Soul Duel Omake- Gash

Sep 11th, 2018
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  1. Alternate Story for Battle Duel: Soul Master: Episode 5: Curses! Gash Strikes back!
  2. What if Gash really was a boy?
  4. - Start the same as the regular duel, from Gash's perspective. Rush through pretty quick, abridged version, but change the girl moments to boy ones. Otherwise same character and events.
  5. - Gash is carded and finds himself in Matt's deck. Amira and the others greet him with disgust and disdain, but say he'll be nejoying it soon.
  6. - Gash like the idea partially, but is wierded out by their fusion addiction forms.
  7. - Matt arrives soon and addresses Gash, who is angry and indignant.
  8. - Matt is his usual self, and says he'll have use for Gash. Gash takes this as fusion and becomes unnerved, calls Matt gay for considering.
  9. - Matt is conflicted, doesn't want to be sexual with Gash, but Amira suggests once fused, Gash might be more appealing. Mat agrees.
  10. - Against his will, gash is fused to a magical girl and turned into Gwyn, the Dark Magical Girl. Shrieks before finishing his own name.
  11. - Gwyn explores herself for a lttle bit in view of the other three. Matt finds her much more appealing like this, grabs her chin, makes Gwyn nervous.
  12. - Maybe grabs her ass, makes her squeal a bit.
  13. - However Matt doesn't fuck with her, he lets Cruel Amira take her frustrations out on her. BDSM whipping followed by massaging and groping by her.
  14. - Doesn't get fused but collapses down in a sexual mess. Wonders over her own fate now.
  17. You hadn't intended this duel to go this way. In fact, you hadn't intended this duel at all. Of any soul duelist you know, it jsut HAD to be Matt in the store today - right when you were on the cusp of success. He just had to be there when you found a way to make Amira yours, and he just had to be here then, right before you challenged Mary. This... man is insufferable! And what's worse is even after you altered your deck to match his - swapping out your regular strategy for something more focused on avoiding his powerful fusions, and attacking him indirectly. Dirty tactics, but dirty is that man's middle name.
  19. You pull what's left of your clothes together and look over your hand. Summong that witch earlier didn't play out that well for you, but you do have another one handy. Well, it's not like losing clothes is the worst thing. You're not a girl after all, despite the messy, long hair. However you didn't exactly wear the manliest underwear today. You cover your pink boxers and and sweep out a card.
  21. "I play Cursed Witch Megan," you announce, as a buxom witch manifests onto the battlefield before you, "When I play this, I must discard 3 cards from my hand, but in exchange, you can either lose four life points or discard two cards!"
  23. You state the effect strong and true. You're not done with this duel yet. That worm of a soul duelist scans his hand with a frown, and ultimately sighs.
  25. "I'll lose the life." He says, gesturing a hand out towards you. Yes! A small victory...
  27. "Great! Next I'll play undead hunger!" You say, activating your next card in an energetic display. "This allows me to banish all the cards in my graveyard, and deal an amount of damage to you equal to the amount I banished!"
  29. A surge of screams call out from the ground, before five burning, red skulls emerge like ghastly spectres of the dead. Their undead jaws clatter, before each one of them surges forth in turn. You watch in absolute glee as Matt flinches from each skull that passes through him. Each skull is another life point down, and step towards victory for you. You release a small chuckle of glee, but that all stops when you hear her speak.
  31. "Oh Gash. It looks like you're losing."
  33. You shake your head and glance up at the cackling figure. The infernal hangar that decorates your field of battle seems to echo with her voice. Her voice... Amra. Yur first love. You remember the countless days of watching her at school, admiring her from afar. You were too timid to approach her most days, and even when you did- he was already there with her. It seems like it's Matt's entire life purpose to steal Amira away from you. But now, he's done something even worse than that. The transmogrified fusion he called Cold-Hearted Amira is hoisted high into the air, and bound with thick, black cables that seem to undulate like a beating heart. She licks her lips and glares down at you with a dark joy.
  35. "It's okay though." She tells you in a cheerful facimile of her old voice. "I'm sure Matt will have so much in store for you. So much fun. So many wonderful fusions." She says, practically orgasming at the word.
  37. You swallow. Your soul is on the line here, it's true. You glance down at your cards and growl in frustration as your hair hangs down in front of your eyes. Get out of the way! Y-You need to concentrate. You blow the hair aside and rub at your eyes before glancing back up at her. You can barely stand to look at Amira's form right now.
  39. "What happened to you Amira? You used to be so nice." You say, with a hint of lament on your tongue. An evil cackle comes back, echoing throughout the facility.
  41. "But Gash... you were why I'm like this." She says in a seductive tone. Your blood runs cold, and you freeze in place. No, this wasn't what you wanted! "And that's why you're going to be one of Matt's cards."
  43. She suddenly descends from the ceiling, and hangs in front of you. Her eyes stare seething, cold daggers into your soul.
  45. "It's ALL your fault." She says, speaking each word as if it were venom. They feel that way too. "You're just facing punishment for your crimes." She adds, before ascending again.
  47. You focus back down on your hand. It's all you can do; your legs are trembling, your throat is closing in. Y-You have to win this, you have to!
  49. "Dammit, okay. Your turn." You say, coneeding to Matt for the time being. The bastard smirks at that.
  51. "Alright. First, I'll summon Hope Tracer Lilly, and then Roboko Riana!" He announces, as two small girls appear onto the field; one a robotic girl, and the other a magical one. The second is Amira's sister no less, although she looks different from what you remember. And it's not just the frilly outfit.
  53. "Yeah! You're going to face Justice!" Lilly says, striking a cute poke.
  55. "Hi! Roboko Riana is here!" The other says.
  57. The two speak their introductions before Matt plays another card. "Next, I'll play Nanite Conversion on Lilly!"
  59. Lily flinches as a series of black tentacles emerge out from a panel in the factory floor.
  61. "Wait! Not again!" She squeals as the tendrils catch hold of her. You watch in a mixture of fear and arousal as the black things snake up her legs, and deep beneath her skirt. The girl moans, and shudders in place, as her skin darkens to a black metallic sheen, lined with red iridescent lights.
  63. "Gah! I've been converted again," she growls, leering down at the metal claws on her fingertips, "you jerk."
  65. "It's alright Lilly," Amira says, lowering herself down with a sadistic grin, "like this you can take on Gash... and crush him!" She adds with a violent urge.
  67. Lily sighs and crosses her arms. "Fine, fine."
  69. "It's not fine..." You whisper, and look down at your cards again. There... must be something. Anything!
  71. "Thanks to the energy Amira's facility produces, I can also fuse Roboko Riana with Lilly!" Matt says, his hand glowing as the Scion of Alchemy shows his power once again.
  73. You hear Lilly clanking and squishing with the sounds of her body reconfugring, but you're far too focused on your cards to watch. Maybe if you play this then that- No, he'd get around that. What if- Agh, but, maybe you could...
  75. "Great! Lilliana! Attack Gash Directly!"
  77. You shake from your focus as you hear your name spoken, and look up just in time to see a jetpack-suited fusion of Riana and Lilly flying directly at you. Then you feel them slam into your chest. You cough out your lungs and stumble backwards onto your rear. Lilliana spins around in the air and returns to her side of the field. You pant and try to regain your breath, before taking a look at your life counter.
  79. One.
  81. No! It can't be that low! I-If you take one more hit you're going to lose. And what's more, this is a Soul Duel. You had the ultimate price on the line; your life. Your very soul, anted up. And now it... it might belong to...
  83. You feel your heart sink and your body move by itself. You throw yourself at the ground and bow your head towards Matt.
  85. "I don't want to lose!" You say, your voice trembling. You duck your head further, hoping it might help in some way. Your eyes feel warm, and very wet. "I don't to. Please!" You whimper and clutch at the ground. "Please just... I'll do anything. Let me win. I-I'll give you the card I win back, I swear!"
  87. You raise your head up and let your tears fall freely, even behind your long, asymmetrical fringe. "Please- Please! Anything, I'll do anything."
  89. You lower your head again and shudder, waiting for the response. Matt doesn't reply, but Amira does.
  91. "Heh, anything? Matt, did you hear that? He said anything." She states, with a smug sadism evident. "So, what are you going to do?"
  93. You look towards the man himself. There is no pity on his face; only scorn.
  95. "This is what Amira felt like when she faced you." He states in a calm, but clear, voice. "This is what you were going to force Mary through. There's only one way you're going to pay for all you've done."
  97. Your heart sinks as he stretches out an arm.
  99. "Liliana... attack!"
  101. You barely feel the hard metal slam into your chest the second time. Your body feels faint even before that, and only grows colder once the barest hint of pain impacts you. You roll back from the impact and skid along the ground; broken and defeated.
  103. "I'm sorry," you cough, barely able to move, "I'm sorry."
  105. As you raise your head, you see the graveyard field surround you. The cold chill of this environment has never hit you like this before. As you attempt to rise, lashing bandages strike out from the moist earth and attack your limbs. They loop around you, bending your lips back and constricting you tight. You struggle fruitlessly against their pull, dragging you back into an ominious-looking container. A sarcophagus, you realize with some horror. You're becoming a card- a horror card.
  107. "Please," you say, turning back to him, "I don't want this!"
  109. "You should never have done this to Amira then." He says back, with his glare the last thing you say before the wrapping cover your face, and seal you into darkness. You scream out a 'No', but it's impossible to tell if any of it gets through.
  111. --------------
  113. The next time light touches your eyes, you feel strange. It's hard to put into words exactly, but you feel a distinct lack of... everything. Your body still feels, and you can see the bleary light of your sarcophagus opening. You can't say exactly what, but it just feels like you're missing something. A piece of you.
  115. A soul.
  117. You gasp and stumble down onto solid ground, gasping for air. The wrappings of your confinement slowly list away into the air, still leaving a trail of them wrapping around you - to preserve some dignity. You shake your head and glance up, to at least see half of some kind of mechanized cityscape. Wow, even your awful fringe carried over to this world? You blow it aside and stumble to your feet.
  119. "This... is Matt's deck?" You ask, surveying the view. What appears before you is the facimile of a bustling metropolis on the edge of a deep jungle. It's quite amazing how well the three tribal themes seem to mix together; a school district holding young magical girls with a high-tech skyline just above, and tribalistic creatures roaming beyond the boundaries of civilisation.
  121. "Oh, here you are." A dull voice sighs. You twist around, prepared to run, when you spy Lilly standing in front you. She's dressed as a schoolgirl; almost the same as she would be were she not a card. You suppose that's about right for a magical girl type.
  123. "Here... I am." You say back, and lower your arms. "I lost the duel."
  125. "Yeah well, even if you were a half-competent duelist... or human," she growls with some disdain, "you still wouldn't have stood a chance."
  127. You frown, but can't exactly blame her. You did card her sister, after all. She can't possibly understand your reasons for doing so; the deep love you hold for Amira, so the anger will have to stay. But you don't have to stand here and take it.
  129. You turn about face and begin to walk directly away from the city. You get a few steps before you feel something tug on you.
  131. "Uh, where are you going?" Lilly asks. You turn back to see her stepping on one of your wrappings, like a piece of clothing snagged in a door. You grunt and wrench it towards you.
  133. "What does it look like? I'm leaving."
  135. "Hah! How? You're Matt's card now, dummy." She points out, taking glee in your 'stupidity'.
  137. "The heck with that!" You shout back as your rage builds. "I'm not going to be anyone's card, let alone a disgusting, perverted bastard like Matthew Cross!"
  139. "Pot calling the kettle black, I see." Lilly mutters, and gags to the side. "Walking in one direction isn't going to magically free you, Gash. All you'll do is end up walking back towards the city. It's a giant loop. On the other hand, if you focus hard, you could manifest next to Matt but-"
  141. "Like I want to be his shoulder ghost." You growl, and continue walking. You hit forest pretty quickly and begin to push through the underbrush. The sound of buzzing insects and distant growls fill the greenery around you. It's... unnerving, but nothing to be worried about. Nothing compared to the horror you're currently in. You push and press, snapping aside branches, until you finally push out into a clearing and stumble free of the brush onto your knees.
  143. "Yes!" You exclaim, and raise your head. "I'm finally-"
  145. You stare at Lilly, who hasn't moved a step. The cityscape is as clear as day behind her. You glance back at the forest and see no sign of your trail.
  147. "Darn magic... deck world." You grumble, dusting yourself down as you rise.
  149. "Yeah." Lilly nods. "Well, see ya."
  151. "Huh?"
  153. You turn your head and see Lilly, walking away from you at a brisk pace. As far as you know, Matt only has two soul cards; her and... Amira. And between the two of them, maybe Lilly is the better option right now. That Amira... scares you.
  155. "Wait!" You call out, and rush after Lilly. She sighs and slows down, allowing you to follow. She doesn't stop though, and refuses to answer any question you have. Eventually you just stop, and continue after her as she walks the sidestreets. After a time, you see her stop off at a small cafe; decorated cutely, but with high-tech equipment and robotic waitresses on rocket rollerskates. They actually look a bit like-
  157. "Rocket Waitress Riana, at your service." One of the maids exclaims, appearing next to you. You jump and release a not-so-manly scream. The robot girl seems unphased. "Would you like to order?"
  159. "Uh, no." You say, grimacing and edging away from her. She smiles and rolls off to serve another customer.
  161. "At least you didn't try to stalk her." A disgusted voice says. You know this one, and you thank god that it doesn't sound nearly as sadistic as during the duel.
  163. "Amira~" You sigh, turning around to see her frowning face beside- NGH!
  165. "Hey Gash." Matt says with a dull expression. He waves one hand at you, and keeps the other one distressingly close to Amira. Or at least, a robotic Amira. Her skin is a pale ceramic white and parted in specific... somewhat lewd places. You shake your shoulders and glare up at him. Dammit, you wanted Amira at your side. Now you're in the same position as her.
  167. Metaphorically speaking, thank god.
  169. "Gross, so he's like stuck in here with us forever now?" Another girl asks. She looks like an exhibitionist; dressed in tribal leathers and thin cloth. You'd swear you can see right up her- Is that Megan!? No way... so he had more than one girl in his 'collection'? No doubt he dressed her up like this as well, the bastard. You would have picked... somewhat more concealing clothes. Definitely.
  171. "Unless I take him out of the deck, I suppose, but that seems a little cruel." Matt grumbles, hand on his chin in thought. Wait, removed from the deck? But then... where would you even be?
  173. "It's exactly what he deserves!" Amira immediately speaks up. "I don't want to be stuck in this deck with him." The way she says 'him' comes out with such bile that even you cringe back in guilt. You... You weren't going to do anything bad with her, you swear. It was just out of love. Maybe a little too eager, but how else were you supposed to react when you learned about your Scion powers? It's not like Matt did any different - he has three girls in here now!
  175. "His tribe doesn't even fit your setup." Lilly adds, reminding you of the conversation.
  177. "Could be a liability, dead weight in a duel." Megan continues, nodding her head and animal nears. You feel a sinking horror in your gut as Matt nods along with them.
  179. "Wait- no, please. Don't remove me. What would even happen?" You ask, clutching at your head. Matt blinks back at you.
  181. "...Uh, I don't know. You'd be stuck in your card?" He replies with a calm shrug. STUCK? Like forever!? How can he be so calm whilst speculating about such a terrifying fate. No, no, no! Being a card is one thing- in fact, it's fine next to... t-to nothing at all! You reach out and grab Matt's shirt, yanking him forward.
  183. "Please! Don't take me out of your deck. I'll... b-be your card or whatever you need." You beg, trying to hide your angry disgust with middling success. Matt winces back from you and grabs your arms, attempting to wrench them away.
  185. "I... guess you could be good for fusions or type changes." He says, conceeding out of pure pity. The girls all blink simultaneously as he mentions this, and with a mixture of smiles on their faces.
  187. "Say, what would his fusion be?" Megan asks, smirking to herself. "It's not like you've fused any male soul cards before, and considering how you fuse- Ooh~" The beast tamer girl giggles to herself in perverse glee, allowing to stare and wonder at her words. 'How he fuses'? How does Matt usually fuse his-
  189. You go white in the face, and quickly jump back from the man. He wipes down his shirt and looks over you again with a keen eye, and a dull glow on his branded hand. S-Suddenly, you start to fear for a lot of things other than your life.
  191. "N-No, anything except fusion. I promise. I-I mean, I'm a guy, aren't I?" You say, chuckling nervously as you pat your flat chest.
  193. "Sure, lets call you that." Amira grumbles, staring daggers at you despite the talk of fusion. Her hands are on Matt's side however, which makes you hiss.
  195. "Y-Yeah, It'd just be weird- even gay to do something like that!" You exclaim, waving your hands. Matt, to his credit, winces as well.
  197. "Yeah, I'm not sure I want to see that either." He mutters back. You hang yourself forward and sigh in relief. Whew, at least he's not THAT perverted. To your surprise however, Amira draws a little closer to him.
  199. "Hm, but it's not like he'd be the same Gash once fused." She says, a hand stroking over her owner's chest. "When we fuse, we combine our traits. Gash isn't the manliest boy, so maybe once fused he might be..."
  201. She pauses and frowns at you. "Slighty... more appealing?" She suggests. To your renewed horror, Matt's eyes widen at the suggestion, and he looks over you again. You quickly pull your fringe aside and growl.
  203. "I'm plenty manly- I'm one of the manliest guys there is! There's no way my fusion would be anything but." You say, angrily asserting yourself.
  205. "Hm, well then I guess there's no point to have you in my deck then." Matt says, shrugging to himself. W-What?
  207. You freeze. This... This can't be happening. You have a way to remain in his deck and escape oblivion but... C-Can you really bring yourself to accept this? To accept him- NO! To accept his fusion! Fusion! T-That's all this is. Fusing cards. Nothing sexual at all. It's Matt, after all; he wouldn't be weird with you. There's no way you'll... f-fuse like Lilly and those black tentacles.
  209. Or like that replication device. Or that... h-hangar.
  211. "Wait, no." You say, and hold out a hand. You pause and grit your teeth. Amira smiles as you tremble to yourself, clearly enjoying the pain you're feeling right now. "I... I'll fuse." You say, spitting the words out like hot rocks. Matt looks at you for a second, as if consulting some unseen third party in his head, before smirking to himself and shifting his shoulders.
  213. "Really?" Matt asks, sounding disappointed. "That's how you're going to say it?"
  215. "Huh?" Your eyes dart back and forth. Did you say something wrong?
  217. "None of the girls want you to be here. I'm actually making them mad by keeping you around. It's a big favor I'm doing you, Gash." Matt explains, placing a hand on his chest, as if explaining something heartfelt. "The least you could do is ask it properly."
  219. "P-Properly?" You cough, unable to believe this.
  221. "Yeah, tell us how much you wanna fuse." Lilly says, joining in with a small grin.
  223. "How much you'd love it." Megan adds, pointing into the air.
  225. "How much of 'Gash' you're willing to let go?" Amira adds; the only one without a smile with some joy on it. Your eyes dart between the three girls. Are they all in on this? Did they plan it? You look towards Matt with a rare hope that he might relent, and feel that hope die when he just smiles as well.
  227. "Come on, Gash. Tell me how much you... want it." He says, struggling with one word. He's not 100% on this, but you get the feeling that watching you humiliate yourself like this is reason enough to push for it. You swallow hard. You don't want to say it. You really don't. But you have no choice.
  229. "...Please fuse me." You say, quietly.
  231. "Lame!" Megan says immediately. Lilly nods along as well.
  233. "Sweeter, Gash. If know what that word is." Amira says, gesturing to you. S-Sweeter? Is she serious- towards him!?
  235. "I.. Pretty p-please, fuse me?" You ask, turning your pitch up a bit. Your cheeks feel hot as you speak these ridiculous words. Matt, on the other hand, only seems to be smirking wider.
  237. "Ah, maybe not sweeter." He says, tapping his chin. He nods and then points to you. "How about you beg?"
  239. You feel your body spasm. "Beg!?" You squeak, your voice cracking. Matt nods to confirm the ludicrous ask. B-Beg to be fused? No way, that would make your dignity dry up like a shrivveled prune.
  241. "Clock's ticking, Gash." Amira reminds you. "Matt can't spent all day in here."
  243. "...ngh!" Every fibre of your being hates this. So much. Lying that you want to fuse is silly, lying to your new 'owner' is humiliating, but begging to Matt of all people is soul-crushing. Maybe oblivion would be better... but there wouldn't be any Amira there. Not like here. Even a hateful Amira is still Amira. You clench your hands and breathe.
  245. "Mat... please keep me in your deck," you say, your voice much softer than before, "I want to fuse. M-more than anything. Please fuse me. I... I-I want it." You say, cringing near the end. The four of them look at you with wide eyes as you finish- and both Lilly and Megan burst out laughing.
  247. "Oh man! I can't believe he said it!" Megan cackles, slapping Matt's back as he winces in pain.
  249. "And so passionately too." Lilly adds, covering her coy smile. "Maybe he really does want to fuse?"
  251. Your entire face burns with humiliating as the two laugh. At least Amira isn't laughing; in fact her face is slightly softer. If that's possible for a robot. Matt, however, has the strangest expression of all.
  253. "Yeah... okay. Maybe you could be good." He mutters quietly... and more than a little strangely. Before he was looking at you like a tool to be used, in an analytical way. Now, his gaze is slightly softer, and seems to linger in certain places. You feel a cold chill run up your back as he smiles. Maybe this was a bad idea...
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