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MagiReco Another Story 5.2

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  1. Two Chance Encounters
  3. A5.2.1
  4. [at Mitakihara Middle]
  5. Homura: "Kaname-san, Mami-san, in Kamihama..."
  6. Madoka: "Yeah, something must have happened in Kamihama..."
  7. "She hasn't come to school today..."
  8. Homura: "...It's okay!"
  9. "Tomoe-san, of all people, would be alright!"
  10. Madoka: "Yeah... that's right."
  11. "Mami-san has to be fine!"
  12. Homura: "Yeah, maybe she is at home."
  13. Madoka: "Ah, home..."
  14. "Oh, Homura-chan! Why don't we visit Mami-san then?"
  15. "She might actually be there!"
  16. Homura: "Yeah, we should go and check."
  17. [fade to black]
  18. Homura: *But after school, when we went to Tomoe-san's place, it was empty.*
  19. [on the street]
  20. Madoka: "Mami-san..."
  21. Homura: (She still hasn't come back... Something must have happened...)
  22. Madoka: "She didn't go to school and she didn't return home.."
  23. "There must be something wrong. I wonder what happened to Mami-san?"
  24. Homura: "I don't know either..."
  25. (We won't know what happened to Tomoe-san unless we go to Kamihama...)
  26. Madoka: "Homura-chan, I think I want to go to Kamihama."
  27. Homura: "Huh? Kaname-san?"
  28. Madoka: "If Mami-san has gotten into some kind of trouble..."
  29. "Then we definitely have to save her!"
  30. Homura: (...But I can't let Kaname-san go!)
  31. (If Tomoe-san couldn't get back, then I mustn't allow her to go!)
  32. "No, hold on, Kaname-san!"
  33. Madoka: "But why, Homura-chan? I really want to go..."
  34. "If Mami-san is there, then we have to go save her!"
  35. Homura: "If Kamihama is such a dangerous place that even Mami-san can't make it back..."
  36. "Then there's nothing we will be able to do to help."
  37. Madoka: "That's..."
  38. Homura: "If even you don't make it back, Kaname-san, I'd..."
  39. Madoka: "Homura-chan..."
  40. "That's right."
  41. "If I went, I'd end up like Mami-san..."
  42. Homura: "We don't know what's waiting for us there, so for now let's go back and calm down a little."
  43. Madoka: "Yeah, that's a good idea..."
  44. Homura: "Then if we wait a day, maybe Tomoe-san will come back."
  45. [scene change to another street scene]
  46. Homura: "I'm sorry, Kaname-san."
  47. *I told Kaname-san that we shouldn't go...*
  48. *But I must go investigate!*
  49. *Not just Tomoe-san's disappearance, but also the secrets the city holds...*
  50. *I will pin down these mysterious phenomena and determine the truth!*
  51. "I'm off to change fate, Kaname-san..."
  53. A5.2.2
  54. [First, an overlooking view, then the train station in Kamihama]
  55. Homura: "So this is Kamihama City..."
  56. (Just looking at it, it seems like a normal town. Is it really that dangerous?)
  57. "Tomoe-san is somewhere in this city..."
  58. ???: "Homura-chan!"
  59. Homura: "Eh!?"
  60. [Madoka shows up]
  61. Homura: "K-Kaname-san!?"
  62. "Why are you here?"
  63. Madoka: "There was something of about you, Homura-chan."
  64. "I wondered if you were planning on going to Kamihama by yourself..."
  65. "Then, when I went to the station, I saw you get on a train."
  66. "So I rushed to jump onto the next train to Kamihama!"
  67. "I'm so glad I followed you."
  68. Homura: "Kaname-san... Um, I..."
  69. Madoka: "I'm glad you were concerned about me..."
  70. "But I'm just as concerned about you, Homura-chan!"
  71. Homura: "!?"
  72. Madoka: "So please don't go on your own in secret, okay?"
  73. "..."
  74. Homura: "Kaname-san... Um... I'm sorry."
  75. "Also..."
  76. *Kamihama is a dangerous place, so in truth I didn't want to bring Kaname-san along.*
  77. *But to have her coming for me make me feel so reassured...*
  78. "Thank you."
  79. Madoka: "Don't worry. Let's go search for Mami-san together!"
  80. Homura: "Yeah! I won't go off on my own anymore."
  81. Madoka: "Hehe, I'm glad."
  82. "Homura-chan, you're always the hard-working solitary type."
  83. Homura: *It's so strange that whenever I'm with Kaname-san...*
  84. *I feel just a bit stronger than usual.*
  85. Madoka: "We'll definitely find Mami-san, and all three of us will come home!"
  86. Homura: "Yeah, let's all get home safely."
  88. A5.2.3
  89. [on the street in Kamihama]
  90. Madoka: "So there is more than one rumor in Kamihama..."
  91. Homura: "Then we won't be able to figure out which one Mami-san was investigating."
  92. "All we can do is narrow down the possibilities one by one..."
  93. Madoka: "In the first place, Mami-san might have been searching for the human-shaped witch instead of rumors..."
  94. "But for now, we have no leads on anything but rumors..."
  95. Homura: "Yeah, we'll investigate rumors and simultaneously ask about Tomoe-san."
  96. Madoka: "Okay."
  97. "Then, let's go look for that rumor we just heard about!"
  98. Homura: "Yeah."
  99. [Homura notices something magical]
  100. Homura: (This magical response! A witch!?)
  101. (Huh? Isn't that thing stuck into a wall...?)
  102. (It's a grief seed!)
  103. (Oh no, it's hatching!)
  104. "Kaname-sa..."
  105. [she gets pulled into the witch barrier]
  106. Homura: "Huh? Did I..."
  107. "Get pulled into a witch barrier..."
  108. <Kaname-san, can you hear me? Kaname-san? Kaname-san!>
  109. "..."
  110. "It didn't work. It seems that telepathy doesn't work in this witch's barrier."
  111. "I've gotta get out and meet up with her..."
  112. [a familiar says some gibberish]
  113. Homura: "A familiar!? Why right now?"
  114. [she transforms]
  115. Homura: "Get out of my way!"
  116. [back on the street]
  117. Madoka: <Homura-chan!? Where are you?>
  118. "..."
  119. (She's not responding... Something must have happened...)
  120. (I felt it for just an instant before, but there was the response of a witch...)
  121. (Maybe Homura-chan is in the witch's barrier?)
  122. [she searches for it]
  123. Madoka: (There's no magical response...)
  124. [she's now by the radio tower]
  125. Madoka: (If it's not nearby, then that means the barrier is moving...)
  126. [she senses something]
  127. Madoka: "!?"
  128. "Is this a witch's response?!"
  129. "Where is it..."
  130. "Is it... atop that radio tower?"
  131. (But... Homura-chan...)
  132. some guy: "..."
  133. Madoka: (That person with a witch's kiss is going into the radio tower?)
  134. (...Oh no, I can't let him be!)
  135. (I'm sorry, Homura-chan! Wait just a bit!)
  136. [in the witch's barrier]
  137. [a familiar makes a crazy noise]
  138. Homura: (Now!)
  139. "With this bomb... Take this!"
  140. [it explodes]
  141. Homura: "pant... pant..."
  142. [the barrier dissolves]
  143. Homura: "I got out..."
  144. "I need to contact Kaname-san quickly."
  145. <Kaname-san? Kaname-san! Where are you? Kaname-san!>
  146. "..."
  147. "She's not responding..."
  148. "Has she gone out of the range of telepathy?"
  149. "Or maybe she got swallowed in a barrier like I did..."
  150. (This is Kamihama City, a place where witches gather...)
  151. (I should have foreseen this possibility!)
  152. "I've gotta save her! Hold on, Kaname-san!"
  153. [cut to the top of the radio tower]
  154. Madoka: "There it is, the witch's barrier..."
  155. "I'm by myself, but I've gotta beat it quickly!"
  156. something: *step... step... step...*
  157. Madoka: "Huh? Someone's coming!?"
  158. woman: "..."
  159. Madoka: "Wh-what are you doing!?"
  160. [she transforms]
  161. Madoka: "Oh no, she's going to fall! I've gotta stop her!"
  162. [the scene cuts to Iroha on top]
  163. woman: "..."
  164. [she jumps]
  165. Iroha: "NOOO!!"
  166. [she reappears]
  167. woman: "..."
  168. Iroha: "Huh? She didn't fall?"
  169. Madoka: "Sigh... I made it in time..."
  170. Iroha: "A magical... girl?"
  171. Madoka: "Huh?"
  172. [battle]
  173. [cut to a less busy street]
  174. Homura: (Kaname-san! Where are you?)
  175. (Kaname-san is probably fighting... I've gotta search for the presence of a witch...)
  176. (Where?)
  177. (Where are you!?)
  178. [cut to a restaurant]
  179. Felicia: "The truth behind the rumor of the radio tower."
  180. Tsukuyo: "No way, you've noticed what we're doing over there!?"
  181. [back outside]
  182. Homura: (I can't find her... I can't find her anywhere...)
  183. [back inside the restaurant]
  184. Tsukuyo: "Ahem, that was quite an impressive leading question..."
  185. Felicia: "Woah, she totally self-destructed!"
  186. [back outside]
  187. Homura: (If I can't sense a witch near here, then how far could she have gone?)
  188. (If she didn't head towards town, then... should I look over there?)
  189. (Ahh, I need to find her quickly... Kaname-san is in danger...)
  190. [back inside the restaurant]
  191. Felicia: "Come on, tell us what you're doing!"
  192. Tsukuyo: "I certainly cannot answer that!"
  193. [she disappears]
  194. Felicia: "Ah, she made a break for it!"
  195. Tsuruno: "Let's chase her, Felicia!"
  196. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  197. [back outside]
  198. Homura: (I should have looked over there! I'm sure Kaname-san is there...)
  199. Felicia: "Heeey! You over there!"
  200. "Catch her!"
  201. "She dined and dashed!!"
  202. Homura: "Eh!?"
  203. Felicia: "Hurry up, catch her!"
  204. Homura: "Uh, you mean... me?"
  205. Felicia: "Hur-ry-up!"
  206. Homura: "Um, uh..."
  207. (Why now!?)
  208. (I have to be looking for Kaname-san...)
  209. (But there seems to be some trouble... I need more time to think!)
  210. [she transforms]
  211. Homura: "A-alright!!"
  212. Felicia: "Ehh!? A magical girl!?"
  213. Tsukuyo: "You're a magical girl!?"
  214. [fade to gray]
  215. Homura: *This is how I met the Kamihama magical girls who were investigating rumors.*
  216. *Apparently, their friends were working with Kaname-san...*
  217. *Having learned that, I went with them in order to meet up with Kaname-san.*
  218. [by the radio tower, in the evening]
  219. Homura: "Kaname-san!"
  220. Madoka: "Homura-chan!"
  221. Yachiyo: "I'm amazed that they happened to be friends."
  222. Iroha: "It's a small world."
  223. Homura: "Kaname-san, did you find Tomoe-san?"
  224. Madoka: "No, I didn't..."
  225. "Homura-chan, you weren't able to find her either?"
  226. Homura: "Yeah, I went looking all over but..."
  227. Madoka: "I see..."
  228. Iroha: "......huh?"
  229. "Tomoe-san?"
  230. Yachiyo: "Mami?"
  231. Tsuruno: "Tomoe Mami!?"
  232. Felicia: "Mm, who's that?"
  233. Madoka: "Huh? You know her?"
  234. Iroha: "More than just know her..."
  235. Tsuruno: "Yeah!"
  236. "She was under the impression that Iroha-chan was a witch in human form!"
  237. Madoka: "Eh!?"
  238. "So when she warned us to watch out before coming here..."
  239. "She was referring to Iroha-chan!?"
  240. Homura: (This Iroha person is the witch in human form that Tomoe-san warned us about?)
  241. (She looks like a normal person, but she's actually a witch...?)
  242. (It looks like Kaname-san trusts her, but what should I do...)
  243. Homura: "...Umm, are you sure she's not a witch?"
  244. Madoka: "Ho-Homura-chan!"
  245. Homura: "But... you never really know..."
  246. Yachiyo: "If you're that afraid, then you don't have to work with us."
  247. "If that's the case, then we'll just go search for the *rumor*."
  248. "You two can focus on searching for Tomoe Mami-san."
  249. Homura: "..."
  250. Madoka: "It's okay, Homura-chan!"
  251. "I've been with Iroha-chan and nothing happened!"
  252. "Also, we beat a witch together."
  253. Homura: "If that's the case..."
  254. "Okay, I got it."
  255. "I'm sorry for doubting you. Can we still work together?"
  256. *In this dangerous city, having more allies is better...*
  257. *There are so many uncertain factors, so in order to protect Kaname-san...*
  258. *I will try trusting you, Tamaki Iroha-san!*
  259. *Kaname-san trusts you... so it's probably fine...*
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