Commission TOS

Jun 16th, 2017
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Pay-What-You-Want* Pricing Guidelines

It's sort of what it says on the tin, you pay what you want for your commission -- * within reason. I need to eat, too, so I'm unlikely to accept your commission if you come up to me wanting something senseless like 10,000 words for $10. My ideal rate (what I would charge for a normal commission) is between 0.50¢ and 2¢ (USD) per word. Of course I'll accept a lower rate, but try to use a little common sense. Paying at or above my ideal rate, especially with a larger commission, will motivate me to get you a little more bang for your buck.

There are discounts and surcharges depending on the content of your commission, based on the base price of your commission. You can only have one discount per percentage category and they only apply if you pay at or above my ideal rate in an amount of $50 or more. (Example: Including both sergals and goats only gives a $10 discount, but including sergals and sharks will give a $15 discount.) Surcharges stack without limit. Most fetishes and species not listed here will have neither a discount nor a surcharge. If you have a question about your fetish and/or species request, then contact me.

$10 discount: including one of my characters, sergals, goats
$5 discount: allowing the inclusion of a minor cameo, incest, cub, rape, zoophilia/bestiality, size difference, cheating, cuckolding, watersports, breath play/asphyxiation, blood, snuff, intersex characters, horses, cetaceans, sharks

$5 surcharge: hyper body parts, hyper body attributes (fat, muscle, etc), macro, nonsexual torture, cock vore, anal vore, digestion, scat, babyfur, swine
$10 surcharge: hyper body waste

Content Guidelines

It'd be best if you came to me with a pretty decent idea of how you want the story to go, but I'm also available to brainstorm or simply do "surprise me" kind of commissions. I will need reference material for your characters (ideally something like a character sheet) as well as a completed questionnaire about them. All of this information will be kept private and secure. This information will help me create a true representation of the character, as well as help me be comfortable enough to do my best work. Please do not use characters you do not own without the permission of the character owner.

The questionnaire can be found here:

Google Docs:

Commission Process

  1. You approach me with your commission idea and overall desired length (and if PWYW, your desired payment). I either accept it or deny it.
  2. If you're paying $50 or more (including discounts/surcharges), you pay half or more of the commission here.
  3. I'll write the first draft of the story. I'll try to avoid any egregious spelling or grammatical errors, but this is a pre-edit draft. After the first draft is done, you can suggest any changes you'd like done to the piece. Minor changes (one to a few lines) can be done at no extra charge. If you are paying more than $50, any changes requiring more than 1,000 words to be written or rewritten will incur a fee. If you are paying less than $50, any changes requiring more than 500 words to be written or rewritten will incur a fee.
  4. Agreed upon changes will be made and I'll clean up and edit the piece. If you have an unpaid amount left, this is where you pay it.
  5. The piece gets uploaded.

Payment Options

I will accept payment in the form of:

  • PayPal
  • SquareCash
  • Direct Wire

Prices are in USD, and the payment must be the same.

Time Frame

An overall amount of work done per day cannot be guaranteed, but I do try to write at least several thousand words per day. Commissions are worked on in a first come, first serve manner, the exceptions being: excessively long pieces, which will get a few thousands words done per day before the next slot is worked on; and pieces I get stuck on, in which case I will attempt to contact the commissioner for input/ideas, and during which time I will work on other pieces. Some days are less productive than others, and sometimes life happens and I'm not able to work at all. If your commission is in the first slot to be worked on and you haven't heard from me in a week or more, I encourage you to contact me so that a proper update can be given.

Cancellations and Refunds

I do reserve the right to cancel work on a piece for any number of reasons, such as poor English/communication skills, rude behavior, harassment, or noncompliance from the commissioner. If I cancel work, a refund will be given based on how much work was already completed. If the commissioner would like to cancel after work has already started, a refund cannot be given. Additionally, there are no refunds available on "surprise me" style commissions, or if an additional fee is assessed and the commissioner does not wish to pay.

Reposting My Work

Only people involved in the commission (characters, payees, etc) are allowed to repost my finished stories, and any reposts require a link to either the original submission or to my profile. It is not okay to post unfinished work.

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