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  1. This is an attempt at explaining MetaDoom stuff, such as mechanics, easter eggs, source of resources and stuff etc.
  2. Don't expected 100% accuracy or anything.
  4. ==RANDOM SHIT==
  5. * Mod's logo shows off Doom 1, 2, 3 (BFG lost edition image) and 4
  6. * Background represents first levels or early areas of 1, 2, 64, 3, DRPG, D2RPG and 4
  7. * Main theme is a remix based off D4, intermission theme is a E2M3 remaster from Andrew Hulshult and game over theme from ultra nightmare mode is a piano cover of E1M8
  8. * Texts in the TITLEPIC, Quit messages and even game over texts are lines related to/from Doom games, manuals, characters dialouges, lore related shit and even stuff like Repercussions of Evil and a Chex Quest reference (Martian Buddy and SnapMap are referenced, for example)
  9. * Difficulty setting menu uses Doomguy's face in a "Wolfenstein 3D-esque" fashion
  10. * Doomguy has voice sounds related to beta Doom 3
  11. * Generally, a lot of thing may have beta Doom 3 sounds, but also assets from games that aren't even id related
  12. * If gibbed, his face literally explodes, using an animation from PSX Doom
  13. * Doomguy has unique player sprites based off a mixed up Doomguy (Noticeable elements from Doom 64 and 2016)
  14. * Female gender option replaces Doomguy with Kira Morgan from D2RPG/Other gender options replaces him with Dr Peters from Doom VFR
  15. * There's optional content like breakable props, secret enemies and some other shit
  16. * Dead marine corpses can have randomized variants based off D64, 3, RPG, 4 and even some cut Doom sprites
  17. * Some gib sprites may come from DRPG
  18. * Sound of doors/crushers crushing bodies may come from Duke Nukem 3D
  19. * Mod normally has a progress based randomization system, but an option makes everything actually randomized: Either for testing, a single map playthrough or to just drop balance
  20. * You also have options for performance based stuff like preventing some monsters from jumping or vanishing blood effects
  21. * Wolfenstein SS have variants staring SNES port soldier, Mac port Officer, Apple stealth Wolfenstein game enemy and Wolfenstein RPG green soldier with RTCW sounds
  22. * Commander Keen has Dangeround Dave, Rescue Rover, Shadow Knights ninja, Catabombs 3D skeleton and a Hovertank 3D citizen
  23. * Keycards have randomized skins based off D64, 3, D2RPG and 4, along with a D4 sound (That one where you take a chip from the dead red armored marines)
  24. * Skullkeys get randomized skins from D64 and D4, along with a D4 sound
  25. * With default keybind being N, there's a codex inspired by 2016, in which info gets filled up with picked up items/guns and killed enemies
  26. * Codex info references ingame lore, text from game manuals, Doom media like the movies (RRTS) and novels (Robotic lost soul, sphere coating someone with a liquid) and even Impse
  27. * Intermission screen plays a sound from D4 everytime you beat a level and it has a score number tracker
  28. * The score system and 6 treasure items (That spawn next to health/armor bonuses) is based off a cut Doom feature, inspired by Wolf 3D
  29. * Besides the 6 treasure items, other score pick ups include a UAC Credit from DRPG and D4 Marineguys based off four different Doom armor designs throughout the series
  30. * Score can also be affected with secrets and kills
  31. * Mod's menu has some hellish runes in the background, possibly Doom 3 related and takes place inside a giant screen based off Doom 1's computer wall textures
  32. * ZDoom marines are acknowledged in this mod, so rail gun AI doomguys are implied to have the Gauss Cannon and Berserker guys do the D3 scream noises
  33. * Theres cheat codes too, one of them makes rooms darker to reference D3 (IMPULSE 2004 in console), while another turns floor/ceiling textures into flat colors to reference SNES Doom (IMPULSE 16)
  34. * There's also a cheat code to make a smoke effect from the Fire Extinguisher last forever (IMPULSE 420) and apparently something to do with the codex but i couldn't reach it
  35. * Kinsie worked on a thing called Consolation Prize where you can play mods in maps from PSX Doom and Doom 64. This led to a special feature in MetaDoom, where Doom 64 items can get "specific" spawn spots for the sake of faithfullness
  36. * John Romero's SIGIL episode gets a unique Evil Eye prop from MetaDoom, with the eye based off Christopher Lovell's artwork for the episode and the symbol being flipped and orange
  37. * If you IDKFA, you get all codex entries and can spawn D64's demonkeys from the inventory
  38. * If your health is low enough, you get a beeping sound from D4
  39. * If you die, Doomguy's hands have a first person animation based off D4
  40. * There's other first person death animations (Getting shocked by Caco's projectiles, burned by fire attacks (Like the one from Behemoth) which even has some Strife influence, getting knocked by an explosion and showing DG's legs and the gib explosion with the PS1 head explostion and head bouncing)
  41. * Throughout updates, versions of the mod had names referencing Doom related characters like some from the novel and D4
  42. * Water splash effects may be Heretic related
  43. * In the player setup, the player's class is "Slayer"
  44. * Intermission screen has sounds like rocket explosion (kills), Wolf 3D treasure pick up (items) and GZDoom secret notifier (secrets)
  45. * Some Doom 2 monsters have "fixed" sprites, probably to fix stuff like Arachnotron's "holes" and a grey thing next to a frame of a Revenant punching
  46. * The "hehee" sound shows up when you do the Impulse cheats
  47. * Barrels have D4 exploding sound i think and also (maybe) Smooth Doom sprites
  48. * The Doom 2 cast sequence was replaced with the THE END title sequence from Doom 1 with a sound from Doom 2016's arcade mode (This was because of some weird visual oddities)
  49. * This mod has its own ENDOOM screen, which was a thing in the original DOS version that shows up when you quit the game
  51. ==WEAPONS==
  52. MetaDoom has a lot of toys to play with. Some of them have designs meant to mix up different designs and elements of certain weapons. Some also have alt fires as a nod to D4 and to make things more interesting. There's also some randomization rules where for you to pick up X, you must get Y first except for the melee weapons for some reason.
  53. >FIST
  54. Has its own keybind as is a simple move that makes enemies drop health pick ups when punched, as in D4 fashion
  55. >1st slot: EGM SIDEARM
  56. * Pistol whose design sort of resembles D3 and 4
  57. * Has infinite ammo and shoots laser instead of bullets
  58. * Alt fire is a lantern, which could resemble D3 BFG edition but it's actually based off D3's duct tape mod
  59. * Menu option turns off intinite ammo, so it uses bullets as ammo, obviously
  60. >2nd slot: COMBAT SHOTGUN
  61. * D64 look but still has a normal reloading animation
  62. * Alt fire is D4's grenade shot, costing 4 shells
  63. >2nd slot: HOLY WATER PISTOL
  64. * From D2RPG
  65. * Main fire deals low damage but makes most fows cry and run like cowards, while instantly killing LS's (Origianlly, it just stunned them and dealt more damage on LS's and maybe Archies too but less on zombies, but i might be wrong)
  66. * Second alt fire refills your health but wasters more water
  67. * To refill its ammo, just stand on most liquid textured floors (Originally it was filled with water tanks and using toilets i think)
  68. * When you refill with water, you may heard a sound that is RPG related
  69. >3rd slot: SUPER SHOTGUN
  70. * Has D2's design but with different sprites, animations etc and both fires are the same
  71. * Can show up in Doom 1 sometimes, by replacing Shotty placement
  72. >3rd slot: FIRE EXTINGUISHER
  73. * Doom RPG weapon that can put up Lost Souls, fireball projectiles and even flames/fires from certain props
  74. * Second fire can save you from Archvile's fire attack (I think originally it was mainly used to put up fires blocking paths and deal more damage on LS's and Archies)
  75. >4th slot: ASSAULT RIFLE
  76. * Doom 3's machine gun, which sort of resembles classic Doom's chaingun, but apparently it fires one tick faster, due to complaints of it sounding weak
  77. * Alt fire is D4's micromissiles, which wastes a lot of ammo
  78. >4th slot: CHAINGUN
  79. * Design mostly represents D64 and 3, but painted blue
  80. * Primary fire is obvious, more damage at the cost of waiting times (I thnk it also uses a beta D3 sound)
  81. * Second fire: D4's turret more, unleashing three barrels to do more damage at the cost of ammo (It also prevents you from walking instead of just walking slowly)
  82. >5th slot: ROCKET LAUNCHER
  83. * Design represents D1, 64 and 3
  84. * Firing sound may be D3 related
  85. * Alt fire is from D4, detonating rockets in mid air that can drop fragments that deal damage (Based off an upgrade for this alt fire in the game)
  86. >5th slot: GRENADE LAUNCHER
  87. * A weapon from D4's multiplayer DLC
  88. * Like a traditional GL, its grenades either bounce around and explode shortly after or explode on impact with enemies
  89. * Second fire is a gas grenade, that drops short lasting gas, that continues to hurt enemies (Or sometimes you)
  90. * Grenade sprites may be Duke Nukem related, while the green cloud is probably from Hexen
  91. >6th slot: PLASMA RIFLE
  92. * Design and sounds represent classic Plasma gun and D3/4 (Could resemble all versions, actually)
  93. * Has no recoil
  94. * The screen on the weapon shows bars being filled when firing, this is so when they're full, you can use the alt fire
  95. * Alt fire is D4's heat wave, which seems to be composed of stronger Plasma balls than a simple Plasma wave
  96. * It also affects your surroundings, although i'm not sure if original heat wave did that or just foes in front of you
  97. >6th slot: LIGHTNING GUN
  98. * D4 multiplayer weapon, whose primary fire is a string of electricity that shocks enemies and wastes a bit more ammo
  99. * Alt fire is borrowed from the Plasma gun in D4, which is a harmless projectile that stuns enemies
  100. >6th slot: Gauss Cannon
  101. * D4 weapon, that is pretty much a Quake Rail Gun, kinda
  102. * Design sort of represents the original BFG9000 or at least early sprites and the toy they used for it
  103. * Primary fire even has that spiral effect from Q2 and Skulltag
  104. * Second fire is just a scope for the sake of balance and maybe a page taken from the Vortex Rifle (Its design still resembles one of the Gauss Cannon's alt fires)
  105. * If you're too close, it can cause splash damage and hurt you
  106. >7th slot: BIG FUCKING GUN 9000
  107. * Design represents D64 and 4
  108. * Uses seperate ammo from Plasma gun (Argent core)
  109. * Main fire may deal a bit more damage than usual and the projectile can damage enemies nearby, as inspired by D3/4
  110. * Second fire is a stream of BFG balls based off an unused BFG fire (It can even bounce on floors/ceilings) but there's no red projectiles
  111. >7th slot: UNMAKER
  112. * Doom 64's hellish weapon whose design also represents the Reaper (D4 multiplayer DLC) and because it's originally names, it's technically nicknamed after a Doom bible weapon
  113. * Like the original, it starts off as an odd cousin of the Plasma rifle, but once you pick up the demonkeys, it fires faster and gets to shoot three projectiles at once
  114. * Said demonkeys can spawn next to BFG/Unmaker spots and in D64 maps (Consolation Prizes), they're where they're supposed to be
  115. * Demonkeys also unlock and upgrade an alt fire, where you charge up 1 to 3 laser beams
  116. >7th slot: SOULCUBE
  117. * Doom 3's magic cube whose design is based off Doom 2's spawn cube
  118. * Once picked up, enemies start dropping "soul essance" and you need at least 10 of those to make the weapon work (May be based off D4's MP mode called Soul Harvest)
  119. * Once you got 10 souls, you can use the Cube to instantly kill one enemy and they'll drop ammo/health/armor like in D4 fashion
  120. * Despite being a BFG replacement, it can replace chainsaw in rare occasions (E2M5, Map 10)
  121. >8th slot: Chainsaw
  122. * It's design and sounds mostly resemble later designs but it's technically just a yellow chainsaw, so it may not matter that much
  123. * Primary fire is the same, while second is just a strong and slow swing attack
  124. * Press the FIST key and you get an attack that makes enemies drop health goodies
  125. >8th slot: Fire axe
  126. * Doom RPG's axe, which normally had a black head and yellow handle, but who cares
  127. * Primary/second fire: Slow melee attack that makes enemies bleed and drop health for a while, but zombie types die instantly
  128. * Can destroy barrels without exploding them, this can be usefull
  130. ==INVENTORY==
  131. This mod has one like Heretic and items use a shared ammo system, so if you get X you also get Y but using X also wastes use for Y.
  132. You get 25 "ammo" and you can use these items during normal gunplay (Think of it like Doom Eternal's shoulder cannon before that was a thing) but there's a less than a second delay break when you use something
  135. * Based off D3's grenade but how it works is D4's frag grenade, but it still explodes on impact with foes
  136. * Spawns next to rocket ammo
  138. * D4 item that sort of stuns enemies, while sucking their health to heal the player
  139. * Spawns next to Plasma ammo
  141. * D4 MP item that is thrown at the air and travels to one direction, while travelling foes nearby
  142. * When it hits walls it explodes and that can hurt
  143. * Spawns next to Plasma ammo
  144. >DOG COLLER
  145. * Doom RPG item that spawns next to bullet ammo
  146. * You shoot a yellow thingy that turns dog enemies into melee weapons
  147. * These dog guns can gain armor points from hurting enemies and if you're tired of this, you can throw them at enemies and they'll go boom
  148. * Originally, you could have used them as shields
  150. * D4 MP item that spawns near health
  151. * It creates a solid blue transparent wall (May or may not resemble shiled from D4 possessed security) that stops most enemies attacks, while yours go right through it
  152. >HOLOGRAM
  153. * D4 item that creates a holographic image of the player to distract enemies from the real you
  154. * Spawns near Hastespheres
  156. * D4 MP DLC mines that pawn near backpacks
  157. * These mines can be put on walls/ceilings/floors and take less than a second to activate
  158. * When they detect a target, them jump/fly to them and explode
  159. * If they don't detect them, however, they just take like 20 "ticks" to deactive and become pickable again
  160. >ARTIFACT
  161. * Doom 3 Resurection of Evil's magic heart that spawns near Plasma guns but only if you got a BFG
  162. * When you use them, they slow down time for 5 seconds, giving you lots of opportunities
  164. ==ENEMIES==
  165. Much like weapons and items, they get progress randomization too and some monsters are combinations of things too. Because some enemy types are just redesigns of the same monster, they take Doom RPG enemies from otherwise palette swaps
  167. * He has new/changed sounds and hitscan replaced with tracers and these changes apply to other zombie types
  168. >HELL RAZER
  169. * D4 monster who has more health than Zombieman and charges a laser that deals continuous damage
  171. * See zombieman
  172. >Z SEC
  173. * Based off D3's Z Sec, with a shotgun, rifle zombie's helmet and the ability to roll, which according to Doomwiki, is from the pistol zombie
  174. * Has D64/PSX sounds
  176. * Works as a replacement for the normal chaingunner, but his name and blue armor represent a blue zombieman from DRPG, while he carries the assault rifle
  178. * Carries the chaingun and his red armor indicate he's in fact the Doom 2 heavy weapon dude, despite the differences
  180. * Based off Doom 3's commando zombies (both types), so he has both a chaingun and a tentacle arm that can slap you hard enough you're thrown to other directions
  181. * Lines may as well be beta Doom 3 stuff
  182. >IMP
  183. * Mostly unchaged but he has one new sound when hurt
  185. * Can replace Imp in darker areas and he works faithfully enough (Faster, transparent, faster projectiles) he even gets specific spawns in Consolation Prize's D64 maps
  186. >IMP LORD
  187. * D4 imp, who is faster and can teleport as an homage to the cancelled D4
  188. * Name may be taken from orange DRPG imp
  190. * These two have "revamped" sounds, even one possibly taken from D4's Pinky
  192. * DRPG dog enemy who works as a faster, but low health Pinkey, that can be a weapon with the Dog Collar
  193. >DEMONDOG
  194. * Same as above but blue and strafes a lot
  195. >CERBERUS
  196. * Another dog, this one is red and jumps around
  197. * These dop types seem to use Wolfenstein 3D/Quake sounds, with Cerberus being a Quake Fiend reference
  198. * Dog enemies may also have a high chance to replace Pinkies if zombie types are nearby
  199. >BULL DEMON
  200. * D3 Pinky named after DRPG yellow pinky, who has a charge attack inspired by D4 pinky
  202. * Exclusive PSX enemy that can replace Spectre in darker areas and as expected, he's faster and has more health
  203. * He uses D64 Pinky sprites but the blue/inverted color effect still makes him Nightmare Spectre
  204. >TRITES
  205. * Doom 3 spiders who can replace Spectres in darker areas
  206. * Three of them spawn at once and they're small, fast melee monsters who at times can attach to the ceiling and walking on it (Inspired by a Strife enemy)
  207. * They can only spawn in early levels before never showing up again
  208. * Sometimes they don't show up at all
  209. * They have their own special toggle option due to possible arachnophobia
  210. >SAWCUBUS
  211. * D2RPG chainsaw enemy, based off the green variant Great Sawcubus (Using the Java look)
  212. * Replaces Spectre and does the chainsaw attack on you (Duh)
  213. * If gibbed, he may drop a chainsaw
  214. * Sounds are meant to be Doom 3 Sawyer related, but they might be Beta D3 stuff
  216. * Unchanged but he can be gibbed and drop some unique gore sprites
  217. * Has "revamped" sounds and a specific crushed death sprite
  218. >MALWRATH
  219. * D64 Caco named after yellow DRPG Caco that shoots three balls at once
  220. * May or may not D3 related sounds
  221. >WRETCHED
  222. * D4 Caco named after DRPG blue Caco who has a tongue attack (Taken from D4 MP) similar to Former Assassin's tentacle arm (I think this tentacle/tongue thing may be based off Strife's Loremaster)
  224. * If you get too close, he can bite you now
  225. >BEHOLDER
  226. * Green PE from DRPG who lacks arms so he looks more unique
  227. * Spews smaller LS's named Forgotten Ones
  228. >RAVOHART
  229. * Doom 64 PE named after DRPG blue PE who spits two LS's at once
  230. >LOST SOUL
  231. * Sprites are changed so his flames look more "authentic"
  232. >PHANTOM
  233. * Cut/alpha LS sprites with green flames (Possibly to reference the Invulnerability sphere since it used his sprites)
  234. * Named after green LS from DRPG and uses D4 sounds (They were altered to sound robotic)
  235. * Can strafe, has a projectile attack and has higher infighting chance
  237. * Smaller LS's meant to represent human skulls named after an LS from D3Resurrection of Evil
  238. * They're small and swarm around, while only originating from Beholder
  239. >MANCUBUS
  240. * His attack shakes the screen for some reason
  241. >BEHEMOTH
  242. * D64 Manc named after DRPG blue Manc, who spits travelling streams of flames based off D4's Manc's flamethrower
  243. * May use D3 sounds
  245. * D4 Manc with more health, whose (Continuously) shoots green sticky stuff that sticks to the level and explodes shortly after
  246. * Unique death animation where he explodes shortly after dying and this only harms enemies
  247. * Shoots continuously but has a chance to stop
  249. * His attack may use a different sound
  250. >SPIBORG
  251. * D64 Arachno who's name is made up due to lack of RPG Arachnos
  252. * His attack his charging a powerfull fast Plasma ball
  253. * Originally in D64, he shoots two plasma balls five times and charging a Plasma ball is more of a D4 possessed soldier thing
  254. >REVENANT
  255. * Uses PSX Doom sounds but i'm not sure about the beeping homing rocket noise
  256. >FIEND
  257. * D4 Revenant (He's pretty much a regular Rev with fleshy/bloody bones right now) who can shoot streams of micromissiles and jump with jetpack
  258. * He still has Rev's normal attacks and is named after blue Rev from DRPG
  259. >ARCHVILE
  260. * If you kill him, he drops BFG ammo
  261. * Has "revamped" sounds
  262. >SUMMONER
  263. * D4's take on Archie who has less health than him, but still retains his attacks
  264. * Summoner can teleport and summon Unwilling, by throwing D2 Spawn cubes in the air and let them drop in the floor, to spawn said Unwilling
  265. * Also drops BFG ammo after and i don't know about his alert noise
  266. * According to the normal randomization process, he'd possibly the last enemy you'll encounter
  268. * Inspired by zombie type enemies from D4/3, they can also throw blood pieces like Quake 1's Zombies
  269. * They're weak as fuck too
  271. * Based off D4, by design and ground slam ability, while using D3 sound for alert noise and retaining D2 death sound
  273. * D4 version, who's bigger than HK and still bleeds green like his vanilla version
  274. * He has a stronger ground slam (It forms like 4 red triangles that hurt for a bit) and shoots red fireballs that split into four green fireballs
  275. * Has a unique crushed death sprite
  277. * D64 sprites and D3 sounds
  278. * Can strafe, shoot while walking and may have more health
  279. * Slide ability from D4 and can kick you if close enough (May be a Doom bible thing)
  280. * Slide ability may also somewhat take something from Heretic's Maulotaur (Maybe)
  282. * Unique design meant to combine old and new versions of the monster, while looking like it's coming out of D64
  283. * Main attack is rapid fire Plasma balls
  284. * Second attack is shooting fireballs to different directions through the floor, possibly based off D64 Mother Demon's fire attack or a D4 attack where she'd shock the floor with blue lightning (I think it even uses that sound)
  285. * She also does a pose from a cut magic attack sprite in the second attack
  287. ==ITEMS==
  288. HEALTH: Health bonus is just a shinier vial with some D4 sound, simpick is blue colored D64 sprite and medikit is a D4 health pick up, possibly using a DRPG sound
  289. ARMOR: Bonus is a D4 armor shard, green armor is D2RPG sprite (Name is Security Armor, possible D3 reference) and megaarmor is a D4 pick up painted blue
  290. BACKPACK: Uses D64 sprite and has a D3 sound, since there was a backpack there
  291. BULLETS AMMO: D64 clip sprite and a classic ammo box still kept
  292. SHELL AMMO: D64 sprites with slight alterations
  293. ROCKET AMMO: Single rocket from D64 and a box that may be a bit original (But still somewhat resembling D64?)
  294. CELL AMMO: Both pick ups look like a mix of classic Doom and 64 sprites
  295. ARGENT CORE: BFG ammo spawning near either Plasma ammo or dropped by dead Archies while its design is unique but fitting
  296. LOOT: Already explanied above somewhere
  297. RADSUIT: Design is a mix of classic Doom radsuit and D3 Hazmat suit, while icon was the power up's design in D64
  298. COMPUTER AREA MAP: Design is D3'S PDA, sounds are possibly D4 related (There was a map machine there) but maps on screen? Maybe just random classic Doom maps (There's also a joke in the codex about Doom being ported into devices and a reference to the Doom bible related title "Evil Unleashed")
  299. INVULNERABILITY: D64 sprites but brighter and with yellow eyes, while the blue filter is a reference to the power up's effect in the GBA port
  300. SOULSPHERE: D64 sprites but brighter to resemble classic Doom and pick up sound seems to be based off both D1/2 and Megahealth from D4
  301. MEGASPHERE: The Manc inside the sphere is based off D4 and pick up sound is Megahealth, again, from D4
  302. BERSERK: Design is the BFG edition "pill in the box" edit, sound is a little D4 screech related to those trial runes and icon is an angry eye from D2RPG; Gameplay wise it makes the player's fists do more damage and faster (Maybe enemies drop more health) but it's timed; Traditional Berserk makes Berserk last for a level and i guess that's how the fist sort of becomes an ingame weapon (Shares same slot with pistol)
  303. QUAD DAMAGE: D4/Quake power up whose design is a purple sphere with a Rev inside it and it obviously increases damage for your weapons but if Traditional Berserk is on, they're gone; They have health near them because they replace Berserk which normally gives you 100 health
  304. HASTESPHERE: D4/Quake 3 power up whose design is a red sphere with Doomguy's helmet (D64 Megapshere) and it obviously makes you run fast
  305. LIGHT AMP VISER: Design is D64 sprite but slightly altered and icon is a bit of its D64 sprite, not sure about sound. It also has green lenses, possibly to reference a cut night vision from early Doom prototypes, which may have lead to GZDoom's night vision mode
  308. Not everything is covered and there's some accidental misinformation and poor grammar, but i just thought this would have been interesting
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