Peyote Earthsinger (FEMTO 3.0)

Jan 18th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Peyote
  2. =======================================================================================================================================
  3. Race: Griffon
  4. -Griffon Flight (Passive): Griffons can fly and have a +1 to any melee attack made from high altitude, such as a dive-bomb. This is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  5. -Free Bird (Passive): You will not be caged. You have +1 to rolls that involve escaping grapples, traps, binds, and any sort of effect restricting your movement.
  6. =======================================================================================================================================
  7. Talents:
  8. -Spirit Commune (Recharge 3): You invoke the spirits of the world around you to empower an ally, or impair an enemy. If this skill targets an ally, their Critical Range is lowered by 2 for 3 turns. If this skill targets an enemy, their Critical Failure Range is raised by 2 for 3 turns. Outside of combat, this skill may be used to establish contact with spirits of the world. [Trained Talent]
  9. -You are highly-attuned to nature, and are capable of speaking with spirits, animals, and other creatures. [Special Talent]
  10. ========================================================================================================================================
  11. Hits/Wounds: 5/5
  12. ========================================================================================================================================
  13. Class/Multiclass: Earthsinger (Bard/Shaman)
  14. -Earthsong (Instant, Self, Recharge 3): Sing with the voices of the trees, draw deep from Mother Nature’s essence. Your next Bard or Shaman Class skill will either affect all allies or all enemies, whichever you choose. On Crit the Earth still supports you, allowing you the use of Inspire or the effects of Child of Gaia (even if you do not normally know them), respective of the class skill you use Earthsong’s effect with regardless of the outcome, the turn after you use this effect. [Multiclass Skill]
  15. -Inspire: You use song and performance to enthrall a crowd or rally your allies. [Free Skill]
  16. ->Noncombat: You perform for a gathered audience, and can garner reputation, favors, and resources as the GM deems appropriate.
  17. ->Combat: All allies gain DC-1 to all rolls next turn or DC-2 on a critical success; this bonus does not stack with repeated use. Critical failure replaces the bonus with a DC+1 penalty to all rolls next turn.
  18. -Discordant Riff (Recharge 1, Ranged): Play a harsh sound that rattles a target to its core. Deals damage and gives them a -1 to their rolls next turn. On Crit the target is left disoriented, forcing them to make a Bonus action in addition to their normal moves. They must pass this bonus roll at DC6 otherwise they only do half damage that turn. [Class Skill]
  19. -Elemental Totem (Unique, Recharge 2): You have a strong connection to the natural forces of the world, and can call on their aid. You can place down a totem that lasts for the rest of combat to passively apply one of the following effects to all applicable targets in your zone. [Class Skill]
  20. ->Water: Sprays a light mist, shielding allies from 1 status effect each turn.
  21. ->Fire: Showers embers on your foes, dealing 1 Hit to all enemies.
  22. ->Air: Blows strong winds against enemies, lowering the counterattack damage they deal by 1.
  23. ->Earth: Raises roots from the ground to channel life energy, healing non-helpless allies for 1 hit each turn.
  24. -Natural Remedy (Recharge 1, Ranged): recharge 1, ranged; Use an unpredictable tincture to either fully restore a target’s hits to full and or removes all status effects. Crits on a 9+ to also restore one wound, but Crit Fails on a 2- to deal a wound of damage.
  25. ========================================================================================================================================
  26. Inventory:
  27. -Hand Crossbow (Ranged Weapon)
  28. -Claw Wraps (Single Weapon)
  29. -Shamanic Totem Fetish
  30. -Canteen, 3x
  31. -Rope, 30 ft
  32. -Heavy Poncho
  33. -Field Rations
  34. -First Aid Kit
  35. ==========================================================================================================================================
  36. Appearance (Peyote):
  37. -A bulky, muscled raptor-cougar griffon, with deep brown plumage and a light tan feline half. He's got huge, sharp-looking talons, powerful-looking wings, and a long, muscled tail. His rather imposing appearance is completely betrayed by his face; soft, excited, bright blue eyes along with a warm, welcoming smile make him a rather odd griffon. He's almost never seen without a poncho, and his friendly demeanor is almost always present. He seems to have trouble focusing at times, stumbling over things in his way or stopping mid-sentence, as if he's listening to something.
  38. ==========================================================================================================================================
  39. Background:
  40. -Background
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