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Bring Me To Ed Act 4

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  1. [Act 4, scene 1]
  2. Jimmy: Sarah, I feel so icky! Ed changed so much, he scares me!
  3. Sarah: You can say THAT again.
  4. [Naz yawns]
  5. Naz: Wh-what time is it, Kevin?
  6. [SFX: thumping heart beat]
  7. Eddy: Geez, did Ezeke put a spell on Rolf?
  8. Double D: A spell? Say Rolf, why did you give "Spell" her name?
  9. Rolf: Her eyes have seized Rolf's attention at first sight. The eyes bear the soul, Double-Dee-Ed-boy.
  10. Eddy: Is that why you're all curious about Ezeke? His face is always covered!
  11. Plank:
  12. [Alexandra speaking, very quiet and muffled]
  13. Johnny: You heard something, Plank?
  14. Alexandra: Johnny, come over here. I'm alright, Ed let me go before he made it to the grave-site.
  15. Johnny: Wow. [pause] You must have had a wacky ride!
  16. Alexandra: Get the others. Being dragged through miles of trees isn't as bad as feeling like you're losing to a corrupted ghost.
  17. [Act 4, scene 2]
  18. Spell: Ed, I- I'm sorry I freaked out.
  19. [SFX: dog whimper, squeaky toy noises]
  20. Spell: That drifter sliced my throat! What person would do that? All I did was be me! But Ed, [pause] Thank you so much for channeling my rage earlier.
  21. Ed: Aww, don't be sad. I don't like seeing my friends when they're sad because it makes me sad and angry, too.
  22. [SFX: racing heart beat]
  23. Spell: Ed- Your heart- it's racing.
  24. [SFX: thumping, cuckoo clock]
  25. Eddy: Ha ha ha- Ed's got a pretty girlfriend.
  26. Rolf: Rolf's eyes fool the brain of Rolf! Turkey eyes have been taken by a ghost- and this ghost bears the physical beauty of what was once Rolf's beloved hen!
  27. Alexandra: According to Ed's art, that's Spell. Sadly, she's not the happy ghost she should be. Being murdered might have made her spirit restless. I don't think Spell is cruel, but she might be corrupted.
  28. Johnny: FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
  29. [SFX: firealarm]
  30. Sarah: SHUT UP FAT HEAD!
  31. Ed: Sarah?
  32. Spell: Something isn't right. What am I seeing? I heard screaming but-
  33. Johnny: Hold my pal. I'm gonna save Ed from that ghost. That bum had a point, after all.
  34. [SFX: charging trumpets]
  35. Johnny: I'll save you, Ed! That temptress is cursed!
  36. [Spell gasps]
  37. Ed: STOP!
  38. [SFX: whirring pulsing]
  39. Ed and Spell: You will not harm Spell! NO ONE SHALL PASS!
  40. Johnny: Uh... G-g-guys-
  41. [SFX: howling wind]
  42. Ed and Spell: You were a fool to attempt an attack on me. Now that you've crossed into the yard, you will have nowhere else to run!
  43. [SFX: lighting crack]
  44. Ed and Spell: I'll make sure you won't escape, human!
  45. [SFX: Laser beam, earth shattering, roaring flames, chicken cluck]
  46. Alexandra: Eddward, I might sound like a killjoy, but- [pause] but someone has to go in there and get Johnny.
  47. Ed: Alexandra, I don't want you or anyone else to get hurt over all of this!
  48. Alexandra: If we don't grab Johnny, he'll be sacrificed and we might never get Ed back. You've done the same. Even if Ed and Eddy did fake it. I'll be fine.
  49. Rolf: Rolf will assist the swan, head-in-sock Ed boy.
  50. Double D: Please, be careful.
  51. Rolf: How will we retrieve Johnny-the-wood-boy?
  52. Alexandra: I'm not sure All I know is that this will get dangerous if we don't do anything.
  53. Johnny: Are you there Ed?
  54. Ed and Spell: Ed willingly gave himself up so our souls could combine. All I need is a carefree soul, now. Your careless, suburban soul is mine!
  55. [SFX: whooshing, sustained chord, laser beam]
  56. Alexandra: Johnny, MOVE!
  57. [SFX: slap]
  58. Rolf: Run for your miserable li-
  59. [SFX: laser beam intensifies, vibratory chord, electrical crackling]
  60. Rolf: OOF!
  61. [SFX: ringing noise, crashing waves]
  62. [Alexandra panting]
  63. Double D: Thank goodness, She's exhausted, but she's still breathing.
  64. Eddy: You're gonna check on ROLF, aren't you?
  65. Ezeke: Rolf? You and Alex didn't have to do that. [pause] Sorry.
  66. Rolf: Rolf will recover from the burn, one whose eyes are like those of a pouting nymph.
  67. Kevin: WHAT?
  68. Ed: Spell? Is it time for you to go?
  69. Spell: Yes, Ed. It appears that I've mingled on earth for too long. Maybe I should have left you guys alone. Seeing your friends... and the bum... I was angry. I was corrupted. But after taking over, I... collided into tragedy and pride. Tragedy was how my body ceased, but I can take pride in knowing that I was cared about until the end. [pause] and now, I can finally rest. One day, we might just meet again. I believe in crossing paths, and I hope to cross paths with you.
  70. [SFX: kissing, fluttering, tinkling]
  71. Ed: Bye bye, Spell.
  72. [Epitaph]
  73. Narrator: Every headstone crossed has read "Rest In Peace" but... do some spirits ever rest? Especially when their purpose was never fulfilled? Especially when their lives did not end peacefully? Some people believe in ghosts and spirits. Others pray to the relatives they have lost- only to exhume the feelings that have laid dormant since that loved one's demise. People cope in different ways. Rolf could only cope in silence, and hope her spirit was saved by the river's waters... And Ed, though he had recovered, had never forgotten. And maybe, just maybe- Ed will open the door, and he will cross the loveable path he had memorized throughout his life.
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