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  1. He usually paced around to stave off nights like these.
  3. He refused to sleep in the same room as Misa. She insisted it'd be fine, but he was too afraid that he could turn on her one day. The cottage was one-bedroom. A corner of the living room was turned into a bedroom for him. He wasn't there often, though. Only when it was night. Only when he could sleep.
  5. He stood now in her bedroom, frustrated she didn't have any security system in place and that he was able to walk in so silently. He was only a couple feet from her bed, where she laid sleeping, and where her hands and her arms and her wrists were poked out of her blankets and next to her head.
  7. The dark pact called him closer, but his nausea kept him in place. She truly did look like an angel when she slept and her face wasn't bearing its usual scowl. Her skin was pale, like porcelain, and he'd seen it cut before. He shook at the thought of its taste. He'd had samples of blood before, and there was only one word to describe it - relief. It was a wash of relaxation, joy, and comfort. It was a peace to his mind after an eternity of longing.
  9. It would be easy to restrain her and bite down on her flesh. She was a powerful spellcaster, but all he had to do was cover her mouth. He had experience with torture. Cutting someone for their blood was nothing. It would be easy. She was asleep right now, and he could reach out and grab her if he was only a step closer. It was more out of his way to not do it, really. He'd never let himself get this close before, and there would be no other chance, and no other person.
  11. When he'd first arrived, he'd asked her, "Do you revere me?" and she said, "No." She wasn't lying, but years had gone by since then. Years they spent together, bonding, and now they felt like family. She was popular, but it was obvious she didn't have any close friends. Except him. This is what he was waiting for. This moment and person. They would lay down their lives for each other out of only the purest form of care and love, and he was sure that her blood would be the sweetest of them all.
  13. He could bite into her right now if he was only a step closer. His foot lifted off the ground, turned, and forced him out of the room. If one step was all that kept him from depravity, then he would need to add more of them. He put a note on his bed, left the cottage, and refused to let himself look back.
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