Rin Tohsaka's Training Pt1 (Rin x Luvia fic)

Jul 2nd, 2019
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  1. Fanfic containing: humiliation, enema, diapers, scat, spanking, yuri.
  3. As a bright, white light shines into the room, Rin Tohsaka slowly starts to regain consciousness.
  4. Feeling a dull ache in her head and with blurred vision, she goes to sit herself up so she can grab a drink of water.
  6. "Huh?" Tohsaka proclaims as she struggles to lift herself out of bed. Suddenly, looking down, she notices each ankle has what looks like a metal clasp around them, but the clasp is not attached to anything.
  7. "What is going on? Surely these clasps aren't too heavy for me to not be able to lift my feet?" She thinks to herself.
  9. Her vision becomes more stable and she realizes that these are not the pajamas she normally wears to bed. These are pink, fluffy pajamas with cute, little, white bunny prints. Not only that, but her wrists are also clasped, and the room she's in is not her own. Panic sets in and she begins to struggle around, trying desperately to free herself.
  11. Heeled footsteps can be heard getting closer and closer.
  13. "Tohsaka~", an elegant voice proclaims, "Mommy has come to give you your breakfast".
  15. In walks a familiar figure. Curvaceous, blonde and beautiful.
  17. "L-Luvia!" Rin scowls, "What is the meaning of this? Help me get out of these restraints!"
  19. "U-fufu, oh Tohsaka-chan, didn't I tell you to call me Mommy from now on?"
  21. "Are you out of your mind, Luvia?! Just what has gotten into you? I need help!"
  23. Luvia frowns at Rin, "Tohsaka, I suppose you learned nothing in yesterdays lesson after all. I am disappointed." Reaching into her pocket, she brings out blueish gem. Suddenly the clasps around Rin's wrists and ankles start to emit a blueish glow similar to the gem. "I didn't think I would have to do this again so soon Tohsaka-chan," Luvia says, still frowning, "but I suppose I have no choice!"
  25. Against her own will, Rin's legs start to lift up into the air, feet first, while her arms stay pinned to the bed.
  27. "Luvia, what are you doing?!" Screams Rin, "Are you the one responsible for these restraints?!"
  29. Luvia walks over to the defenseless Rin and strokes her face gently.
  31. "Oh Tohsaka-chan," says Luvia, "you're a very naughty girl, and naughty girls need to be punished."
  33. Luvia begins to remove Rin's unfamiliar pajama bottoms, exposing what looks like a diaper on Rin. Rin, who is a young adult, and has no need to wear a diaper at her age.
  35. "Well at least you managed to keep this on over night." Luvia smiles, "I didn't want you messing up your brand new bunny-print pajamas."
  37. Luvia peeks inside of the diaper to check for waste, "Looks like you're all clean Tohsaka-chan~. Are you holding it in? No wonder you're so grouchy today!" She then starts to remove the diaper from Rin.
  39. "Luvia!" Screams Rin who is now beet red from embarrassment, "S-stop this, please! Just let me go!"
  41. "Ohohoh~!" An all too familiar laugh resonates from Luvia's now beaming face. Noticing Rin's embarrassment seems to have put her in a better mood, "Tohsaka-chan, you needn't be so shy around Mommy you know. I've seen every inch of you already and I just want you to feel better."
  43. After fully removing the diaper, Luvia glides her finger up the inside of Rin's thigh, over her buttock and onto the outside of her anus.
  45. "So defenseless." Luvia grins, before crouching down to retrieve something from the underside of the bed. In her hands is what looks like a very large syringe. She crouches down again, and a long suction noise can be heard. "I've added something special to the treatment today Tohsaka-chan, it should help you feel much more relaxed."
  47. "What are you talking about?" Squeals a worried Rin, "What treatment? What are you going to do to me?"
  49. "Hush now," Luvia says before placing a giant pacifier into Rins mouth, "you'll start feeling good soon enough. But I'm getting tired of your constant chatter, so this should keep you quiet for the time being."
  51. Rin begins to struggle once again, but the magical restraints keep her in place. Nothing more than mumbles can be heard coming from Rin's mouth as Luvia parts Rin's butt cheeks with her thumb and forefinger. In her other hand is the large syringe-looking device, which she quickly presses into Rin's anus. Slowly, Luvia starts to push the end of the syringe. Rin flinches and her eyes begin to water as she reacts to the liquid being pushed inside of her.
  53. "Good girl, Tohsaka-chan." Smiles Luvia, "We're about half way done now." She continues to push the remaining liquid into Rin's anus, filling up her insides. "Now, in order for it to have the full effect, we have to let it stay inside of you for a while. I'd say this allows us enough time for your punishment."
  55. Rin's eyes widen in horror. "How can this possibly get any worse?" She thinks to herself.
  57. Luvia retrieves something else from her pocket, a large buttplug, and quickly slides it inside of Rin's anus with a hard push after removing the syringe.
  59. Rin's body lets out a spasm at the shock from the buttplug being pushed inside. The liquid from the enema made it go in a little easier, but it wasn't the most comfortable experience for her either.
  61. "That should keep the liquid from escaping while you receive your punishment", Luvia exclaims, "now, which one should it be today?" Luvia looks up and stares at the wall behind Rin. "Oh, I suppose you can't see our little friends can you? But surprises sure are fun aren't they? Ohohoho!"
  63. Rin begins to feel tingly. She puts it down to fear, but her crotch starts to feel warm. The confusion between fear and arousal puts her head in a spin until, "SMACK!" her naked bottom is struck with something out of nowhere. She tries to scream out in pain, but her sounds are muffled by the large pacifier in her mouth. "SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!" Each butt cheek is repeatedly struck, one at a time.
  65. "Ohohoho!" Laughs Luvia, "If I spank one cheek at a time, then there is no concern for any messy accidents to occur!"
  67. With each continued spanking, Rin's anus puckers up, which only tightens her grip on the buttplug. "SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!" Drool begins to leak from between the pacifier and Rin's mouth. Rin's face is all a fluster and the tingling feeling inside of her gets more intense with each smack. Thirty minutes of repeated spanking continues and Rin feels like her crotch is more wet than it was before the spanking occurred.
  69. Suddenly the spanking stops and Luvia peers at Rin's bright red buttocks. A sly grin forms on her face as Luvia fiercely grabs one of Rin's butt cheeks.
  71. "Oh my, Tohsaka-chan," Luvia says calmly, "it seems a mess has been made after all." She slides a finger between Rin's crotch before bringing her finger, along with a clear, wet substance from Rin's vagina, to her face. "I wonder how much of this was down to the special ingredient in your treatment and how much of it is down to your want for punishment."
  73. Rin's face now almost matches the same shade of red as her sore bottom. "Am I really enjoying this?" She thinks to herself in embarrassment. "N-no, definitely not! I'm a proud magus! It has to be whatever ingredient Luvia added to that enema mixture. W-why would I enjoy being humiliated like this?"
  75. Luvia reaches out and slowly strokes Rin's bare stomach, gliding up towards her crotch. "You took your punishment very well, Tohsaka-chan," she says, "so Mommy is going to give you a reward." Luvia then starts to slowly swirl her forefinger and middle finger around Rin's clitoris in circles. Rin tries to let out a small moan.
  77. "Oh, n-no," Rin thinks to herself, "I don't want to enjoy this! This is so wrong!"
  79. Luvia alternates her finger movements, rubbing up and down, speeding up and slowing down again. Rin's vagina is so wet that Luvia can rub as vigorously as she wants without friction. She starts to circle Rin's clit again, before moving down and pushing two of her fingers inside of Rin's vagina. The heat from inside of Rin is intense, and Rin's eyes begin to water again.
  81. Luvia takes the blue gem in her other hand again, and Rin's legs begin to part with the gems control. Luvia slips a third finger into Rin's vagina, then a fourth and starts to finger her fiercely. Rin starts twitching and her body tries to jerk.
  83. "This feels so good," Thinks Rin, "but I want more." She tries calling out to Luvia, and manages a mumbled "more".
  85. "Oh?" Asks Luvia, "you want more, Tohsaka-chan? Very well, you may have more, but only if you say 'thank you Mommy'"
  87. Luvia removes the pacifier from Rin's drool-covered mouth.
  89. "Come on now, Tohsaka-chan," Smirks Luvia, "tell Mommy 'thank you'"
  91. "Th-tha..." Rin starts, hesitantly before stopping again out of embarrassment.
  93. "If you aren't going to thank Mommy, then Mommy won't give you your reward," Luvia proclaims before removing her fingers from Rin's vagina and coming to a stop.
  95. "N-no please!" Rin gasps, "Don't stop... Mommy."
  97. A wicked smile appears across Luvia's face, "That's my girl! Ohohoho!" Luvia slowly starts to finger Rin once more.
  99. "P-please, M-mommy," Rin asks in a quiet voice, "I-I need more."
  101. "I can't hear you darling," Luvia responds, "you'll have to ask louder."
  103. "Please fuck me harder Mommy!" Rin shouts, "I want to feel good!"
  105. "Ohohoho~!" Laughs Luvia, "What a greedy little girl you are."
  107. Luvia places the blue gem onto Rin's clitoris and it begins to glow. The vibrations coming from the gem gradually build up, getting Rin even closer to climax while Luvia continues to vigorously finger Rin's pussy with her other hand.
  109. "Anngh!" Rin moans in pleasure, "Thank you Mommy, thank you mommy! Please, more!"
  111. "I suppose it's time for the grand finale!" Luvia says excitedly, while reaching over to the buttplug still stuck inside of Rin's anus.
  113. The gems vibrations are at full power on Rin's clitoris and, with a fast tug, Luvia removes the buttplug from Rin's anus. Rin let's out a long, loud moan of sheer ecstasy as what appears to be a never-ending fountain of liquid feces erupts from her anus and splats all over the floor. Rin lies back down, exhausted and flushed.
  115. "My, my, Tohsaka-chan," Smiles Luvia, "that was a lot of poop you were holding on to. No wonder you're always in such a bad mood. At least you will be happy to know that we made a good amount of money from today's lesson." Luvia points to each corner of the room, one at a time.
  117. Rin's face suddely goes from bright red, to white. In each corner of the room was a camera, and each camera was recording live.
  119. "L-L-Luvia?" Whimpers Rin, "Wh-Who is watching us?"
  121. "Why, anyone who is willing to pay us of course, Tohsaka-chan!" Explains Luvia, "I felt so bad for you when I found out you were considering selling yourself to old men for money. So, as your very good friend, I came up with a much better solution. This way, the only one who gets to play with your body is me! Isn't that wonderful?"
  123. Rin's eyes are agape and she's unable to say a word out of shock.
  125. "Oh Tohsaka-chan, you reacted like this yesterday as well." Says Luvia, "Don't worry though, the drug I administered to you will make you forget all about today, just like how you don't remember what happened yesterday either. And tomorrow is a new day for a new lesson!"
  127. Rin stares at the mess all over the floor. The mess she made. The mess seen by hundreds, thousands, or even millions. She didn't know.
  129. "Shinjiiiii! Sherooooo!" Calls Luvia, "It's cleanup time!"
  131. Rin's heart sinks, "oh no."
  133. Then, in walks Shinji Matou and Shirou Emiya with a bunch of cleaning products, diapers and lotion.
  135. "Peweeeeee!" Squeals Shinji, "Haha, Tohsaka, look at this mess you made! To think you could have all of this inside of you! Wow, what a stink!"
  137. "Quiet, Matou." Luvia says firmly, "You will be designated room cleaner again. I want this place in spotless condition for tomorrow!"
  139. "Gah," Shinji responds, "alright, alright. I suppose getting a front-row seat to the live show makes it worthwhile. I only wish I could also take part."
  141. "Don't even think about it," Luvia responds, "you're a vile little man only worthy of cleaning up the mess. You should be thankful you even get to be close to anything that comes out of Tohsaka's body!"
  143. Shinji grunts and begins to clean up the mess on the floor.
  145. "Shero," Luvia asks as she turns to Shirou, "as always, you will be on diaper duty. I want you to clean her up, rub lotion on her sore bottom and then give her a new diaper before dressing her into her pajamas again."
  147. "Yes Luvia," Shirou responds dejectedly, "you know I'm only doing this so that you leave Saber alone, right? If I find out you get her involved in any of this then I'm out!"
  149. "Calm down, Shero dear!" Says Luvia, "I have no interest in your Kingly girl-child. She wouldn't bring in anywhere near enough money compared my darling Tohsaka-chan! Now get to work, I have to go take a shower."
  151. Luvia leaves the room.
  153. To be continued.
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