Xenos Hunters Session 32

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  10.         antoine The magos slightly bobs up and down on his suspension while stating, "This planet is not suitable for most installations, there are other veins of ore that run through it but none of them are close to the surface."
  11.         Balmung ++How about any large caverns or canyons?++
  12.         antoine "Many of course but there are too many to-" a wailing noise begins to sound as red emergency lighting fills the room, spinning bulbs project cones of orange light around the room as they spin.
  13.         Aslan   growls and looks about angrily
  14.         Balmung ++What's that?++
  15.         Bellerophon     ++What now?++
  16.         antoine The magos straightens, "You must leave, Now!". He spins in place and starts driving away at pace.
  17.         Balmung ++Why is that?++
  18.         Aslan   "Tell us why!"
  19.         Omniel  ++Explain the nature of this emergency, I may be of assistance, Magos.++
  20.         antoine ++It is a private matter, you must not interfere.++
  21.         Bellerophon     ++We are private people. Perhaps we can be of assistance.++
  22.         Anselm  "Explain, or we will find out for ourselves."
  23.         antoine "I cannot."
  24.         Balmung ++Yes you can++
  25.         antoine "I cannot" parrots the Magos once again as he speeds off to the control section out of sight
  26.         Balmung ++After him!++
  27.         Aslan   roars and goes to give chase, a chainsword in one hand whirring
  28.         Navarre will do as command, and chase after Magos.
  29.         Aslan   "Stop, heretic scum!!"
  30.         Anselm  draws his swords, but rather than follow after glances around. ++Brother,++ he says, looking to Balmung, ++something is going on here...++
  31.         antoine The magos continues to speed away as the wailing continues.
  32.         Balmung storms forward after the Magos ++You're making this harder than it should be!++
  33.         Omniel  ++There is a legitimate emergency, it seems. Perhaps it is unwise to prevent him from seeing to the problem?++
  34.         Aslan   gives singleminded, roaring chase
  35.         Omniel  follows after Balmung, at the least determined to get to the bottom of the situation.
  36.         Balmung ++What is the emergency?++
  37.         Omniel  ++Let us accompany the Magos, and find out?++
  38.         Balmung ++Alright++
  39.         Bellerophon     ++This is Bellerophon to the Inquisitors. Come in, over.++
  40.         Bellerophon     tries to raise the ship via vox
  41.         antoine The team follows the Magos as the Inquisitor responds, ++This is Oriel, go ahead.++
  42.         Bellerophon     ++Warning klaxons have begun sounding here at the froundry. The Magos remains tightlipped, or whatever passes as its mouth. Does the ship's augurs read any disturbances in the area?++
  43.         antoine ++None, but a storm is soon to pass over your area, communications or any deep auger scans will be difficult in the near future.++
  44.         Anselm  ++Joffery,++ Anselm calls. ++Prepare your shotgun as a precaution.++
  45.         antoine The ex arbite unslings his shotgun.
  46.         Bellerophon     ++I see. Perhaps that is what the station is detecting, but it seems odd that the only sanctioned facility on-planet would require preperation to weather storms. Perhaps there is more than we know. In the meantime, can you direct the augurs towards the planet? We have found no trace of Hardgrave at the facility. It is entirely possible he has constructed another, seperate facility elsewhere on the planet.++
  47.         Anselm  ++Brother Balmung, shall I begin investigating for any other clues to our quarry's location?++
  48.         antoine ++We have had no indication of another installation on the planet with our augers.++
  49.         Balmung ++Aye take your aide with you++
  50.         Bellerophon     ++Understood. I will report back when we have new information.++
  51.         antoine All bar Anselm follow the magos to his control station, there the magos hurriedly shifts levers and looks intently at the hidden screen behind his console.
  52.         Aslan   points a weapon at the man
  53.         Aslan   "Stop and answer, or I shall tear you apart!"
  54.         antoine The Magos' robes part to reveal a complex weapon sheathed in electricity, the menacing spinning barrel pointing at Aslan as the Magos continues his work.
  55.         Omniel  ++Brother Aslan, I must request that you not use unnecessary force. Killing the Magos, specifically, may be unwise.++
  56.         Navarre ++And he seems capable of defending himself.++
  57.         Bellerophon     ++A storm is approaching. Do not eliminate the Magos responsible for this facility. He will be needed.++
  58.         Balmung grunts ++A snow storm?++
  59.         antoine The wailing changes in pitch several time, about 20 or so seconds between each other.
  60.         antoine several times*
  61.         Bellerophon     ++Such are the facts. Communications and augur scans from the ship will be disrupted until it passes.++
  62.         Balmung ++What's that?++
  63.         Omniel  slowly circles around the console, hoping to get into position to view the screen.
  64.         antoine The magos seems to have resorted to ignoring you all, other than covering you with the whirring electricity gun.
  65.         Balmung ++Omniel what's going on?++
  66.         antoine As Omniel moves around the gun immediately switches to aim at him. A screech of static comes out from the magos
  67.         Omniel  raises his hands. ++Honoured Magos, I do not intend to initiate violence. I merely wish to observe.++
  68.         antoine Another burst of binary is heard
  69.         -->|    Balmung648 (Balmung@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  70.         Omniel  ++Forbidden by whose order?++
  71.         |<--    Balmung has left (Ping timeout)
  72.         antoine Another short burst of binary
  73.         =-=     Balmung648 is now known as Balmung
  74.         antoine As the magos continues to work a blast is heard behind you.
  75.         Balmung ++What is he saying?++
  76.         Bellerophon     ++Translation would be appreciated, Brother.++
  77.         Balmung turns around with his axe ready
  78.         Omniel  ++He says it is forbidden to observe, and forbidden to know why is it is forbidden to observe.++
  79.         Navarre ++I'm going to guess that some form of Martian hierarchy has forbidden him from talking about the tast at hand.++
  80.         Balmung growls loudly
  81.         Bellerophon     pivots and looks around for the explosion/what's left of it
  82.         antoine The blast is out of view but close
  83.         Balmung ++Anselm report++
  84.         Bellerophon     ++It would be prudent to examine. I shall investigate further.++
  85.         Omniel  ++Honoured Magos, I represent the Priesthood of Mars, as well as the Astartes. We are here on official inquisitorial business, to boot. I must inform you how incredibly unwise it would be for you to continue your current course of action, given the situation. My battle brothers may not continue to be so diplomatic, if you do not stand down.++
  86.         Anselm  escapes the blast, and immediately grows alert. ++Joffery!++
  87.         Bellerophon     clomps off in the direction the sound came from
  88.         Anselm  ++This damnedable building is trapped!++
  89.         Balmung ++Bellerophon assist Anselm++
  90.         Bellerophon     ++Have you considered what you think is "trapped," is you foolishly igniting fyceline?++
  91.         Balmung growls and turns to the Magos ++Start talking now before I lose my temper++
  92.         Aslan   sets his chainblade on again
  93.         Aslan   "Talk, damn you! Else I'll let my blade drink deep of your machine-blood!"
  94.         Anselm  ++Joffery! How are your wounds?++
  95.         antoine Joffery's armour around his shoulder is heavily damaged but he seems ok. He states as much
  96.         Anselm  grunts over the vox. ++Be alert! I say sabotage!++
  97.         antoine The floor near Anselm has been blown apart, a 2 metre wide crate left behind
  98.         Bellerophon     ++We heard the first time. I am coming to examine more closely.++
  99.         Bellerophon     homes in on Anselm's location
  100.         antoine The Magos' weapon retracts back behind his robes while a burst of binary is made.
  101.         Omniel  ++He says his orders cannot be countermanded except by Inquisitorial warrant.++
  102.         antoine The crater clears of smoke and a man emerges from it in rags and tattered clothing.
  103.         Bellerophon     ++Then it is fortuitous we are in the company of two Inquisitors.++
  104.         Balmung ++Tell him we have all of the authority we need++
  105.         Aslan   points his sword at the man emerging
  106.         Bellerophon     ++I advise contacting them with haste. There is no telling how quickly the storm will besiege us here.++
  107.         Bellerophon     ++Contacting him. Tellion is off on business with Sinbad.++
  108.         antoine He coughs and splutters as his weak knees see that he falls to his side, arms raised to show submission. You spot a set of numbers tattooed on his right forearm.
  109.         Anselm  ++What in the name of...++
  110.         Balmung ++What is it?++
  111.         Aslan   stomps on over to the falling man, chainblade still whirring
  112.         Aslan   ++Is this man our target?!++
  113.         Bellerophon     focuses his autosenses on the man, and runs him through his recognition table
  114.         antoine For those who had read their briefing, the man does not look like Hardgrave.
  115.         Omniel  keeps his gaze fixed on the Magos, untrusting of the man.
  116.         Balmung ++Find out what he knows I'm going to check on Anselm++
  117.         Omniel  ++Have we managed to contact Inquisitor Tellion?++
  118.         antoine The man falls to the floor, collapsing into unconsciousness.
  119.         Bellerophon     ++Tellion is no longer with us. She is away with Sinbad on Inquisition business.++
  120.         Bellerophon     ++Oriel remains with us. Shall I attempt to hail him?++
  121.         Omniel  ++My mistake. Oriel, then?++
  122.         Bellerophon     tries to contact Oriel through the vox again
  123.         Bellerophon     ++The Magos proves reticent. It is under orders that only an Inquisitor can unseal regarding its suspicious operations. Can you override its behavior?++
  124.         Aslan   clips his chainsword to his back, powers his fist, and examines the fallen man with his Apothecary tools
  125.         antoine ++I do not have a warrant with me. If he is under Inquisitorial orders it is logical to conclude those orders are from Hardgrave, you must find out more.++
  126.         Bellerophon     ++I see. We will attempt to work around it. Is the warrant process lengthy?++
  127.         Navarre ++We can not override his orders, but perhaps we can remove the implant that has him under such orders?++
  128.         antoine ++Yes, I would need another Inquisitor at least, possibly the Master of the Ordo's seal.++
  129.         Navarre would scan the magos' body.
  130.         Balmung growls
  131.         Bellerophon     ++I see. I shall forward any progress we make.++
  132.         Anselm  snarls irritably over the vox. ++We are wasting time. Brother! Should we not begin looking elsewhere?++
  133.         Omniel  ++I agree. If violence is not an option, and the Magos will not assist us, then we must work around him.++
  134.         Aslan   picks up the man with his marine-sized right hand by the neck of his tattered robe
  135.         Aslan   ++This mortal man...he is weak, and tortured and lacking in sustenance. What shall I do with this wretch? He still lives, but is some sort of menial slave, I assume.++
  136.         Balmung ++Alright leave him we continue to search the facility he's hiding something++
  137.         antoine As the smoke clears from deeper in the crater a hole appears, a little over a metre wide.
  138.         Omniel  ++How did he arrive here?++
  139.         Balmung motions to the hole ++There's a passage down there++
  140.         Anselm  ++He came through the explosion field.++
  141.         Navarre ++Ah ha! He has a volition implant! Omniel, can you scribe a memetic to deal with it?++
  142.         Omniel  ++A volition implant? Odd. I could, but we would certainly have a struggle implementing it.++
  143.         Balmung ++Just do it++
  144.         Navarre ++It's either that or we perform surgery.++
  145.         Bellerophon     ++Remove his battery?++
  146.         Navarre ++It's not a battery, perse. A potentia coil is something so much more. Think of the fusion reactor in your backpack, Ultramarine. Now put it in your chest.++
  147.         Bellerophon     ++It was a joke.++
  148.         Aslan   lays the man against the wall, and ponderously stomps over, palming a small object to Balmung
  149.         Omniel  ++Violence against a servant of the Omnissiah may prove unwise - and were I to disable his volition implant, there is no guarantee he would be willing to assist us afterwards.++
  150.         Aslan   ++The thrall, he had this card key hidden in a surgicalflesh-pocket.++
  151.         Navarre ++Could have fooled me.++ He looks at the magos. ++Look at it like this, Omniel. Someone put in an implant designed to alter his very thoughts an actions. Upon a magos, one of the highest servants of the Machine God. Leaving it remain is a sin against his true flesh, is it not?++
  152.         Balmung ++Wait++
  153.         Balmung ++There was a tunnel in the blast hole am I correct++
  154.         Aslan   ++Into the veins of the planet, then?++
  155.         Balmung ++Aye I beleive our little friend came from there++
  156.         Omniel  ++That is true, Brother Navarre. However, it may not have been implanted against his will. There are legitimate uses of such things.++
  157.         Navarre ++For Acolytes of an inquisitor. Thralls of a Rogue Trader, but a magos?++
  158.         Balmung ++We should inspect the tunnel++
  159.         Aslan   ++Good. We will find the heart of our mission in the depths of the planet's veins then, and rip it from its coward's hole.++
  160.         Omniel  ++I agree. For now, we may simply work around the Magos. Should we find evidence of his complicity, then I will gladly deal with him.++
  161.         Balmung ++Good++
  162.         Bellerophon     ++Into the rabbit hole, then.++
  163.         Aslan   ++What's a rabbit?++
  164.         Navarre ++I believe it's a burrowing insect of some type found on certain high gravity worlds orbiting blue stars.++
  165.         Balmung ++We're hunting rats not rabbits++
  166.         Aslan   ++An insect? Disgusting.++
  167.         Bellerophon     ++Nevermind.++
  168.         Bellerophon     hops into the hole
  169.         Omniel  ++Whatever kind of Xenos, I believe the idea was to enter the tunnel.++
  170.         antoine Balmung and Aslan, push their way through the rubble to enter a tunnel beneath the floor of the main installation. A bulkhead door stands before them about 10 meters down the unadorned and unpainted hall. Just dull metal sheets cover the surfaces of the tunnel.
  171.         Balmung ++Omniell we need your assistence++
  172.         Omniel  moves up, readying his shears. ++Understood.++
  173.         Aslan   , at the rear, fires a webber at the Magos
  174.         Aslan   "A parting gift, heretic!"
  175.         Omniel  goes to work on the door as always.
  176.         antoine Omniel works open the door, to the view of another bulkhead of identical shape and size
  177.         Bellerophon     ++How droll.++
  178.         Balmung ++I think we might be close++
  179.         Omniel  ++I hope so.++
  180.         Omniel  starts in on this one as well.
  181.         antoine Omniel works to open the door, this time to the sounds of wailing and battle. The beyond the broken bulkhead is a metal grated floor with a railing. The room is large with an identical set of railings on the other side. Below there are several more levels of the same make. On the opposite wall are multiple doors, the same identical set up continues to your left and right and on every level...
  182.         antoine ...below you. Stairs allow up and down access.
  183.         Omniel  ++Interesting...++
  184.         Bellerophon     ++From where is the sound coming?++
  185.         antoine The sound seems to be coming from below. Abruptly a klaxon sounds and there are a series of mighty clangs, whirring gears and retracting bolts as every single door in this complex opens in unison.
  186.         Bellerophon     ++I have a bad feeling about this.++
  187.         Navarre ++I believe I can guess what this facility is...++
  188.         Balmung ++Let's go see what the commotion is++
  189.         Omniel  engages his auspex, scanning nearby for life-signs.
  190.         antoine A diverse set of people begin to emerge from the doors. Children, adults, men and women of all ages.
  191.         Navarre ++Well, this does not look so bad.++
  192.         Omniel  ++A detainment facility of some kind?++
  193.         Balmung ++Possibly, let's head down further++
  194.         Bellerophon     ++Perhaps.++
  195.         Bellerophon     examines the humans in closer detail with his autosenses
  196.         Navarre ++It seems. But of mortals. I was almost expecting slavering hordes of tyranids.++
  197.         Balmung ++Omniell does this facility use human labor?++
  198.         Omniel  ++It seems unlikely. And they do not appear to be fit for labour. Servitors would be more suited to such tasks.++
  199.         Bellerophon     climbs down the steps in an effort to interact with the humans
  200.         antoine Those who emerge seem to have gaunt faces, the same rags as the man you met earlier. There are shouts and gunshots from far below, shotguns blasting away in a quick succession.
  201.         Bellerophon     removes his helmet to lessen the terrifying Astartes effect
  202.         Balmung ++Any vox activity?++
  203.         Navarre ++I would say that Anselm found something.++
  204.         Balmung ++Aye we should catch up with him++
  205.         antoine A child that crawled out of a chamber next to you looks up in horror at the giants that stand before him
  206.         Navarre ++What about the humans?++
  207.         Balmung looks down and offers a hand to the child
  208.         Bellerophon     "Be calm. We are here to help."
  209.         Balmung ++If you can still raise the inquisitor inform him we found civilians++
  210.         Omniel  ++While unusual, I do not believe a secret Inquisitorial detention facility can be considered clear evidence of Hardgraves' wrongdoing...++
  211.         Balmung ++We might find something down here that proves it though, let's get moving++
  212.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  213.         Bellerophon     walks towards the people pouring (filing?) out of the pens and tries to communicate with them
  214.         antoine As the child bellerophon retreats from him, she shouts words that hurt your ears and ghostly apparitions appear all around you, lost comrades, old enemies, all of them coming back to haunt you.
  215.         Balmung ++Wytches?++
  216.         Bellerophon     :<s
  217.         antoine Cackling laughs and demented cries are soon heard by the detainees throughout this wing of the prison.
  218.         Navarre ++Why is it never easy?++
  219.         Balmung ++Omniell can you inform the Inquisitor we have found wytches++
  220.         Omniel  ++I can attempt to.++
  221.         antoine Along your railing a group of men, one with four eyes, one with a mouth where he right hand should be and the last with a stump where his head should be and a pair of elongated bone blades instead of forearms approach.
  222.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Anselm, Omniel, Bellerophon, NPC, Navarre”
  223.         Bellerophon     "Perhaps it was a mistake removing my helm."
  224.         Navarre ++Perhaps it was a mistake coming down here.++
  225.         Omniel  ++At least this is some good evidence.++
  226.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Anselm, Omniel, Xavier, Bellerophon, NPC, Navarre, Joffery”
  227.         Bellerophon     "How shall we proceed? I do not have sufficient ammunition stores to eliminate an entire penal colony."
  228.         Anselm  closes the gap with the nearest of the abominations, and opens an assault upon it.
  229.         Balmung ++Kill the ones who attack us and ignore the rest.++
  230.         antoine As the ghosts close in Xav books it and tries to run the way you originally came.
  231.         Bellerophon    
  232.         Bellerophon     shouts at him to stop
  233.         Navarre ++Understood.++
  234.         antoine Instead of running, he merely halts in place. Frozen in terror.
  235.         Bellerophon     considers this a small victory
  236.         antoine Anselm cleaves the little girls in twain, the power sword was as thick as her forearm. The strike obliterated her.
  237.         Omniel  switches his gaze from the girl towards the three mutants, sending a fusillade of fire in their direction.
  238.         antoine Omniel's plasma barrage badly hurts but does not kill the bone-arm mutant.
  239.         Bellerophon     guns down the remaining mutants with extreme prejudice
  240.         antoine The three mutants rush towards Joffery but the ex-arbite holds his ground
  241.         |<--    Balmung has left (Quit: Balmung)
  242.         -->|    Balmung (Balmung@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
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  244.         Navarre takes a brief aim with his bolter on the headless one. Kraken rounds all around!
  245.         Navarre Scratch that! He would draw his power sword and charge into melee!
  246.         antoine Navarre cleaves the headless mutie in a single stroke
  247.         antoine Aslan appears behind you, his armour blackened by a blast of some kind.
  248.         antoine He slams a powerfist into the Handmouth mutie and winds him but does not kill the abomination.
  249.         antoine The ex-arbite fires off a trio of shotgun shells at the mutants but they dodge with consummate ease.
  250.         antoine He slams a powerfist into the Handmouth mutie and kills the abomination.* (retcon)
  251.         antoine Balmung moves in and plunges his axe into the back of foureyes.
  252.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Anselm, Omniel, Xavier, Bellerophon, Navarre, Aslan, Joffery”
  253.         antoine Xavier snaps out of his terror, gingerly returning to the group
  254.         antoine Below the sound of shotguns and bolt weapons can be heard, as are the howls of a mob of detainees coming from the same area.
  255.         Balmung ++Keep moving++
  256.         Aslan   rumbles with anger, and moves close, a powerfist and chainblade ready
  257.         Anselm  steps up to his serf. ++Fine work, boy. How are you holding?++
  258.         Navarre cycles the field on his sword, getting all the ichor off. ++I think I really like power swords.++
  259.         antoine Joffery reloads his shotgun while looking downcast in shame.
  260.         Omniel  ++Where to now?++
  261.         antoine The shotguns below go silent while the bolt weapons continue to roar at the mob.
  262.         Bellerophon     puts his helmet back on
  263.         Bellerophon     ++To contain this...insurgency. We shall mete out justice once the situation is stable.++
  264.         antoine The rest of the detainees on your level head downwards, running and jumping down stairs to be away from you as quickly as possible.
  265.         Balmung ++Let's find out who's doing the shooting++
  266.         antoine With a closer inspection the rooms the prisoners were held in are padded and seamless.
  267.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  268.         Omniel  gets moving, heading down the row of cells.
  269.         antoine The group continues to move down to the sound of hymns being sang from the bowls of this wing of the prison. The female voices holding perfect pitch and tone while the bark of bolters overlays the holy words passing their lips.
  270.         Balmung ++Sisters?++
  271.         Navarre ++Seems like.++
  272.         Navarre ++We should probably avoid telling them we let them all go.++
  273.         antoine "Emperor, let Your undeniable light burn on the misshapen and the twisted, so I can see them with pure sight, and purge them with righteous fire!"
  274.         Aslan   roars with anger
  275.         Omniel  ++An interesting turn of events. What might Sisters be doing here?++
  276.         Aslan   "There are heretics! Let us purge them!"
  277.         Balmung ++Should we go introduce ourselves?++
  278.         Navarre ++Perhaps they were put into some form of cryo sleep incase an escape happened?++
  279.         Bellerophon     ++Not yet.++
  280.         Balmung ++Or they are working with Hargrave++
  281.         antoine A huge firestorm erupts below, the bright light enveloping the sparks of light that were the bolters firing.
  282.         Bellerophon     ++Hardgrave, or another lackey of the Hereticus, must be near.++
  283.         Navarre ++Either way, they are under attack. We should go assist them.++
  284.         Balmung grunts ++Aye++
  285.         antoine After a lot of running you finally get to the last set of stairs, there is only a single squad of sisters now, they stand over the fallen while firing their bolt pistols as a last resort against the mutants that hide behind metal grating and columns as cover. The next push will likely be enough to kill the sisters.
  286.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Anselm, NPC, Omniel, Xavier, Bellerophon, Navarre, Aslan, Joffery”
  287.         Navarre ++Time to go in firing lads!++
  288.         Anselm  ++Of all the petty agencies of mortal men, the Sororitas are the most useful. I will not stand for this!++
  289.         Bellerophon     :|s at the sight.
  290.         Omniel  ++We are just in time!++
  291.         antoine A man with a mishapen head and a body sheathed in fire turns towards you as you approach, his friends or servants act as bodyguards to surround him.
  292.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Anselm, NPC, Omniel, Xavier, Sisters, Bellerophon, Navarre, Aslan, Joffery”
  293.         Anselm  rockets forward on his jump pack to protect the Sororitas against their foes.
  294.         Navarre ++Brother Ultramarine, I am sure this would be the right time to unleash the Emperor's Wrath.++
  295.         Anselm  cuts into the mutants with a wide slice of his blade, roaring in fury.
  296.         antoine The fire wreathed psyker ignites another conflagration that erupts outwards, consuming the mutants next to him and spreading to cover you as well.
  297.         Bellerophon     gets out of the way
  298.         Balmung steps out of the way of the fire
  299.         antoine Joffery ducks into a nearby cell but the shaken Xavier is hit by the full force of the blast, his charred form is thrown off the railway and onto the floor below with a crunch.
  300.         Aslan   shields his face with his power fist, and jumps backwards with an outraged scream
  302.         Navarre manages to get out of the way.
  303.         antoine The sisters drag their wounded back into the control terminal they were holding just in time
  304.         |<--    Balmung has left (Quit: Balmung)
  305.         -->|    Balmung (Balmung@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  306.         Bellerophon     remains silent as he lets his heavy bolter do the talking as he guns down the psyker and his pack
  307.         Balmung walks towards the Sisters
  308.         antoine The psyker is cut down by the rapid fire heavy bolter, the fires extinguish themselves with his death.
  309.         antoine The sisters are tending to their wounded and praying over their dead as you enter.
  310.         Anselm  sheathes his blades and moves to the Sororitas.
  311.         antoine The room they are in is the prison block control room, the controls are smashed almost beyond recognition by a wrathful attack.
  312.         Balmung ++Aslan and Navarre see to their wounded++
  313.         Omniel  checks over his weapon thoroughly, obviously displeased through not much worse for wear.
  314.         Aslan   shakes out his body from the fires, and moves over to the Battle Sisters
  315.         Balmung turns to the sisters ++Where is your commander?++
  316.         Bellerophon     ++Their wounded? What about ours. Mine.++
  317.         Navarre ++Yes sir.++ He would go to tend to the Sororitas' wounded.
  318.         antoine The sister holsters her bolt pistol as she stands and holds a hand to her helm for a moment before responding, "I cannot reach her. She was conducting a purge in C block."
  319.         Bellerophon     ++And which block is this?++
  320.         Navarre ++How many blocks are there?++
  321.         antoine Aslan manages to sooth the pain but not much else for the downed sisters.
  322.         antoine "This is A block, there are four in total. B and D are secure but C is almost completely overrun."
  323.         Balmung ++We should head there then++
  324.         antoine As you pick your way through the area the bodies of the usual guards, shotguns clutched in their burnt hands lie amongst the dead mutants.
  325.         Omniel  ++What is the nature of this place? Sisters, you seem to know more of it than we do.++
  326.         Bellerophon     ++And am I correct to assume this is an Ordo Hereticus facility?++
  327.         antoine As Omniel approaches the sister removes her helm, a quizzical look on her face. "You were killed on Carthoga she states matter-of-factly."
  328.         Bellerophon     removes his helmet too
  329.         antoine Navarre however provides a much higher standard of care for those present
  330.         Balmung grins under his helmet ++Yes we were++
  331.         Bellerophon     "And yet I feel very much alive."
  332.         Balmung ++We were never hear++
  333.         Navarre ++State secret, Sisters.++
  334.         antoine She looks between Omniel and Bellerophon. "You were the gunner and driver of that Razorback."
  335.         Omniel  ++It is complicated.++
  336.         Omniel  ++You are from Inquisitor Hardgraves' entourage, isn't that correct?++
  337.         Bellerophon     "And you are one of the Bloody Roses we saved that day."
  338.         antoine She nods slowly before turning to Bellerophon, "Yes this is facility is under the control of Ordo Hereticus. Well, it was until the breakout."
  339.         Navarre ++When did the break out start?++
  340.         antoine "Not 20 minutes ago."
  341.         Navarre ++Good thing we arrived when we did.++
  342.         Omniel  ++There are psykers incarcerated here...++
  343.         antoine "Yes, from the purges."
  344.         Omniel  ++Purges?++
  345.         Bellerophon     "And your Canoness is trapped on Block C?"
  346.         Navarre ++Are you suggesting a rescue operation, Brother?++
  347.         antoine "I do not know if she is trapped. The purges conducted on world infested with heresy."
  348.         Bellerophon     "As distasteful a man and agent Hardgrave is, it is against what I am to let a servant of the Imperium die when I might have prevented that."
  349.         Navarre would go and treat Bellerophon and his serf.
  350.         Omniel  ++Why were these unsanctioned psykers merely detained? Should they not be executed, or placed aboard the black ships? It seems illogical to keep them here.++
  351.         antoine "The Inquisitor required them to live a short while to help hunt down their accomplices."
  352.         Bellerophon     "How remarkably foresighted."
  353.         Bellerophon     "Where is Hardgrave now?"
  354.         antoine "I do not know."
  355.         Bellerophon     "Did he not accompany you on planet?"
  356.         antoine "Yes, but I last saw him in the main control room, he could be anywhere in the complex by now."
  357.         Balmung ++Maybe your cannoness knows his location++
  358.         Bellerophon     "Perhaps. But first we would need to find Isabella."
  359.         antoine "That is likely. We should move quickly then. This area is cleansed."
  360.         Bellerophon     "Either way, we must move."
  361.         Bellerophon     reseats and reseals his helmet
  362.         Balmung ++Aye let's go++
  363.         antoine Xavier slowly comes around, his power armour blackened by the blast, he limps behind the team as the sisters lead you onwards.
  364.         Omniel  falls in with the others.
  365.         antoine Moving through the bleak prison, now covered in blood, blast marks, emtpy casings and discarded equipment you finally make it to block C. The bulkhead doors already sealed by melta gel.
  366.         Balmung ++Open it up++
  367.         antoine The sister calls back, "Likely sealed on my cannoness' order to prevent the escape of prisoners if their failed to contain the threat."
  368.         Balmung ++Is there any contact on the vox from her?++
  369.         antoine "No, nothing. Just static."
  370.         Balmung ++Then we open it++
  371.         Bellerophon     positions himself into the optimal shooting position for when the doors open
  372.         antoine Balmung's melta charge makes short work of the door but leaves the rest of the area intact, inside the smell of unwashed bodies is thick, but it is overwhelmed by the coppery taste of blood in your mouth and female screams of pain.
  373.         antoine The sisters rush in at that sound, drawing bolt pistols and spreading out.
  374.         Balmung ++We should move weapons ready++
  375.         Aslan   breathes heavily, intoxicated by the horrible scent
  376.         Aslan   "This a"
  377.         Bellerophon     steps through the rend in the door, scanning for targets
  378.         Balmung grunts and moves into the cell block with his axe ready
  379.         antoine The further go in the worse it gets, the ground is slick with gore and fecal matter while the crunch of bones reverberate through your feet as you advance.
  380.         antoine Finally you reach the block proper, The sisters have been strung up on the railings, stripped of their weapons and their bodies poked and prodded by vengeful detainees. On the ground level is a mob of massive mutants, this was likely the section devoted to those who mutation granted significant size and strength.
  381.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Balmung, Anselm, Omniel, Xavier, Sisters, Bellerophon, Navarre, NPCS, Aslan, Joffery”
  382.         antoine Each one is a misshapen brute, some grotesquely warped while others are downright hideous, their bodies barely subscribing to a humanoid notion of proper proportions. Out of this group however there are three pack leaders, each standing four meters tall with faces contorted into visages of utter rage and hatred.
  383.         Bellerophon     ++There is a reason I travel in numbers.++
  384.         Bellerophon     ++I will engage the largest specimens. Focus on exterminating the rest.++
  385.         Balmung fires a grenade into the horde of brutes
  386.         Anselm  tightens his grip on his swords, and charges against one of the leaders, bellowing in hate and fury.
  387.         Omniel  opens up, hosing the horde with a heavy hail of hits.
  388.         antoine Xavier and the Sisters fire into the crowd with hellgun and bolt pistol to no avail, the monsters howl in laughter at the complete lack of impact.
  389.         Bellerophon     engages his autotargeters on the three largest mutants as he pulls the trigger on his heavy bolter
  390.         antoine Bellerophon punishes two of the leaders who are still standing after the attack while cutting down the leader in close combat with Anselm.
  391.         Aslan   yells in scorn, "Where is your target priority?! We are to be beset on all sides by the rabble, and you target the slow-witted ones?!"
  392.         Bellerophon     sliiiiiiides out of the way like those Ultramarines on that cover of Rogue Trader
  393.         antoine The two leaders rush bellerophon and are soon followed by the massive mob, they crash into the space marine line that is protecting the humans behind.
  394.         Bellerophon     ++The "rabble," that is over twelve feet tall, yes.++
  395.         Bellerophon     ++You are welcome.++
  396.         Omniel  keeps his torch in reserve, deploying it on the horde as they advance to further thin their ranks.
  397.         Bellerophon     flies backward, over twice the span of an average human in terms of travel
  398.         antoine Joffery takes the two frag grenades from his belt before lobbing them at the horde of mutants, the effect is instantaneous and dramatic, nearly a third of their number are torn to ribbons.
  399.         antoine Balmung's response to the mutants is furious and unrelenting, his poweraxe is just a flash of steel leaving behind decapitated bodies. The brutal killing is without remorse as the space wolf lops off heads and limbs at a frightening rate. In a few short seconds a mere two smaller mutants remain next to their bulkier leaders.
  400.         Anselm  grunts in irritation moderated by the pleasure of his serf's efficiency, and crosses to the next oversized creature, blade ready to lance.
  401.         Anselm  topples the abomination over, driving his power sword deep into whatever equivalent of a sternum its oversized form might have.
  402.         Omniel  gets to work with his servo-arm, finishing off the last pair of mutants that had swarmed them.
  403.         Bellerophon     returns the favor to the mutant with 8 rounds of heavy bolter ammo
  404.         antoine The block falls silent except for the groans of pain of strung up sisters as the last of the massive mutants are destroyed.
  405.         Aslan   shakes out himself, almost vibrating with rage, then thunders over to Bellerophon
  406.         Omniel  indicates with his servo-arm the hanging Sisters. ++Can anything be done for them?++
  407.         Aslan   "Are you alive or dead? Stay silent if alive, as that I may take your progenoids."
  408.         Bellerophon     ++What? I live yet.++
  409.         Aslan   "Brace."
  410.         Aslan   slams his narthecium tools into his wounds
  411.         Bellerophon     is unhappy with his bedside manner
  412.         Aslan   does his bloody work
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