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  1. Your name is Aidoia Klaioa and you are a FEMALE TROLL.
  3. Your face is adorned with a HEAVY GAS MASK, with tinted lenses over the eyes. You never take this item off in public, and are very careful about showing your face to others. You are SECRETIVE about your actual "identity", and while people know your name, you never show your actual face. You are simply too 'shy', if shy is the right word. It is, to most, a mental disorder. While, you are very CAPABLE of taking your MASK off and showing your face, it is simply a matter of interest. Others would not know this, despite that you constantly state this when others call it a "mental disorder".  And to reiterate, there is nothing 'wrong' with your face. Others think there is, though, and that you just don't want to tell them what it is. No matter how much you insist it is not that way.
  5. You are very PARANOID, and your hive is barricaded. Heavily reinforced, secure, and impenetrable. Or at least you hope so, given that no one has even tried to get into your hive.  You have set up many defenses, mostly TRAPS and BARRICADES. You have, in this, taken an interest into a form of ENGINEERING, which mostly involves making TRAPS and simple devices. Your most prized possession came from this, which is the GAS MASK that  is always on your face. You built it yourself, and adorned it with various designs, mostly which look like "wounds" on the cheeks and such, colored to look like scratches dripping CERULEAN blood.
  7. With THAT SAID, your blood color is a fine CERULEAN color. You are very proud of it, and you find it to be a pretty color. You don't shove it into others' faces, though, given that you're too SCARED to go near enough to anyone's face to shove it there. But, you are very proud to say what it is when people ask. Not that you want to shove it in anyones face! ono
  8. You are rather KIND, but you're easy to AGGRAVATE or send into flying ranges. You sometimes, but rarely, nonchalantly speak of very violent acts. It is not like that is uncommon for your race, anyways. You are HIGHLY capable of violence, but you are not strong in the least. Not at all. Generally, you try to remain calm and kind. You are skilled at knowing when someone can KICK YOUR ASS, too, which is 50% of the time, at least.
  10. Another of your INTERESTS, now that we are past all of that, is RESEARCH, and SCIENCE IN GENERAL. Your respiteblock is adorned with lovely bookshelves covered in books of just about any field in science. Not that you could ever read them all, but they're all available to you, and that makes you feel GOOD, with all that knowledge in your respiteblock. It is ALSO adorned with lots of PAPERS. Mostly, notes you have taken and things you have written. Same with the desktop of your HUSKTOP, it is covered in text documents full of notes and other things.
  12. Another of your interests is CHEMISTRY. You are an avid chemist, and you hope you are very GOOD at what you do. You have many various tools sitting about on desks, and you often get your chemicals from TRADERS. Your hive is very close to a road through a group of mountains, and thus traders often come through on their way to another region. You use this to your advantage, buying BOOKS or CHEMICALS or SPARE PARTS.
  14. Your final interest is SPELUNKING. Your hive is located above a series of caves, and you often go into them to explore and marvel at what is inside. You have renovated small parts near the entrance with more BOOKSHELVES and DESKS, often meant to be "research outposts" for your expeditions. There is more to the cave and that bugs you so, given that your ability to move through the cave CUTS OFF at a great magma pit, and at the other side, there is a tunnel that seems to go deeper. You have, to date, not found a way across this pit.
  16. Your chumhandle is defensiveResearcher, and you Speak;i-in;a;rather;h-hesitant;manner. ono
  18. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  19. -Sign is for Egeria.
  20. -Short, 4'9.
  21. -B-cup breasts.
  22. -Two liprings, earrings running up both ears.
  23. -Often wears hoodie bearing sign, black jeans, basic boots, and gas  mask.
  24. -Shoulder length, straight hair.
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