This is Why I Hate Humanity

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  1. *Names Altered to Protect Identities*
  3. [12:54 PM]
  4. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  5.     And what do you know anyways. You fucking like -Joffrey.-
  7. [12:54 PM]
  8. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  9.     don't like him.
  10.     you conflate being objective with fandom
  12. [12:55 PM]
  13. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  14.     -Objective?-
  15.     He was -competent?-
  16.     He started a CIVIL WAR
  18. [12:55 PM]
  19. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  20.     as a ruler, yes.
  22. [12:55 PM]
  23. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  26. [12:55 PM]
  27. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  28.     he had to. ned was threatening his legitimacy as king
  30. [12:55 PM]
  31. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  32.     You're such a fucking troll
  33.     Okay done
  34.     Nah
  35.     You aint baiting me
  37. [12:55 PM]
  38. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  39.     no you can fuck yourself I'm being serious.
  40.     he became king and someone was about to end his reign so he did what he had to do to stop it
  41.     he was incredibly malevolent which is a knock against him but as far as military matters went he was sound.
  42.     he studied wars and kings of the past to know enough of that.
  43.     he was far from being a good king but compassion is separate from intelligence.
  45. [12:58 PM]
  46. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  47.     Fucking STREAM
  48.     STEAM*
  49.     LOL
  50.     He literally -chopped up- a book about the good, bad, and ugly kings of Westeros past just to spite his uncle and show him he didn't care. He advocated that the north should be taxed doubly, -before- the Ned ever conspired against him, and that a levy of 10,000 men should also be extracted, to form a royal army which would then also be used to march into the north to quell any northern rebellions without a single thought of anything that goes into demanding and forming such.
  51.     The only things he knew were children's stories.
  52.     He was not intelligent.
  53.     Not even remotely.
  54.     Westeros has had vicious kings, and they have had idiot kings, but they were never so cursed with a vicious idiot for a king.
  56. [1:01 PM]
  57. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  58.     so what was his treating danny as a legitimate threat when everyone including tywin ignored her?
  59.     or the fact that he called for a disciplined army under the control of the king vs his vassals to properly control the seven kingdoms.
  61. [1:02 PM]
  62. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  63.     He feared danny like he feared every shadow of a bastard lurking in Westeros. He was paranoid and delusional.
  65. [1:02 PM]
  66. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  67.     every character grrm writes has pros and cons.
  69. [1:03 PM]
  70. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  71.     No feudal system would ever be able to support a standing central army.
  73. [1:03 PM]
  74. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  75.     proof?
  77. [1:03 PM]
  78. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  79.     What do you mean, proof?
  81. [1:03 PM]
  82. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  83.     king's landing has the goldcloaks.
  85. [1:03 PM]
  86. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  87.     Thats not an army'
  88.     Thats a fucking city guard.
  90. [1:03 PM]
  91. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  92.     that's a semi-professional force of guards.
  94. [1:04 PM]
  95. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  96.     Yeah.,
  98. [1:04 PM]
  99. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  100.     what's the night's watch?
  102. [1:04 PM]
  103. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  104.     Semi professional guard force. Not remotely comparable to an -army-
  105.     What about what is the night's watch? Another struggling band of  guardsmen supported from recruits from all seven kingdoms that isn't even -aligned- to the royal crown.
  106.     The Nights Watch actually hurts your argument.
  107.     Its the closest thing to a central military force and it barely functions.
  109. [1:05 PM]
  110. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  111.     it doesn't have funding and it's all the way in the freezing ass end of the north.
  112.     it supports the argument. imagine that but in the center of the seven kingdoms with all the wealth of the crown.
  114. [1:05 PM]
  115. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  116.     And what would fund it? The Crown, which is already in deep debt to the Lannisters, and to the Iron Bank, and others?
  118. [1:06 PM]
  119. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  120.     why couldn't it be done...
  122. [1:06 PM]
  123. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  126. [1:06 PM]
  127. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  128.     that's because littlefinger fucked everything.
  129.     and robert
  131. [1:06 PM]
  132. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  133.     No, Robert fucked things before that, and Aerys still before him.
  135. [1:06 PM]
  136. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  137.     right.
  138.     the crown has the means to be wealthy if it were managed well.
  140. [1:06 PM]
  141. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  142.     yeah, and how do you figure?
  144. [1:07 PM]
  145. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  146.     how the fuck couldn't it with all those vassals, cities, trade, taxes.
  147.     material goods
  149. [1:07 PM]
  150. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  151.     The vassals and cities which will just accept surrendering manpower and additional taxes to an ever growing central crown power?
  153. [1:07 PM]
  154. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  155.     it's not managed properly at all, clearly.
  156.     that would be the biggest issue with raising such an army.
  158. [1:08 PM]
  159. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  160.     Yeah way to hand waive that.
  162. [1:08 PM]
  163. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  164.     well I'm saying it would be. doesn't mean they couldn't be made to heel.
  165.     it's the only actual argument you've raised thus far against it.
  167. [1:08 PM]
  168. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  169.     I've raised several, but this seems to be the only one you can actually notice.
  170.     And yeah,
  171.     Its a biggie
  172.     None of the kingdoms are going to surrender their own people and even more taxes to a central power. The only party that benefits is the crown.
  173.     Thats -why- the feudal system works like it does.
  175. [1:09 PM]
  176. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  177.     I'm not even saying they need more taxes.
  179. [1:09 PM]
  180. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  181.     LOL YES THEY DO
  183. [1:10 PM]
  184. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  185.     the crown should be able to fund it without any additional funds. the fact is they're fucked sideways because of decades of mismanagement and glory-seeking council members.
  186.     can you even imagine the combined wealth of westeros, pouring into the capital city?
  188. [1:10 PM]
  189. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  190.     You can't even say that because you don't know. The only thing thats certain si they would if they're to keep up with anything else.
  192. [1:10 PM]
  193. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  194.     I think you underplay that.
  196. [1:10 PM]
  197. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  198.     Yeah the combiend wealth of an entire continent pouring into one city with no challenge just full compliance.
  199.     Yeah I find that hard to imagine.
  201. [1:11 PM]
  202. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  203.     sigh you take the fucking EXTREME logical end of what I'm saying and then try act like I said it.
  204.     you can't debate like that
  205.     disingenuous doesn't being to describe that tactic.
  206.     begin*
  208. [1:12 PM]
  209. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  210.     You literally just said the entire combiend wealth of westeros in one city.
  211.     I literally said that
  213. [1:12 PM]
  214. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  215.     okay, I said it, but that doesn't mean that every fucking penny that someone in westeros makes goes to king's landing, you idiot.
  217. [1:12 PM]
  218. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  219.     LOL
  221. [1:12 PM]
  222. First Year Philosophy Degenerate:
  223.     oh forget it.
  225. [1:12 PM]
  226. A Rational, Sane Human Being:
  227.     Fucking gonna capture this moment
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