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  2. -[X] 4 Afterwards spend time with your new children and their mothers and see if Tsukuyomi would like to meet her new little brothers and sisters as well.: (1986ctcel, MediumBane, Darthwin, Biigoh)
  3. -[X] 2 Go back and cuddle with Martha as soon as you're done.: (MediumBane, Darthwin)
  4. --[X] 2 If you have the time, give Martha an explanation of what you have been doing until now as a show of trust towards her.: (MediumBane, Darthwin)
  5. [X] 6 Plan "The Children Are Our Future": (1986ctcel, aoirann, Lydia, Biigoh, moonberserker, Navrin)
  6. [X] 4 Plan Be a Family Man, Lucas: (MediumBane, Darthwin, Keksimus, EmptyHusk)
  7. -[X] 2 Relax and cuddle with Tsukuyomi afterwards, focus on skinship and basking in the attention and affection your stupid sexy daughter is paying to you while you get closer. Does she miss Laplace? You heard they were friends from Promestein and she's going to be helping raise Tsukuyomi's new siblings now.: (1986ctcel, Biigoh)
  8. --[X] 4 Start getting ready for the dinner with Tsukuyomi and fill in Martha and Luka on as much as you can regarding your new daughter (who's coming to dinner) and why you've been leaving at night.: (1986ctcel, MediumBane, Darthwin, Biigoh)
  9. [X] 2 [Bodyshifting] Female 4;: (MediumBane, Darthwin)
  10. [X] 2 [Bodyshifting] Futa (can't find a proper futa one so just take it for granted that she's packing something pretty hefty down there);: (1986ctcel, Biigoh)
  11. [X] 2 [OPTIONAL] Contact Teana => [Ask her if it would be possible for a monster of a different species to teach the ability "Critical Extasy", as that's something shared by all monster-girls. Could she teach you?];: (MediumBane, Darthwin)
  12. [X] 2 [OPTIONAL] Contact Teana => [See if you can start softening Teana's antipathy towards Ilias and the church. Maybe help it along by roleplaying a lustful yet repressed nun being seduced and loved by an "evil" Kitsune?];: (1986ctcel, Biigoh)
  13. [X] 2 [OPTIONAL] Order Guardian Angels => [Has any attempt at making male angels been done? You wonder if they're a thing];: (MediumBane, Darthwin)
  14. [X] 4 [Twenty Fourth Day - Sunday] Apprenticeship => [Experiment] => [Day];: (1986ctcel, MediumBane, Darthwin, Biigoh)
  15. [X] 2 [Twenty Fourth Day - Sunday] Train => [Critical Extasy] => [Night];: (1986ctcel, Biigoh)
  16. [X] 2 [Twenty Fourth Day - Sunday] Train => [Stamina Pool (lvl 1)] => [Night];: (MediumBane, Darthwin)
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