A mooving tale?

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  1. >You were walking home after a day of working. The sun had started to set.
  2. >You decided to take a different route home because what the heck
  3. >Oh hey a farm with Holstaurus
  4. >Man they sure do have some big-
  5. >"Hey!"
  6. >Aw fuck. The Holstaur you were checking out waves to you. You stammer out an apology.
  7. >"Oh there's no need to apologize. I don't mind at all."
  8. >"So you like these huh? If you want, just climb over the fence and I'll give you a closer look!" she says with a wink
  9. >Her invitation was definitely tempting. The possibilities of what you'd want to do with them running through your mind was enough to give you an erection.
  10. >As you try to hide it, she takes off her shirt and crosses her arms under her breasts, putting them on prominent display and shakes them from side to side
  11. >And then she walks closer toward the end of the fence, face to face with you.
  12. >"Now they're just barely out of reach for you. Come on over so you can enjoy them more!" She stares at you with a smile, still moving her breasts around.
  13. >You looked around nervously. A bit paranoid about something being off. But you saw nothing out of the ordinary.
  14. >You saw other Holstaur behind the one trying to get your attention. But they didn't seem to have seen you and are busy sleeping or eating grass.
  15. >The Holstaur was curious and looked around with you
  16. >"What are you looking for?" She inquired.
  17. >You weren't sure how to answer that so you kept quiet. But you had to ask...
  18. >"Can I have some milk?"
  19. >"Of course you can have some!"
  20. >You made up your mind and climbed the fence.
  21. >The Holstaur stood back and spread open her arms to catch you.
  22. >You sort of fell awkwardly on top of her. But she didn't seem hurt. She giggled and moved your head between her breasts
  23. >"As promised..."
  24. >You lift your head and start sucking on her breast. She moans and moos and response.
  25. >"Thank you...It's been over a week since i've been milked."
  26. >She hugs you from behind. Stroking the back of your head with one hand as you drink her milk and stroking your back with the other.
  27. >You drank from her breast for awhile; the both of you in a trance.
  28. >"Please...the other one too" She sighed happily as you continued drinking her milk
  29. >You readily agreed and began sucking on the other breast. A blissful silence followed.
  30. >After awhile though something was nagging at you.
  31. >You stop momentarily which makes the the Holstaur look at you worried and curious
  32. >"So the last time you were milked was over a week ago?"
  33. >She nods
  34. >"But you live on a farm here so wouldn't be there someone working here to help you?"
  35. >The farm didn't look rundown much so it made you curiouser
  36. >She became downcast "The original owner was a wonderful older gentleman. There was only few Holstaur here in the beginning. But others like myself who lived in the wild found themselves eventually finding this place and we just sort of settled here."
  37. >She looked at you with a smile and giggled; wiping some milk off your chin and your other hand. And then she continued.
  38. >"But then his family were having some problems and asked him to return. He didn't want to but he said his farewells. He asked an acquaintance that he's known to take over until his return; but we don't know when he'll return and the person who took over hasn't been paying us much attention despite our pleas. This all didn't happen too long ago."
  39. >There was a long silence.
  40. >She looked back at you with a smile that had some longing behind it.
  41. >"How was the milk?"
  42. >You smiled back at her and replied honestly "Best I've ever had. "
  43. >"Glad to hear it." She hugged you again since it had weakened during her story. "I really appreciate what you've done for me."
  44. >"I gotta ask you a big favor. ...Can I have come home with you? If not then can you please come back every so often? I don't want my breasts to be as painful as they were before you came here."
  45. >You think about it for awhile
  46. >"Sure, you can come with me."
  47. >Her eyes lit up at that
  48. >"Really?! Thanks so much! I'll make sure you won't regret it!"
  49. >You looked back at the other Holsts. You felt bad leaving them alone
  50. >"Don't worry. We'll find a way to help them later."
  51. >As you both climbed the fence you pondered the issue.
  52. >There was no way that many Holstaur were going to live with you in your small apartment
  53. >When you arrive at the apartment, your new found room mate looks around with wonder
  54. >It wasn't anything special or fancy but she likes it
  55. >She volunteered to the chores around the place.
  56. >You said she didn't have to but she insisted.
  57. >Well the extra help is appreciated. Gave you less to worry about.
  58. >The days went by with a simple cycle of you going to work and then milking her breasts when you got back from work after dinner
  59. >Your roommate seemed more and more fond of you as time went on too. Always sitting just a bit closer to you. A bit more eager to hug you.
  60. >She especially enjoyed putting your head between her breasts during these hugs. Giggling if you acted embarrassed over it.
  61. >One day an ad urging people to call if you've ever seen cases of abused or neglected monster girls. Especially ones that live on farms.
  62. >You called the number. It seems alot of wives call about things like "It's been an entire day since we've last had sex!"
  63. >But your story was more serious. Much to their surprise since calls from men are pretty rare they told you.
  64. >They were shocked and sprung into action once you told them where it was.
  65. >With the men they had as volunteers they were able to take care of the Holsts living at the farm, giving them much overdue relief.
  66. >The new owner was put into quite a lot of trouble for his neglect
  67. >You pried about what sort of punishment they had in mind for him but they told you it was better if you didn't know which filled your head with all sorts of punishments
  68. >Quite the serious crime to neglect milking a Holst it seems.
  69. >Your roommate was naturally overjoyed at this turn of events.
  70. >The other holsts on the farm were also happy and expressed an interest in repaying your kindness, while wearing alluring smiles but your roommate quickly intervened, growling at them.
  71. >By the time this was all said and done the original owner returned
  72. >He visited and thanked you for your help in the matter.
  73. >Your roommate gushed on and on about how helpful you were, how kind you are, etc much to your embarrassment.
  74. >Since he was back and ready to resume work on the farm you asked her if she wanted to return
  75. >But she pulled you close and kissed you, saying she'd rather stay here, while staring into your eyes
  76. >You could feel her tail brushing against your back
  77. >The owner laughed and left, saying he'll hope to get his wedding invitation soon
  78. >You tried to get a word in about this but you were cut off by another kiss, followed by being pushed to the ground
  79. >She undressed you and herself, giving you a smile. You swore you see hearts in her pupils.
  80. >You knew tonight was going to be a lon0 one as she started to ride you
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