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  1. what annoys me the most about Vivziepop's art is how basic it is, once you take away the fancy colors and texturing. Her style is built entirely off of Jack Skellington proportions and massive poufs of anime glam-rock hair and outfits-- there's not real variety or substance.
  2. if you take her art and break it down she really only knows how to draw ridiculously cartoonish faces and long flowy arms and legs- you can tell she has little to no care about using real life anatomy and form to base her designs on. She's an imitation of an imitation of an imitation.
  4. >be vivziepop
  5. >be 20-something california art school brat
  6. >rich parents and mindless furfags pay for everything in life
  7. >make shitty OC content with no substance and become internet famous
  8. >act like you somehow worked hard for all of this and are an animation prodigy
  9. >charge hundreds for hastily made commissions
  10. >charge $20 for an autograph despite not having any real credentials or resume
  11. imagine being that narcissistic
  13. >attend convention over the weekend which I know I'll get hell for mentioning
  14. >never really pay attention to guests
  15. >find out Vivziepop is a guest who designed the con badges
  16. >instant dislike, but think little of it
  17. >get a text from good friend
  18. >his wife wants an autograph
  19. >really don't want to, but he's a close friend, so I go with it
  20. >see Vivziepop
  21. >acts all professional, but can just feel an aura of smarm and self superiority
  22. >$20 for an autograph
  23. >immediate dismissal after the initial "Thanks"
  24. Never hated getting an autograph so much in my entire life.
  26. >Vivziepop: "I'm not exactly comfortable with my characters being lewded"
  27. >Also Vivziepop: *makes a gay pornstar character, gives katie a huge ass, and cherri a huge rack*
  28. The fuck.
  30. Both of you don't realize this, since you've not been following along, but most of us recognize the absurdity of Hazbin Hotel's premise and characters, the faults of its creator Vivziepop, and its potential for failure.
  31. No one is saying it's perfect and beyond criticism. Definitive proof that no matter how much you make something absolutely fucking terrible and unwatchable, people will still like it if it has waifus. Waifufag culture on 4chan was a mistake.
  33. I mean, vivziepop's art makes my eyes bleed (too stark contrasts), but I still like it.
  34. The right image is full of fucking things that would drive me insane to draw, but there's still a "plan."
  35. But the left is just a rainbow without any design purpose slapped onto the thing.
  37. I added up the duration of the 4* Hazbin clips we have (excluding the credits at the ends), and got 6m 26s.
  38. Vivziepop said the pilot is over 25 minutes (so I guess it’s 25–30m), so there’s still plenty of time to introduce subplots for future episodes.
  39. *Breakdown:
  40. “The Spider In Kinky Boots” – 0m 48s
  41. “Your Fault” – 1m 24s
  42. “Inside of Every Demon Is A Rainbow” – 3m 0s
  43. “Let’s Misbehave” – 1m 14s
  44. Like, what a fucking fuck? She created so little in a 8-9 month straight. By the time being she should made about 35 mins of this shitty show. It's actually pretty easy since she is a talentless hack.
  46. come on where's all the art guys
  47. you'd think drawfags would jump on this
  48. >>103892568
  49. Good luck finding an artist who likes fucking Vivziepop, let alone these dogshit designs
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