AroLucha Report 12/10/17 - J. Sorrells

JamesESorrells Dec 10th, 2017 239 Never
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  1. A very packed house at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena Tonight.
  3. This was announced as a TV taping, but no mention of a network.
  5. The night started with a video of  an assault earlier in the day. We couldn’t see it from our vantage point. It was John Hennigan and Rush jumping Rey Jr
  7. Rey Jr out first to address the crowd. Vows that someone will get a 619. Hombre a Hombre.
  9. Rush and Hennigan out to confront. Rey smashes Johnny’s glasses. They attack and beat down Rey then Penta hits the ring for the save. After clearing, Rey offers hand, Penta fakes and flashes a Ciero Medio in his face. Walks off to a chorus of confusion.
  11. Mr 450 vs Willie Mack (as Willie McClinton) first.
  13. Chops and Slaps traded. A sprinkle of “Uno Mas/One More Time” chants. Mr 450 hits a suicide dive into the rails and Mack comes back hits a somersault plancha to follow up. Lots of chops and slaps back and forth, playing to crowd to warm up. Mack finishes as he catches 450 with a stunner and then a Frog Splash from high in the rafters. Fun opener.
  15. Announcer girl giving a card rundown and Mascarita (fka El Toronto) is spotted in the front row. Demus attacks and the match is on. Lots of spinning and flipping. Mascarita gets a lot of early offense in, including a suicide dive headbutt. Demus tosses him around for a while, bends him over his knees and spanks him. Mascarita hits a flying rana to the outside and follows up in ring with a lot of spinning into a rana that was turned into a roll up. Mascarita takes the victory. A really fun, very competitive mini vs big man match.
  18. He was with one of the Harris Bros most of the night on headsets.
  21. Reby Hardy out to address crowd.
  23. Calls her self the “Ice Queen” and the Dominant Diva of AroLucha. She is a lot about money and power.
  25. She calls out the “Working Class”
  27. Vanilla Vargas & Taya Valkyrie vs Keyra vs Lacey Lane
  29. Winner of the pinfall will face the losing team member that didn’t eat the pin “next week” for the AroLucha Women’s Title.
  31. Tags were nonexistent, they went in and out tornado style, but I think that’s a Lucha thing. Valkyrie hits an implant buster, lots of teamwork spots. Keyra and Lacey Lane win as hey are both pinning Vanilla, then Lacey pulls up at 2. Keyra will face Taya it seems? Finish was kind of awkward.
  33. In what was billed as a surprise, unannounced match Trey Miguel came out to make an open challenge.
  35. Miguel entered first to cut a promo on the crowd. The Fresh Prince of MID Air. He’s a heel, Faking high fives to the kids. Calls Nashville talentless and OUT WALKS COWBOY JAMES STORM.
  37. Siza and Strength advantage to Storm. Miguel holds his own, including a great dive over the ring post to the outside. A standing moonsault gets a two then a flying double knee mounts a two before Storm makes his comeback. Razors Edge Airplane Spin Toss only gets a two. After playing the crowd and a few reversals, Storm nails a Superkick for the pin.
  40. MVP vs Sammy Guevara
  42. MVP out first. Smug look and bass in the music, might be the bad guy. Guevara out second and MVP attacks as he poses to the crowd. Drops him across the guardrail and slides in to start the match. Guevara is high octane, running shooting star for an early two. MVP is just beating him down, choking during the pins, grinding face to the mat. Cocky pins and faking his Jump Shot taunt. Hard hits from MVP including a discus lariat that turns Guevara inside out. MVP misses a big boot and Guevara is in on the offense. Dives to he outside and misses another and  rebounds with a superkick. Dives again, misses, rebounds with a superkick. Third times a charm and nails a cork screw plancha. Back in the ring, Guevara goes for a missle dropkick. MVP pulls the red in front of him and gets DQ’d. MVP beats him down and leaves.
  45. Six Man Action Next.
  47. Jack Edwards (Evans), Hurricane Helms & Maximo vs Garza JR, La Mascara & Daga
  49. Heels Exeter first to boos. Hurricane with the Hurribelt, Jack Evans who handstand walks alll the way to the ring and then Maximo. Crowd LOVES Maximo. Evans and Daga start, trade worst locks and waist locks. Turns into leapfrogs and flips, followed by arm drags and then a stand off. Huge ovation. Hurricane and Msacara next. Maximo wants in but Mascara wants nothing to do with him. Msacara has a spot where he rips his pants off and MaximoREALLY WANTS IN. Gets the tag and plays with his rear. Garza in and loses a shirt and Maximo loves it. On the outside now, Maximo his a running trust fall. Crowd eats it up. Back in RK , Evans and Garza trade high spots and chops.
  51. This is not a Lucha rules tag match.
  53. Evans is attacked while Hurricane tries to save. Evans battles back with a pele kick. Hurricane tags in and hits a reverse DDT. Evans flies, Maximo flies. Chaos ensues until it’s just Maximo and Daga in the crowd. Maximo gets the win after he kisses him and rolls him up for the 3.
  55. Post match dancing and everyone is having a good time. I need to research Maximo because he’s is OVER.
  57. Rey Jr and Penta Zero M vs Johnny Mundo (as John Hennigan) and Rush
  59. Rush out first in Los Ingobernables garb. Hennigan out second, fakes the Bret Hart glasses spot with a kid and keeps them himself. Penta out third, lots of smoke for him. Rey JR out last and this guy is a GOD tonight.
  61. Cero Mideo/619 alternating chants break out and Penta and Rey stare at each other. Everyone shoves and we’re off. Penta and Hennigan start in ring as Rey and Rush brawl outside. Hennigan ties the tassels of Penta’s mask to the ropes and beats him down. Rey is rolled in and they go to work on ripping his mask to a chorus of boos. Penta is tossed into the front row and then Rey is worked over. Hennigan Devils him on the rails as Rush attempts to rip off Penta’s mask.
  63. Penta and Rey start teaming up, superkicks and headscissor takeovers. Hennigan and Rush to the outside and Penta launches Rey in the air to crash on them. Brawling on the outside and Penta nails Hennigan and Rush with a chair. Back in the ring Penta hits Hennigan with a couple of swing blades. Rey Jr checks in and hits a springboard leg drop.
  64. Big impact moves by all 4 to bring the action to a halt. Stereo drop kicks set up stereo 619s. Hennigan is hit and is flipped into a Pentagon springboard Canandian Destroyer! Rey up too for the big splash ending to send the crowd home happy.
  66. Music and Confetti! The crowd LOVES these guys! Rey and Pentagon continue to play the crowd. Tease a handshake but Rey is reluctant. Opposite corners and measuring cheers. Penta exits and leaves Rey with a mic.
  68. Rey botched the name of the town, calling us Memphis. Apologizes to the crowd saying he’s had too many shots to the head.
  70. Says Memphis was last night, but Nashville was fantastic. Thanks the crowd for being part of this crazy idea. Thanks backstage. Locker room. Puts over the talent and Penta returns with a mic and is speaking in Spanish. He brings the locker room out to sing Happy Birthday to Rey Jr.
  73. That’s a wrap. No return date announced.
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