/#26)
  280. Howl at stone
  281. Get Snowpeak warp and go snowboarding down (Try to get rupees)
  283. --------------------
  284. Snowpeak Ruins
  285. --------------------
  287. Head through the left door and LJA over to the chest for a heart piece [Hearts: #16 10 1/5]
  288. Clawshot your way up (hidden target in roof) and take north door
  289. LJA over to the chest and grab the small key
  290. Walk back through south door and the go to bottom floor and enter north door
  291. Shoot freezard and dig chest up near door you came from for small key
  292. Enter miniboss room
  293. Kill miniboss and get Ball & Chain
  294. - Remove Zora Armor and [Equip Ball & Chain], Savewarp
  295. Destroy armor + enemy on the left for 100 rupees [550+ Rupees]
  296. Destroy armor to the right and kill poe
  297. Kill poe in the middle of the room
  298. Go up the staircase to the right and pull the keese to you with the boomerang, transform into wolf and target it with b charge attack. This should put you on top of the platform thing, from here LJA to the chest with a heart piece [Hearts: #17 10 2/5]
  300. Make your way across the room on the platforms with LJA and go through the right door (upstair)
  301. Kill ice enemies and then wait by ice for Poe to appear, kill it and then enter north west door
  302. Enter north door
  303. Break ice for clawshot target for safety
  304. LJA over to small rock wall and jumps from there over to freezard and enter the door there
  305. Kill enemies for bedroom key
  306. Enter boss door
  307. Kill Blizetta and grab Heart Container [Hearts: 11 2/5]
  308. Warp to Snowpeak Top
  309. Race Yeto and get rupees on way down [600 Rupees]
  310. Get Poe on the hill
  312. --------------------
  313. Sacred Grove 2
  314. --------------------
  316. Warp to Upper Zora's River
  317. Do Iza's Game for Bomb bag upgrade (580 Rupees)
  318. Warp to Kakariko
  319. Donate to Goron (80 Rupees)
  320. - [Equip Bomb Arrows & Lantern]
  321. Ride Epona to Kakariko Gorge
  322. Blow open cave entrance to the left and ONLY GET poe and HP [Hearts: #18 11 3/5]
  323. Savewarp out, run to tree and kill poe (Poe #32)
  324. - [Equip Boomerang over Lantern]
  325. Use boomerang for first HP then LJA to the chest [Hearts: #19 & #20 12 0/5]
  326. Void out and roll to epona
  327. Make your way to the other Hyrule Field Area
  328. Get bug on cliff (Female beetle)
  329. Kill Poe and continue to Heart peice [Hearts: #21 12 1/5]
  330. Get other poe on tree (Male beetle)
  331. Ride Epona towards Lake Hylia bridge and bomb Arrow rocks
  332. - [Equip Clawshot over Bomb Arrows]
  333. Clawshot up to poe (Poe #34)
  334. Also grab rupees by poe (130 Rupees)
  335. Grab bug on wall (Female mantis)
  336. Grab other bug on bridge (Male mantis)
  337. Clawshot up to vines on bridge and make your way to hidden orange rupee (230 Rupees)
  338. Warp to Lake Hylia, hop across platforms and grab poe (Poe #35)
  339. Take Fyer's canon up (220 Rupees)
  340. Stop platform with boomerang
  341. Play minigame for heart piece, 100 + 50 rupees and Poe (350 Rupees) [Hearts: #22 12 2/5]
  342. Go up with Fyer's cannon again
  343. Play minigame and fly to cliff for poe (320 Rupees) (Poe #37)
  344. Warp to Snowpeak Top
  345. - [Equip Lantern over Iron Boots]
  346. Enter cave, break ice and light torches for poe + 100r (420 Rupees) (Poe #38)
  347. Warp to North Faron Woods
  348. - [Equip Bow, Boomerang]
  349. Gold Cucco Skip
  350. Run through Lost Woods, grabbing poe along the way (Poe #39)
  351. Push block in Sacred Grove, stab Master Sword pedestal, Open Sacred Grove Warp, enter Temple of Time
  352. - (Get bug now if you want) (Male Snail)
  353. --------------------
  354. Temple of Time
  355. --------------------
  357. Place a pot on the switch and make your way to the candles on the right side of the staircases
  358. - [Equip Clawshot, Lantern]
  359. Get small key and then enter south door
  360. - [Equip Bombs over Lantern]
  362. Hang on to the clawshot target and let go->jumpslash to get over/alternate strat just put pot on switch and then break it
  363. Use a bomb to easily kill all the lizalfos and then put a pot on one of the switches and stand on the other, now adjust your camera and roll through the gate before it shuts
  364. - [Equip Spinner, Bombarrows]
  365. Make your way up the circular room and put on of the small statues on one of the switches and roll as the CS starts
  366. - If you time a roll correctly you can grab the ledge before it goes down
  367. Kill the two statues and grab a small statue
  368. Do a precise throw from the second to last step and get the statues on the two switches
  369. Grab left chest for small key and right one for Heart Piece [Hearts: #23 12 3/5]
  370. Make your way back to the circular room and enter the north door
  371. Make your way through the room and kill lizalfos with bombarrows
  372. Backflip over the scales to avoid them falling down and enter next room
  373. Get small key (South east on map)
  374. Stand on switch and throw boomerang at stair and LJA (to get through lazer fast enough)
  375. Kill statue enemies and enter locked door
  376. Kill Darknut miniboss and get Dominion Rod
  377. Use it on the statue right above you and head for the door
  379. Break the gate with the statue and then take a smaller statue and place it on the switch
  380. Make your way through room with the bigger statue and lead it to it's next bell
  381. Do a small LJA up to the stair railing and from there climb up the ledge close to it
  382. Clawshot up and use your spinner to go around the room
  383. - Kill Poe and enter right door
  384. Kill the enemies and put two shells + two statues on the switches on top and then get Big Key
  385. Go back and lead with the statue back
  386. - Backjump over the scales
  387. Have the statue stand on the switch so the lazer disappears and then go grab the chest for a heart piece [Hearts: #24 12 4/5]
  388. Now just make your way back to the circular room
  389. Go to the middle and push the thing
  390. Get the statue and push the thing in the middle again
  391. - As it turn around walk with the statue down so it falls then just fall down and get it
  392. Break both gates and then walk with statue into bell thing
  393. - Get Poe and the go through door
  394. Now just make it to the first room and place the statue in it's place to open the door
  395. Make it to the boss door
  397. Shoot the boss from the roof when it opens its eye and then use the dominion rod on the statue to smash it x3
  398. Shoot the small boss spider with three arrows to finally defeat it
  399. Grab Heart Container [Hearts: 13 4/5] and leave
  401. --------------------
  402. Ilia's Memory Quest
  403. --------------------
  405. Move right statue and get poe
  406. Move left statue and get heart piece [Hearts: #25 14 0/5]
  407. - [Equip Bomb Arrows, Boomerang]
  408. Get bug on staircase (Female snail)
  409. Leave ToT and then leave through the small exit
  410. Get poe under rock and then dig down for HP [Hearts: #26 14 1/5]
  411. - [Equip Clawshot over Bomb Arrows]
  412. Clawshot up vines and LJA to 100r chest (520 Rupees)
  414. Warp to Kakariko
  415. Call and ride epona to malo market and then donate 500r (20 Rupees)
  416. Ride Epona out north exit and get HP on mountain [Hearts: #27 14 2/5]
  417. Ride Epona back into Kak, take gorons up and play bow minigame for HP [Hearts: #28 14 3/5]
  418. - [Equip Bomb Arrows]
  419. Blow up boulders and boomerang HP [Hearts: #29 14 4/5]
  420. - [Equip Iron Boots over Bomb Arrows]
  421. Sink to bottom and get HP [Hearts: #30 15 0/5]
  422. Get Renado's Letter
  423. - [Equip Letter over Iron Boots]
  424. Enter graveyard and get Helm Splitter and bug (Back slice) (Male ant)
  425. Warp to Castle town and get Mortal Draw
  426. Enter Castle Town (no mailman skip)
  427. Give Agitha bugs for 600 rupees
  428. Give letter, give Invoice, get medicine scent, leave castle town through east exit
  429. Talk to goron
  430. Turn into wolf, go north to bug on the field (Female grasshopper)
  431. Warp to Kak, Epona to mart, buy Hawkeye & Shield (R300)
  432. - [Equip Hylian Shield]
  433. Talk to old goron for water minigame and get heart piece [Hearts: #31 15 1/5]
  434. Head to castle town and get bridge Poe on your way then enter castle town (Poe #44)
  435. Get Fairy Tears from Jovanni
  436. Talk to the cat by the bar and then leave through south exit
  438. Kill Poe
  439. Get bug (female ladybug) and then backslice to chest in middle for 100 rupees (R400)
  440. Backslice down to your left and get bug (Male ladybug) and then get Jump Strike (Mortal draw)
  441. Drop down for 100 rupee chest and then fall down to lake hylia (HS #6) (R500)
  442. Get Poe and then play Plumm's game (try for 10k+ points) [Hearts: #32 15 2/5]
  443. Swim across to poe and then go down river to North Hyrule
  444. Up to bridge and get Poe (Poe #48)
  445. Run north to cave and get bug, now enter
  446. - [Equip B&C & Spinner]
  447. 1: all three in line on west side etc
  448. 2: all three in line on north side etc
  449. 3: all three in line on south side etc
  450. [Hearts: #33 15 3/5]
  452. Down west side get bug on tree, run to grass, dig into grotto and get poe souls (Poe #49/#50) (GB #22)
  453. North to rocks and use spinner on track, open chest [Hearts: #34 15 4/5]
  454. Warp to Kakariko
  455. - [Equip Wooden Statue & Boomerang]
  456. Give statue to Illia
  457. Warp to Gerudo Mesa and warp Bridge of Eldin
  458. Head south to LJA over gap and then climb ladder for heart piece [Hearts: #35 16 0/5]
  459. - [Equip Clawshot & Iron Boots]
  460. RUn north to cliff and hookshot up, grab gold bug and enter Goron Stockcave (GB #23)
  461. Make your way down and get heart piece [Hearts: #36 16 1/5]
  462. - [Equip Bow & Dominion Rod]
  463. Run to Hidden Village and clear enemies
  464. Show her the Dominion rod and then leave
  465. - [Equip Bomb Arrows & Spinner]
  466. Use spinner to get to grotto
  467. Bomb arrow enemies for heart piece [Hearts: #37 16 2/5]
  468. Warp to Kakariko
  469. Give goron 200 Rupees (300 Rupees)
  470. - [Equip Boomerang over Spinner], get silver rupee from bell (R500)
  471. - [Equip Ilia's Charm & Sky Book]
  472. Enter house and show horse call for BibleThump cutscene
  473. Drop down and show Book
  474. Statue clip to get to cannon, now warp it to Lake Hylia and repair it (200 Rupees)
  475. - [Equip Clawshot & Boomerang]
  477. --------------------
  478. City in the Sky
  479. --------------------
  482. Normal any% route untill Double Clawshot
  483. Savewarp
  484. Normal route with a few different spots
  485. - In the room with the big deku baba open the chest after the LJA to get heart piece [Hearts: #38 16 3/5]
  486. - In the next room go to the circular isle with the peathats and kill the poe, also get chest for rupee
  487. - In the same room grab the chest after the LJA [Hearts: #39 16 4/5]
  488. - Get red rupee in the outside area leading to the boss key (after LJA)
  489. - Kill the poe and get the chest next to it for rupees and the LJA over to Boss key room
  490. Now just make it to the boss and kill it
  491. Collect Heart Container and then leave [Hearts: 17 4/5]
  493. Now just warp to Mirror Chamber and enter Palace of Twilight
  495. --------------------
  496. Palace of Twilight
  497. --------------------
  499. Normal route with few differences
  500. - For the first part go to the left side with the ball in the last room for heart piece [Hearts: #40 18 0/5]
  501. - In the last room on the second part use a platform from the ground to reach another heart piece
  502. [Hearts: #41 18 1/5]
  503. Make it to Zant and kill him
  504. Grab Heart container [Hearts: 19 1/5]
  505. Savewarp with save prompt
  507. --------------------
  508. Cave of Ordeals
  509. --------------------
  511. Warp to South Faron and buy bottle then B&C rock
  512. - [Equip Dominion Rod & Horse Call]
  513. Move statue and use midna jumps to get HP and Poe (Poe #53) [Hearts: #42 19 2/5]
  514. Warp to Sacred Grove
  515. Get poe
  516. Warp to Eldin Bridge
  517. Call Epona and ride her to Hidden Village
  518. Howl at stone: Middle-Down-Middle-Up-Middle-Down-Up-Middle-Up-Middle
  519. Cat minigame
  520. Get HP and Poe (Poe #55) [Hearts: #43 19 3/5]
  521. Warp to Castle Town and head south to bug and poe (Poe #56) (GB #24)
  522. Warp to Castle Town
  523. Do Star game x2 for Giant Quiver
  524. Enter Agitha's House and fill wallet
  525. Buy Magic Armor at the shop
  526. Go back to Agitha for 200 rupees and Giant Wallet (202 Rupees)
  527. Warp to Gerudo Mesa and get Poe before night! (Poe #57)
  529. Enter Cave of Ordeals
  530. Clear floors and leave with 1k Rupees
  531. Floor 14: Orange Rupee
  532. Floor 17: Poe (Poe #58)
  533. Floor 33: Poe (Poe #59)
  534. Floor 39: Silver Rupee (Darknuts)
  535. Floor 44: Poe (Poe #60)
  536. Savewarp out
  537. Warp to Snowpeak and do Snowboarding 2 for HP [Hearts: #44 19 4/5]
  538. Warp to Castle town, donate 1k Rupees for HP [Hearts: #45 20 0/5]
  539. To Hyrule Castle, cutscene, get Best hidden skill (Jump Strike) through doors (HS #7)
  541. --------------------
  542. Hyrule Castle
  543. --------------------
  545. Normal everyday Hyrule Castle strats
  547. .Done World Record
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