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Apr 11th, 2013
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  1. CJ : Did you accept the trolls challenge?
  2. Calpurnia : Yeah
  3. CJ : And have you worked out how the regios work?
  4. Nyaa : been taking random stuff with Calpurnia :
  5. Nyaa : talking
  6. Calpurnia : Have you already forgotten T_T
  7. CJ : ?
  8. CJ : It's 4am here. I'm likely to forget everything
  9. Nyaa : you should sleep
  10. Calpurnia : Heheh you left off saying you had to figure out how to do the riddle do to the fact
  11. Calpurnia : has engamatic wisdom
  12. Nyaa : oh that's easy
  13. CJ : Nope, need to sort out Calpurnia 's adventures iN Trollland!
  14. CJ : Do we have a dice app on here at moent?
  15. Nyaa : I will bring it
  16. CJ : (the trolll eats her???)
  17. Calpurnia : Watch me get a 10,
  18. Calpurnia : (What you talking about CJ : )
  19. -->|TrollBot has joined #wizardbase
  20. CJ : Ah excellent, Go Trollbot!
  21. Calpurnia : How dare it troll me
  22. Nyaa : trollololo
  23. Nyaa : what's the theme of the riddle?
  24. CJ : Right, next up do we have anyway I can quickly upload some images
  25. Nyaa : the whiteboard?
  26. Nyaa : the link I gave you
  27. Nyaa : it have an upload button
  28. Calpurnia : He probably forgot the link and lost it
  29. Nyaa : http: //
  30. CJ : cool. I'll goofle it again
  31. Nyaa : and you can draw on top of it I think
  32. Nyaa : well, we all can
  33. Nyaa : meanwhile I am reading wiki to look for a god to worship
  34. CJ : just doing it now!
  35. CJ : UM, not great
  36. Nyaa : I would be impress for anyone to produce something good with a mouse
  37. CJ : http: //
  38. Nyaa : ha you have it backward
  39. Calpurnia : what am I looking at?
  40. Nyaa : backward map
  41. Calpurnia : there
  42. CJ : AN upside down badly drawn map
  43. Calpurnia : ugh no
  44. CJ : Very Criamon
  45. Nyaa : oh on purpose, nice
  46. CJ : not quite what I had in mind
  47. Calpurnia : god please no, I have a monitor
  48. CJ : So do I.
  49. CJ : Just working out how to reverse it
  50. Nyaa : turn your head 90 degree like all criamon please
  52. Nyaa : 180 degree actually
  53. CJ : OK to save time, simply stand on head, and then it is right way up
  54. CJ : I won't bother with the map of the trolls house
  55. CJ : It will probably be upsode down too
  56. CJ : I'll dscribe it
  57. Nyaa : I can do a quick photoshop, but I live it this way
  58. Calpurnia : heheheh what does it look like
  59. Nyaa : like
  60. CJ : OK< Calpurnia knows that the horn was in the bushes near the cliff, and the others entered the regio between the pine trees
  61. CJ : She does not know what happened inside, right?
  62. CJ : No one told her, and she was busy playing with the horn
  63. Calpurnia : Correct
  64. CJ : Near the bushes the horn hung upon in the mountain side is a small wooden door, painted bright yellow and blindingly obvious
  65. CJ : Calpurnia : never saw it though
  66. CJ : When the horn was blown a troll came out of it.
  67. CJ : Only 6" high, h ewas far from fearsome.
  68. Calpurnia : ....... damned faerie magic
  69. Nyaa : oh not the same troll from the cave?
  70. Calpurnia : wait 6 inches?
  71. Nyaa : yeah the shorty one
  72. Nyaa : like momo
  73. CJ : Baruch claimed he was the same troll who had just tried to eat him, and that Aiden had presumably fled from
  74. CJ : Yes 6"
  75. CJ : six inches tall
  76. CJ : the size of a cat roughly from ground
  77. Calpurnia : (he short)
  78. Calpurnia : (KICK THE TROLL)
  79. CJ : orange jacket, green trousers, snub nose,black curly hair
  80. Nyaa : (what if he have dense muscle!)
  81. Calpurnia : (Then he came make a safe landing)
  82. CJ : Ah but remeber, this fearsome beast scared two of your comrades away!
  83. Nyaa : (I am still not sure jacket and trouser is invented yeT)
  84. CJ : I thought you realised how ting the troll is
  85. Calpurnia : (Hmmm well it was Baruch he scared though)
  86. CJ : No it's not. He is an anachronistic Troll. they often are
  87. Calpurnia : (I techncially knew but 6inches)
  88. CJ : He si not dressed in any clothes you regard as normal, tasteful or even sane
  89. Nyaa : of course, because troll
  90. Calpurnia : (Wait I have clothing I call tasteful?)
  91. CJ : After the others left, you and the troll negotiated, and you posed a bargain. What to tell Nyaa what it was?
  92. Nyaa : she did
  93. CJ : (Black - it hides the bloodtsains)
  94. Calpurnia : (True)
  95. Calpurnia : (Black, brown, grey)
  96. CJ : The Troll looks at you suspiciously. "So you is an Ice Queen? "
  97. CJ : And you want a ridde contest?
  98. Calpurnia : "Ice Princess" says with itimidating voice
  99. CJ : If you lose, you will be Ice Queen and i the Mountain King?
  100. Calpurnia : "As was the terms, and if you lose, what did I say"
  101. Nyaa : "You say I win!"
  102. CJ : Er, something about I must serve you honey scones and tea?
  103. Calpurnia : (Do I have to say what I typed?)
  104. CJ : (You are not sure what they are. prsumably foul troll foood)
  105. CJ : (Nope)
  106. Calpurnia : "Not entirely, you will become my minion and do EVERYTHING I say. This goes from giving me food, to telling me everything you know, and even as far as dieing by my order"
  107. Calpurnia : all intimidatingly cold voice, with cold stare
  108. CJ : HUmmmppphhh! Says the Troll. As sure as my name is Axel Erik Coneliussen, I won't lose this riddle contest!
  109. Calpurnia : "Then prove it Axel Erik Coneliussen, possible King of the Mountains"
  110. CJ : Shall I ask the riddle?YOu can have three guesses before we go find you a nice briadal gown says the Troll
  111. CJ : You are travelling down the Trollvalle to visit your dear friend Makara, who is waiting a the end of the fjord. It's so nice to see him, birthday, you want to give him the fishies you've caught.
  112. CJ : Between your house and Makara, you have to cross 7 bridges, and obviously there is a troll under every bridge! Each troll dutifully insists that you pay a troll toll. Before you can cross their bridge, you have to give them half of the fishies you are carrying, but as they are kind trolls, they each give you back a single fish.
  113. CJ : How many cakes do you have to leave here with to make sure that you arrive at Makara with exactly 2 fishies?
  114. Nyaa : (My brain exploded)
  115. Calpurnia : (Damn you)
  116. CJ : The Troll giggles.
  117. Calpurnia : (wait)
  118. Nyaa : (This is one of those not math problem puzzle)
  119. Calpurnia : (I need my calc, but it looks like it's not possible)
  120. Nyaa : (The answer is not gotten with math)
  121. Nyaa : (I know that much)
  122. Nyaa : (or maybe it is)
  123. Nyaa : (in a simple way)
  124. Calpurnia : (yeah, who knows but to understand it you must know the logical way and the riddle way)
  125. CJ : Makara like fishcakes?
  126. Nyaa : (One thing for sure, riddle like this never need calulator to solve it)
  127. CJ : The Troll laughs again. And your second answer?
  128. Calpurnia : (so my first wasn't it?)
  129. CJ : Your first was I assume indignant silence!
  130. CJ : If you want you can use your Enigmatic Wisdom Skill
  131. Nyaa : (roll your wisdom now?)
  132. Calpurnia : "........ It isn't possible"
  133. CJ : INT + Enigmatic Wisdom
  134. Nyaa : (Or roll !div for the hell of it)
  135. Nyaa : (Maybe roll !div if you glitch))
  136. Calpurnia : (soo what is the response to that CJ : ?)
  137. CJ : Course it's possibl;e says the Troll!
  138. Calpurnia : !roll 1d10+1 (+1 interpreting signs)
  139. TrollBotCalpurnia : , (+1 interpreting signs): 8: 7+1
  140. CJ : I make fishcakes every night!
  141. Calpurnia : (sooooooooooooo)
  142. CJ : You realiise the Troll can not distinguish between a fish and a cake. They mean the same thing to him.
  143. CJ : So you can rephrase the riddle as follows:
  144. CJ : You are travelling down the Trollvalle to visit your dear friend Makara, who is waiting a the end of the fjord. It's so nice to see him, birthday, you want to give him the fishies you've caught.
  145. CJ : Between your house and Makara, you have to cross 7 bridges, and obviously there is a troll under every bridge! Each troll dutifully insists that you pay a troll toll. Before you can cross their bridge, you have to give them half of the fishies you are carrying, but as they are kind trolls, they each give you back a single fish.
  146. CJ : How many fishes do you have to leave here with to make sure that you arrive at Makara with exactly 2 fishies?
  147. CJ : or you could have rolled one higher and known th solutions, of which there are three
  148. Calpurnia : Confidence.........
  149. CJ : OK.
  150. Calpurnia : (time to use my stockpile of 6)
  151. Calpurnia : (now done to 5)
  152. CJ : The logical answer is two. The obvious answer is none: Makara carries the fish pulp, and has a fishy flying about. The Enigmatic Answer is Hansine purrs and all the world quakes.
  153. CJ : You can use any of the above
  154. Calpurnia : (HAHHAHAHAHAHHA)
  155. CJ : If you try two out it fits
  156. Calpurnia : none, Makara already have two fish that I can arrive with
  157. Calpurnia : (lol)
  158. Calpurnia : (Logical answer blew past me)
  159. CJ : The Troll stamps his foot and shouts "Best of Three!" He looks very annoyed!
  160. Nyaa : (Hmm, my answer would be pay the toll, and then fish at the rival right under the bridge and get my two fish that way.)
  161. Nyaa : ((but yes, my first thought was zero actually))
  162. CJ : That would work, but not in Troll logic. You don't think he likes water much judging by the troll smell
  163. Nyaa : ((because cake is not fish))
  164. CJ : 2-1+1 repeat for seven iterations = 2
  165. CJ : Right says the troll, ready for my second riddle??/
  166. Nyaa : oh look, elementry math
  167. Calpurnia : "Oh then even better, if I win then you live by my will and die by my will, your being is mine. You will do all I say then. Do you understand the price possible King of the Mountains"
  168. Calpurnia : ready
  169. CJ : You are walking when you come to a cliff edge. You can see the other side about 30 metres away, and you see two identical bridges connecting the two edges. One of them is a safe bridge that will allow you to cross it, whereas the other bridge will crumble when you walk over it. Under the two bridges, there are two brother trolls. When asked a question, one of them will always lie and the...
  170. CJ : ...other will always tell the truth. You are only allowed to ask one question, so what do you ask the trolls to find out which bridge to cross?
  171. Nyaa : (oh god, this)
  172. CJ : Yes, but this is the TROLL version.
  173. Calpurnia : "NO!!!, I will fly across welp." (unfurl my wings)
  174. CJ : (That is a hint!)
  175. CJ : AGGGGHHHH!
  176. Nyaa : ((haha my answer too))
  177. CJ : Axel looks indignant. "That si cheating!"
  178. Calpurnia : "No it is not, you simply weren't prepared"
  179. CJ : OK then, "best of ten" he says!
  180. CJ : H elooks smug.
  181. Calpurnia : "So be it however, all bets made are enacted then and by starting this one you can never tell a riddle again. Understand"
  182. Nyaa : (Calpurnia : , you just agreed to extend it to ten question.)
  183. Calpurnia : "that is the price of starting these 10"
  184. Calpurnia : say with cold face
  185. Nyaa : (you horrible woman, banning a faerie from riddle))
  186. Calpurnia : (hell yeah)
  187. Nyaa : (Just like sending him to hell)
  188. Nyaa : (faerie hell)
  189. Calpurnia : (Well he did challenge the Princess of Ice did he not)
  190. CJ : "I can't do that" says the Troll "it's my nature to ask riddles!"
  191. Calpurnia : "Then continue these 10, or do what has been done and pay for the 5, your choice"
  192. CJ : He looks mutinous, surly and rather wild. In fact a lot like Calpurnia
  193. CJ : "Let us play for five!"
  194. CJ : OK, digs a hole twelve trolls deep, and four trolls by three trolls on the sides. How much dirt is in the hole when I stop to eat my dinner?
  195. [INFO]Now logging to <file: ///C: /Documents%20and%20Settings/SUPER%20COMPUTER/Desktop/>.
  196. Nyaa : (ha)
  197. Calpurnia : (ha?)
  198. Nyaa : (Kinda got it, but I can't spoil it I think?)
  199. Nyaa : (You have to solve it yourself)
  200. Calpurnia : "All of it as you right as you started you stopped for the time you started was at dinner"
  201. CJ : Nope, wrong says the troll! I dug that far before I stopped. Second try?
  202. Nyaa : ((better wisdom))
  203. Calpurnia : "Ahh but you never said you didn't start at dinner"
  204. CJ : Still not right
  205. Calpurnia : (However true)
  206. Calpurnia : (As he didn't say what time he started he could have started at dinner thus stopping, but here goes wisdom)
  207. Calpurnia : !roll 1d10+1
  208. TrollBotCalpurnia : : 4: 3+1
  209. Nyaa : (Just need to glitch twice and I can write Calpurnia : x troll fic))
  210. Calpurnia : (CJ : can I mentally strangle Makara from here, and can confidence do anything?)
  211. CJ : Nah, too low, even with confidence
  212. Nyaa : (So weak confident won't help)
  213. Nyaa : (you need 9 for answer as usual)
  214. CJ : However I will let Nyaa : give oyu a hint
  215. Calpurnia : (intution then)
  216. CJ : OK you have the virtue?
  217. Nyaa : (welp, my hint might be wrong though)
  218. CJ : OK cool, as you have the virtue, he asked how much dirt i sin the hole. How much do you expect ther eto be in a hole?
  219. Nyaa : (ha, so I was right)
  220. Calpurnia : "None"
  221. CJ : A hole is to dirt as cold is to heat
  222. CJ : The troll gives an indignant snort
  223. Calpurnia : (hehe I thought something was odd about that)
  224. CJ : Shall I go prepare lunch then mistress? he says
  225. Nyaa : (Well that was a quick change of attitude)
  226. CJ : OK Calpurnia : , you have managed to enslave a fearsome troll
  227. Nyaa : (6' fearsome troll)
  228. Calpurnia : "Hmmm no, first tell me what you know of your "neighbors" and what you know and have at that. As now everything you own is also mine" same emotionless face
  229. CJ : He did not sound very gracious. Trolls rarely do
  230. CJ : Nope, 6" fearsome troll. He might bight your kneecaps
  231. CJ : bite even
  232. CJ : OK< we can handle that by email
  233. Nyaa : (yes, I meant 6")
  234. Calpurnia : (Yeah and do you remember the bandit thing?)
  235. CJ : IT's 5am here and i need to be up to work shortly
  236. CJ : Hope you enjoyed the riddles
  237. Nyaa : hope you have sleep...
  238. CJ : possibly
  239. Calpurnia : Well then see you CJ , I hate riddles with a passion and so all must be destroyed with solutions
  240. CJ : if Hansine not wake me for food
  241. CJ : I can't do them
  242. CJ : Luckily Criamon can!
  243. Nyaa : riddle destroyer
  244. CJ : They were not real riddles, like
  245. Calpurnia : The path of seeming I trolled that bridge one.
  246. CJ : "It is greater than God and more evil than the devil. The poor have it, the rich need it and if you eat it you'll die. What is it?"
  247. CJ : i like that one.
  248. Nyaa : love
  249. CJ : Close!
  250. Calpurnia : Truth
  251. CJ : Again not bad
  252. CJ : The answer is nothing.
  253. Calpurnia : oh yeah
  254. Calpurnia : I remember that now (facepalm)
  255. CJ : Nothing is greater than god, nothing more evil than the devil, the poor have nothing the rich need nothing and if you eat nothing you will die
  256. CJ : TRolls don't ask fair riddles like thatthough
  257. Nyaa : ugh... it was a fill in the blank kind
  258. CJ : Yep.
  259. CJ : Not the Troll Kind
  260. Nyaa : so tricky
  261. Calpurnia : Well night CJ , Nyaa . Well morning for you CJ
  262. CJ : Calpurnia : has much ot learn of the ways of trolls
  263. CJ : Night chaps
  264. Nyaa : night
  265. CJ : Sleep well
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