Mitoshi Aura

Aug 28th, 2020
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  1. (Frozen Summer, Chapter 5)
  3. “I don't wish to keep doing this,” Myst said, watching the girl climb to her feet. Mitoshi held her abdomen with one arm, straining to straighten her back. “You and your brothers are free to leave us. This doesn't need to continue.”
  5. “Yes, it does,” Mitoshi replied with a determined expression. She closed her eyes and sighed sharply, opening them at the same time she let out a loud cry and caused her blue aura to flare to life around her. Mitoshi's long hair floated somewhat within the visible energy surrounding her. Myst was taken aback by the spectacle — just as her friends had been earlier. The emergence of the girl's Ki was something she'd never seen before. “I'm just getting started. Time to show you what I'm made of.”
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