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  1. -18 1i 18 1i 24 1j 36 1m 47 1r 56 25 63 2k 7a 3a 8m 41 9u 4l ba 5b cq 61 ed 6n g2 7c hp 81 jh 8k la 94 n4 9j p0 a0 qt ad sq aq uo b7 10m bk 12k c1 14i cf 16h cs 18g d9 1ae dm 1ce e4 1ed eh 1gc eu 1ib fc 1k9 ek 1lm dn 1n3 cp 1of bp 1ps ap 1r9 9o 1sn 8r 1u4 82 1vu 7a 21i 75 22u 7c 24a 7v 25g 8l 26n 9e 281 a9 29f b5 2b1 bu 2cl cf 2e4 ce,2e4 ce 2fa c6 2gi bo 2hn b6 2j5 ae 2kd 9s 2lo 9g 2n5 97 2oj 91 2q2 90 2r7 9d 2sc a2 2ti b6 2uk cg 2vo dt 30t fd 324 gv 33d ih 34m k5 360 lp 37c nd 38o p3 39q qb 3ar rj 3bu ss 3d0 u4 3e3 vd 3f5 10m 3g8 11v 3hc 139 3if 14i 3ji 15r 3km 175 3lp 18e 3mt 19o 3o1 1b2 3p4 1cb 3q9 1dl 3re 1ev 3sl 1g8 3tt 1hi 3v5 1is 40e 1k4 41n 1lc 430 1mj 449 1np 45h 1ou 46q 1q2 483 1r3 49r 1sb 4bl 1tb,4bl 1tb 4dg 1u8 4fb 1v2 4h5 1vp 4j0 20e 4kr 210 4ml 21f 4og 21r 4qb 225 4s5 22c 4u0 22i 4vr 22m 51l 22p 53g 22r 55a 22t 575 22u 590 22v 5ar 230 5cn 230 5ei 231 5ge 231 5ia 231 5k5 232 5m1 232 5nt 232 5po 232 5rk 232 5tg 232 5vb 231 617 231,62j 229 62g 22j,628 232 616 232,613 22p 61a 227,608 22e 613 22h 62g 22e,62q 22e 634 222,634 21v 623 21q,61s 21q 610 224,60s 224 602 227,5vc 22a 5v9 220,5v9 21o 600 21m,60f 227 61d 22j,61l 22j 629 21r,62e 21o 615 21g,613 21g 607 225,605 225 5ve 229 5uj 21m,5u4 21e 5ul 214,5vh 216 61f 21t,629 225 63m 22k 624 23m,621 23m 61l 237,61d 22u 608 22a,607 229 5vt 222,5vm 220 5v4 220,5v2 220 5t9 21v,5t7 22b 5qk 22b 5ri 236,5qi 22b 5rt 21f,5rn 1vm 5q3 20s 5q3 1vt,5q5 20u 5rv 20s,5r1 21d 5ps 21k,5re 211 5p3 213,5qb 221 5pn 221,5ps 21n 5o5 21k,5p7 215 5o4 211,5ok 20c 5n2 20d,5pa 22n 5nl 22n,5oj 22d 5n1 228,5nm 21v 5ls 21b,5p8 221 5nt 21v,5nl 218 5ls 20s,5n6 20a 5ls 20c,5m3 202 5kp 20f,5n6 20f 5m8 20k,5p5 20i 5o7 20i,5tn 1k6 5td 1v9,5ti 1k1 5ri 1ll 5tg 1m7 5rb 1n9 5tq 1oc 5r6 1pa 5tb 1qf 5q8 1rs 5tb 1si 5qn 1u6,5qn 1u8 5tb 1v4,5lv 1ld 5kb 1md,5ns 1o4 5jh 1p1,5jk 1p1 5nh 1ou,5k2 1nu 5op 1n4,5pv 1n1 5gn 1na,5lp 1mr 5ge 1ng 5qd 1r7 5jn 1ra,5ms 1qr 5ns 1ql,5nv 1qi 5in 1p7,5kv 1pg 5qp 1pl,5p5 1pd 5ie 1pg,5lb 1pu 5ne 1t9,5n5 1t6 5k5 1sl,5ns 1t4 5nb 1s9 5m5 1ri,5pg 1ri 5j0 1pu,5j2 1po 5nb 1q1,5n8 1pu 5in 1p4,5ke 1oa 5jn 1oa,5k2 1nj 5hh 1od,5i5 1p1 5ef 1p7,5et 1p7 5e9 1pg,5at 1pd 5nv 1uf,5np 1u1 5h3 1s7,5jb 1ro 5g6 1qd,5gb 1qd 5f0 1p7,5d3 1o7 5j8 1qd,5jh 1q4 5fh 1p4,5fn 1ou 5iq 1p7,5ke 1o7 5lp 1o4,5kb 1p1 5ht 1pg,5it 1pd 5n5 1ql,5m2 1qo 5hk 1q1,5i3 1pr 5l5 1t1,5kn 1su 5in 1rf,5jb 1r7 5f0 1og,5f0 1oa 5o8 1po,5p8 1qd 5ls 1rr,5ke 1s7 5in 1rl,5in 1ri 5hn 1od,5hn 1nm 5le 1mg 5op 1oj,5om 1po 5kk 1qf,5jk 1qo 5me 1qu 5i8 1oa 5me 1nu 5ib 1nm 5iq 1nm,5mh 1ql 5ar 1qo 5dk 1so,5at 1qi 5ie 1oa,6i6 1sm 6f3 26m,6i6 1sm 6i7 1ro 6ie 1qj 6iu 1pe 6jl 1o2 6kb 1mr 6l0 1lh 6lj 1k4 6m4 1ik 6mk 1h1 6n3 1fd 6ni 1dk 6o3 1bq 6om 19u 6pa 182 6pv 165 6ql 148 6rc 12b 6s4 10d 6st ue 6tm sg 6uf qh 6v9 oi 703 mj 70u kk 71p ik 72k gl 73f el 746 cm 74u an 75m 8q 76e 6u 770 53 77e 38 77q 1d 784 -e 78c -2a 78l -45 792 -63 79k -82 7aa -a2 7b4 -c1 7bq -dg 7ci -f0 7da -gg 7e2 -i1 7eq -jh 7fh -l1 7g8 -mh 7gv -o1 7hm -pi,7hm -pi 7id -r2 7j4 -si 7jq -u2 7kg -vi 7l6 -112 7lh -12s 7lk -14g 7ln -166 7lp -17s 7ls -19i 7m0 -1b9 7m4 -1cv 7m9 -1em,6f1 26p 68c 26p,68c 26u 67g 279 66g 27t 65g 28l 647 29n 632 2ao 61r 2bu 60i 2d7 5v7 2ek 5tq 2g3 5sd 2hj 5qt 2j5 5pk 2k6 5o9 2l6 5mh 2m7 5kq 2n5 5j1 2o2 5h7 2or 5fd 2pg 5dk 2q1 5bq 2qg 59v 2qt 582 2r7 566 2rg 54a 2rp 52e 2s2 50i 2sb 4um 2sl 4sq 2sr 4qu 2sv 4p2 2sv 4n6 2sr 4le 2se 4jl 2ru 4ht 2rc 4g4 2qs 4e9 2qe 4ce 2q2 4ao 2ph 494 2ot 47g 2o6 45s 2nh 449 2mr 42o 2m3 41d 2lc 408 2kp 3v2 2k0 3u8 2j8 3ti 2i8 3ss 2h7 3rv 2g1,3rv 2g1 3qu 2eq 3q0 2dq 3p3 2cn 3o5 2bh 3n7 2ac 3m6 295 3l5 27v 3k2 26o 3iu 25g 3hq 249 3gj 231 3fa 21q 3e1 20i 3co 1v9 3bg 1u0 3a8 1sm 390 1rb 37o 1q1 36f 1on 356 1nd 33t 1m3 32k 1kp 31d 1jd 306 1i2 2uu 1gn 2tl 1fb 2sa 1e0 2qu 1cl 2pi 1b9 2o6 19u 2mq 18j 2ld 178 2k1 15t 2il 14h 2h9 136 2ft 11r 2eh 10g 2d5 v4 2bp tp 2ad se 292 r1 27n pi 26d o3 252 ml 23s l4 22k js 218 jk 1vq jq 1ug k1,1ug k1 1st k9 1rg kf 1q1 kk 1of kr 1mr l2 1l5 l8 1je ld 1hm li 1fu lm 1e5 lq 1cc lt 1ai m0 18i m0 16i lv 14i lu 12q ls,12q ls 113 lq vc ln tm lq ru m2 q7 m5 oi lr mt lc l8 ku jj kg ht k2 g8 jk ei j6 cs io b5 i8 9f hp 7p h9 64 go 4f g3 2q fe 15 ep -h e4 -25 dg -3q cr -5f c6 -73 bh -8j ar -9r a5 -b5 9f,-1b 1g -1d -f##T ah -e1,B 2e7 us 9s,B 2m1 164 9s,B 2ua 1e4 a1,B 37j 1mf 9u,B 3fd 202 a1,B 3ma 276 9u,B 3og 2a5 a0,B 3t3 2fh a0,G 6ga 1tj 5r,G 6gr 1q5 5s,G 6i3 1ld 5q,B -8u 91 1b,B -9a 8i 1c,B -85 8d 12,B -8a 86 12,B -7m 7a 1d,B -79 5t v,B -77 4o 12,B -8h 6r 10,B -6v 6u q,B -6q 6h 12,B -7j 6a 1n,B -7r 5o 1b,B -7m 62 u,B -7e 7a p,B -7o 6r 19,B -87 6k 16,B -9a 7n 19,B -80 8l q,B -8m 88 u,B -8u 7p t,B -90 7n r,B -9u 8g 1b,B -98 9o r,B -9s 9l q,B -ab 91 16,O 5ns 1n7,O 5pb 1lm,O 5pv 1ls,O 5r1 1lg,O 5qp 1n7,O 5qs 1p5,O 5q3 1rn,O 5rd 1q3,O 5s3 1o0,O 5s6 1m7,B 57h 1qp 39,B 56g 1q3 3l,B 55n 1qk 2v,B 55i 1r3 3a,B 548 1q3 3i,B 54s 1ri 3c,B 56t 1s1 37,B 54k 1qf 3g,B 55s 1rg 3g,B 54s 1q5 3t,B 54u 1rn 3i,B 532 1qs 3h,B 55i 1sg 2g,B 53h 1qf 3h,B 577 1sj 3d,B 580 1st 3i,B 54d 1st 3d,B 59d 1u7 2t,B 55v 1t2 3b,B 58m 1t9 8i,B 55b 1rq 3b,B 56q 1sj 2v,B 58p 1ua 32,B 55n 1sb 34,B 58c 1s4 36,B 56v 1sg 36,B 553 1rq 2o,B 53c 1sj 2d,B 548 1tc 2u,B 540 1te 2q,B 54a 1tj 2l,B 54k 1tc 35,B 53r 1sj 2v,B 553 1s6 2u,B 56e 1th 24,B 56q 1t2 2s,B 56j 1so 2o,B 57o 1rn 30,B 56j 1qs 3a,B 58a 1rv 35,B 55l 1rl 26,B 57e 1so 2v,B 55q 1ri 30,B 53h 1s1 2e,B 51t 1sl 2k,B 54f 1sg 2j,B 54d 1rs 2u,B 53a 1qp 31,B 54f 1q8 5a,B 53p 1oj 5p,B 543 1qd 6d,B 569 1p5 6a,B 56l 1q0 65,B 58a 1qu 6q,B 58r 1pu 6f,B 58a 1qd 5t,B 574 1pf 5u,B 551 1pm 52,B 58m 21d b8,B 59h 21n b8,B 58h 226 b8,B 57j 21n 1j,B 574 22g f,B 57q 22b 6,B 56s 21v 18,B 55n 22g r,B 55k 22l n,B 55k 22b b8,B 550 21s g,B 54h 22v 6,B 54m 216 8,B 54m 23m 6,B 542 22b l,B 547 21v b8,B 53c 22b o,B 539 226 f,B 52m 224 h,B 52e 22q b,B 534 213 5,B 52o 23c 8,B 54f 21q 96,B 558 22j b6,B 55u 22g 5,B 56n 22j 4,B 57l 226 b5,B 58h 22e b6,B 59m 22j ak,B 59r 21d 4,B 584 224 b4,B 55i 22j b8,B 5l4 1u6 2q,B 5im 1us 29,B 5ft 208 1k,B 5c0 215 2g,B 58l 21j 28,S 5ng 1va,B 5m9 1v5 2q,B 5ko 1vb 2h,B 5jq 206 1v,B 5j8 21o n,G 5lq 1v5 2q,G 5kd 1vp 25,G 5jp 20m r,G 5j3 226 m
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