Twilight Emancipation Agency Short: Agent Dash [✔]

Apr 7th, 2017
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  1. >"S-stand back, senpai!"
  2. >Scootaloo tightens her grip on the tanto, its cold edge fluttering against Twilight's slender neck.
  3. >"Don't move an inch, or I'll c-c-cut up your princess to ribbons! I swear!"
  4. >Her magenta eyes glitter with held-back tears.
  5. >Twilight struggles to no avail.
  6. >Her wrists are bound behind her back, clutched tightly by Scootaloo's free arm.
  8. >Rainbow Dash quietly stands with her feet spread shoulder-width apart.
  9. >Her left hand rests lightly at the sheath of her katana.
  11. >Dead bodies and cut-up limbs lay strewn around the hostage standoff.
  12. >Twilight's ceremonial garbs are torn in random places.
  13. >Scootaloo's lamellar armor is in tatters.
  14. >Rainbow is in sliced-up rags, her blue skin raked with red gashes.
  16. "Don't do this, squirt. Please"
  17. >"Stop calling me that, you... you bitch!"
  18. >Tears begin streaming down Scootaloo's sorrow-wrinkled cheeks.
  20. >"I-I can't belive it! All those times spent together... Birthday gifts... All those sleepless nights spent under the moonlight swapping jokes..."
  21. >She brings her tanto arm to her face.
  23. >Rainbow tenses up, creeping her right hand towards the hilt.
  24. >Scootaloo wipes her tears before threatening Twilight's throat again.
  25. >"...It was all but a damned ruse! Hollow, meaningless lies!"
  27. >She lets out a frustrated groan, sounding like an enraged bear.
  28. >Twilight moans out in pain as Scootaloo's grip around her wrist tightens.
  29. >"I adored you, senpai! I l-loved you like a sister! H-how could you betray me like this??"
  30. >Rainbow keeps her right hand hovering over the hilt.
  32. "No, Scoots. I only spent time with you because..."
  33. >Rainbow hangs her head, tufts of sweat-ridden rainbow hair covering her eyes.
  34. "....Because I liked you, kid. You reminded me of my younger self. The innocence I've lost. The childhood that I'll never get back."
  36. >Scootaloo grits her teeth.
  37. >"Bullshit! More lies! Shimmer-sensei told me that you were getting cozy with me just so you could get closer to our princess and corrupt her with your lies!"
  38. "Shimmer sensei--?"
  39. >Rainbow's eyes widen.
  40. >Scootaloo grins.
  42. >"S-Shimmer sensei told me everything, senpai. I know the truth now. I know you came from *out there* to kidnap our princess."
  43. >She points her tanto at Rainbow, still shaking.
  44. >"I won't let you take our princess! She belongs here, in her country!"
  46. >Rainbow grimaces at the revelation.
  48. [Boss, you hearing this?]
  49. >Moondancer's voice crackles over the comm.
  50. >"[Loud and clear. This is unprecedented. ISIS usually doesn't give a damn about HST's emancipation efforts. I'll relay this to the high council.]"
  51. [Why isn't the backup here yet? I practically fought off the entire palace guard myself!]
  52. >Moondancer lets out a breathy sigh.
  53. >"[HST called for an extension to the CDC Summit to help them pass some bullshit motion. All military flights are forbidden from using the hyperspace leylines until the Summit ends. You're on your own, kid.]"
  54. "Chikushou!"
  57. >"Th-that's right!" Scootaloo shouts. "The Lavender Princess stays here, and there's nothing you can do about it!"
  58. "Fine. What now, squirt?"
  59. >"Wh-what?"
  60. >Rainbow widens her stance ever so slightly.
  61. "What now?"
  62. >Scootaloo's tanto falters a little.
  64. "I can just disappear back to where I come from. But you can't. Do you think they'll just gloss over the fact that you've got your blade against the Princess's throat? That you broke your oath and laid your hands on the Lavender Princess?"
  65. >Scootaloo grimaces.
  67. "For all they know, it was YOU that slaughtered the palace guards. After all, you're the one with the right passphrases."
  68. >Scootaloo hangs her head.
  69. "And we both know how much political sway the Princess has. Even if she swore up and down to the gods, the shogunate will make a scapegoat out of you, lest they appear weak."
  71. >Rainbow pauses, letting her words sink in.
  73. "Let me go with the Princess, squirt. Go home. Pretend you didn't see any of this tonight. You deserve to be happy."
  75. >Scootaloo begins to bawl openly.
  76. >"Y-you.... Devious bitch. The lies just won't end..."
  77. >She tightens her grip on the tanto.
  78. >"Shimmer-sensei was right. You must die. The Lavender Princess must die. She must die lest more of YOU show up and try to take her away from our fine nation."
  79. >Rainbow deliberately rests her right hand on the hilt of her katana, gripping it slowly.
  80. "Don't you dare, Scoots. Don't make me do this."
  81. >"I couldn't believe it at first, but this is what I must do for my country. She must DIE."
  83. >With a fierce cry, Scootaloo begins to drag her tanto across Twilight's neck.
  84. >Rainbow draws her steel in the blink of an eye, lunging forwards in a chromatic blur.
  86. >With exquisite precision, her blade meets flesh.
  88. - - - -
  90. >The sun begins to set behind the rolling hills, casting an orangey crimson tint across the landscape.
  91. >Rainbow kneels in front of a makeshift grave, utterly silent.
  92. >Moondancer pours a bowl of rice wine and takes a sip, scattering the remains on the grave.
  93. >"I'm sorry kid," she says, pouring another bowl for Rainbow.
  94. "Yeah, me too."
  95. >Rainbow replies in a barely audible whisper.
  96. >She scatters her bowl on the grave.
  97. >Several minutes of silence pass between them.
  99. >Moondancer coughs.
  100. >"Twilight is stable, more or less. The high council is impressed with how things turned out, despite the odds."
  101. "I want out."
  102. >Rainbow blurts abruptly.
  103. "I can't do this anymore. I'm tired of betraying these people. I'm done."
  104. >Moondancer stares at Rainbow.
  105. >She reaches for the pale blue warrior's shoulder, squeezing it tightly.
  106. >"I understand. I'll prep the paperwork. Meet me in the shuttle when you're ready."
  107. "Yeah, whatever."
  108. >Moondancer steps away, lighting a cigarette.
  110. >With her superior gone, Rainbow gently rests her hand on the grave.
  111. "I'm so sorry, squirt."
  112. >Droplets of tears pepper the ground beneath her.
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