healing concussions in a 10 year old boy

Feb 16th, 2017
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  1. healing concussions in a 10 year old boy
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  3. drswnd
  4. Message 1 of 7 , Feb 10 1:50 PM
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  6. HI pediatric fans
  7. Any pearls on healing a series of concussion in a 10 year old boy?
  8. Intermittent debilitating HA and an insatiable hunger w weight gain since the first hit.
  9. Im doing cranio, thinking about adrenal support, high DHA fish oil, Nueroflam to heal the BBB and a hp protocol but wondering if there are some cool treatments esp for kids?
  10. I usually do what ends up being a bitter tincture brew that always works but I can't do that to this sweet boy. specific pediatric ideas?
  12. thank you group mind!
  13. Sharon Woodard ND
  14. Portland, the heart of the resistance, Oregon
  18. Amy Rothenberg
  19. Message 2 of 7 , Feb 11 8:48 AM
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  21. Remember a good constitutional homeopathic remedy. While it’s true that some people will need Arnica or Natrum sulphuricum even long periods of time after a head injury, I like to encourage my homeopathy students to remember that any stress including a concussion causing head injury) can be just another stress for that person & they may just as soon respond well to their constitutional homeopathic remedy. There are clear ways to know whether a person needs a true acute remedy or rather another dose of or an initial dose of their constitutional remedy. If you are not using homeopathy or don’t feel skilled enough finding a constitutional remedy, consider sending this little guy to someone who can. Kids love remedies and compliance is pretty close to 100% :)
  22. Prescribe as broadly as possible for the whole person.
  23. xoxo AMY
  25. Dr. Amy Rothenberg
  26. President, MA Society of Naturopathic Doctors:
  30. Dr. Neil McKinney
  31. Message 3 of 7 , Feb 12 10:42 AM
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  33. I have had a lot of success with brain injuries, and stroke recovery with omega 3 oils, grapeseed extract, B-complex – with methyl cobalamin and MTHF, magnesium. Grapeseed is underappreciated in this context, restoring the blood brain barrier and healing reperfusion injury, increasing NOx, etc. Use 400-600 mg daily. Acetyl-L-carnitine is great to restore energy production and cognition, but is contraindicated if any history of seizures, Other mitochondrial support should be considered in those cases.
  35. Dr. Neil McKinney, ND Victoria BC
  36. Naturopathic Physician
  41. Melanie Whittaker
  42. Message 4 of 7 , Feb 12 11:09 AM
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  44. Arnica, arnica, arnica!!! You can go 30C twice a day for a week and see what happens. Nat suplh is very specific or head trauma expecialy with mental impairement. You can use that after the arnica, same dosing. These can also be given right after injury or even years later. Remember, the body holds memory and that is what we are trying to dissolve here.
  46. Melanie Whittaker, ND
  47. Stanwood, WA
  53. Zia Robles Hernandez
  54. Message 5 of 7 , Feb 13 1:09 PM
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  56. Also, you may consider adjunt LENS biofeedback and/or Buteyko breathing technique…
  58. Dr. Zia L. Robles Hernandez
  59. Naturopathic Physician
  60. Natural Elements Medicine
  64. dr_bier_portsmouth_nh
  65. Message 6 of 7 , Feb 13 6:41 PM
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  67. We have been dealing with a concussion in a family member that has taught us many lessons.
  69. Something that has been incredibly helpful is neurofeedback. He wouldn't have to do anything else other than sit there. It looks like you do have practitioners is your area -
  73. In some people post concussion the vision centers and eye coordination get thrown off, which is partially what leads to the headaches. We are fortunate that we have an expert locally -
  74. You might be able to find someone locally such as a neuro-opthamologist. Glasses with specific tints and prisms can take the HAs away almost instantly.
  76. If the parents are willing and computer screen time is needed, a upgraded computer and monitor that allows a 144Hz refresh rate is helpful (standard is 60Hz), and gamming glasses (Gunnar are my preferred) can actually be a big help- The glasses can be used for all exposure to light.
  78. Also, he may be too young, or not willing, but a ketogenic diet has also been shown to be helpful -
  79. Cerebral metabolism of glucose has been shown to be altered after head injury and increasing cerebral metabolism of alternative substrates (ketones) has been shown to be neuroprotective in several models of traumatic brain injury. This altered dietary approach may have tremendous therapeutic potential for both the pediatric and adult head injured populations.
  82. If doing ketogenic diet, and possibly even without, HMB seems to be useful in increasing energy metabolism in the brain, but we are just beginning to play with it, so I'm less clear.
  84. I would also consider adding Integrative Therapeutics chewable CoQ10 300mg as it has been studied specifically in neurological diseases such as Parkinson's so we know it crosses the BBB -
  86. And carnitine which is available in liquid form -
  90. Ameet Aggarwal Naturopathic Doctor
  91. Message 7 of 7 , Feb 14 8:08 PM
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  93. Natrum Sulphuricum 30c homeopathic is also excellent and a specific remedy for concussions.
  94. warm regards,
  95. Ameet
  96. Kenya
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