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  1. Last Man Standing.
  2. There are some steps to follow before playing this game. This game is about making a circle and throwing a ball to another student. so students who gets the ball shall say a word related to the previous learned vocabulary.
  3. The teacher in this game have to say a name category. For example, things that they can find in a kitchen, so the students who say a word that another one already said will be or spends lots of time thinking a new one, they are out of the game. Eventhough they get out of the game theyll still be learning. So the last man standing is the one who will win.
  4. There are many other versions that can be played in this game. For example, teacher could tell students to start off saying something that a color highlights. For example, if teacher says "something red" they could say strawberry then the next one could say blood.
  5. In summary, this game could be really interesting for students to play and they learn playing, this type of learning is more effective than other ones even more if they are kids.
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