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  1. Primary Job Duties and Responsibilities (Essential Job Function)
  2. The software engineer III participates in the design, programming, testing, documentation and implementation of complex computer applications and systems. Evaluates software packages, provides recommendations to management and business clients, and identifies best technology solutions. Identifies future needs for key technologies and techniques and develops plans for adoption.
  6. Architects, designs, codes, tests, documents, implements and maintains more complex application programs and interfaces. May act as senior contributor or technical lead on small to mid-sized projects. (30%)
  8. Provides some leadership for highly complex projects related to the development of new systems, architecture, applications or technology capabilities in support of business goals. (10%)
  10. Perform project planning, system analysis, software design and coding, testing, documentation, implementation and research activities as necessary for software engineering projects. (0-10%)
  12. Provides technical support; problem determination and investigation; implementation of upgrades for developed applications. (20%)
  14. Enhances existing systems; participates in client walkthroughs and technical design reviews. Aids in systems development planning and monitoring. Participates in design reviews and peer code walkthroughs. Provides client and application support. (10%)
  16. Perform software development and ensure conformance to performance optimization and interoperability standards and requirements. Work in adherence to secure development lifecycle practices and policies. (10%)
  18. Performs or assists in the research and fact-finding to develop or modify application programs. Includes working with vendors to review quality, adaptability and compatibility of their products. (5-10%)
  20. Act as the subject matter expert, and consult with clients on company's IT strategy and business requirements. (0-5%)
  22. Collaborate with IT teams from applications and infrastructure to identify technology deficiencies and improvement opportunities in practices and procedures. (0-5%)
  24.  Stay current with industry standards techniques for software development, and apply them to development, testing, integration and reporting processes where appropriate. (0-5%)
  26. Consults with application users in developing functional/technical specifications. (0-5%)
  28. Consults with application users, evaluates user requests for new or modified computer applications and associated interfaces to determine feasibility, cost and time required, compatibility with current systems and computer capabilities. (0-5%)
  30. May guide software engineer I/II in the completion of assigned projects. (0-5%)
  32. Provides technical input to assist in development of project planning. (0-5%)
  34. Performs any additional responsibilities as requested or assigned. (0-5%)
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