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  1. Figma Yasuo-48
  2. Figma Shimakaze-comes with Goodsmile Bonus-60
  3. Figma Kirino-28
  4. Figma Ayase-28
  5. Figma Kuroneko-28 comes with an extra Kirino body
  6.          Make me an offer for all 3. I have the figma sized school desks if interested.
  7. Figma Ironman-40
  8. Figma Yukikaze-30
  9. Figfix Yukikaze-23
  10.        Make me an offer on both if interested
  11. Figma Angel Statues-40
  12. Figma Link Skyward Sword-35
  13. Figma link a link between worlds ver. - dx edition-40
  14. Figma Samus Other M-50
  15. Figma Zero Suit Samus-50
  16.       Make me an offer for both if interested.
  19. Nendoroid Luka-25
  20. Nendoroid X Full Armor-40
  21. Nendoroid Saitama-35
  22. Nendoroid Kirby-40
  23. Nendoroid Megaman-30
  24. Nendoroid Megaman Metal Blade Ver.-40
  25. Nendoroid Mario-30
  26. Nendoroid Link Windwaker-35
  27. Nendoroid Link Majora’s Mask-35
  29. Bringarts Sora KH3-50
  31. PLUM 1/6 Nymph- make me an offer the box is damaged.
  32. Skytube Astraea-80
  34. Amiibo lot-80
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