Basket Part 1

Jul 30th, 2013
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  1. "Aww geez what the hell"? you mumble to yourself as you see the waterlogged basket sitting on your porch. The soft whinnies and cry of the little technicolor bundles ring loudly in your ears.
  3. Muttering obscenities you pick up the stray on the ground with the others and carry them inside. You take them out of the basket and placed them on your carpet while you discard the basket and leave to fetch a few towels. From the bathroom you hear the cries of those...things increase and rush back to them being pawed at by your loyal German Shepard. He has the white one underneath its paw and is rolling it back and forth.
  5. "Archimedes NO" you shout lifting the dogs paw off the tiny thing and pushing him away. You instruct your dog to sit which it promptly does. The other ones are in a tightly knit ball of fear as they watch the white one flail about desperately even tho the threat has passed.
  7. Taking your softest, largest towel, you fold it in a neat square on the ground next to them. Then Placing a nearby electric blanket underneath it to warm it up. With a second towel you dry off the white one first. She seemd the most dramatic as she still struggles despite your best efforts to calm her down.
  9. You place her on the now warmed towel and she immediately quiets down. Its the same with the others but they dont fuss as much. Soon enough all 6 are dry and on the warm towel staring at you with nervous expressions." So, where'd you things come from. And what the hell are you for that matter?" You say more to yourself than to them. But they hear it and after exchanging glances with each other they begin whimpering again.
  11. You quickly scoop up the blanket and start rocking in an attempt to calm them down. Fortunately it works as whimpering turns to yawning and finally light snoring. Satisfied you plop down on the couch and just sit there wondering what the hell you're gonna do? Eventually you yourself nod off
  13. The gentle silence is broken by loud crying and constant movement in your arms. It jerks you awake. Looking down you see the little bundles desperately trying to get away from the yellow one. Then the smell hits you. It seems the yellow one has soiled herself and now sits in its own filth with a look of dread on her face. "Great" you mumble as you remove the eletic blanket and walk briskly to the bathroom. You ponderd using the sink but decide to use the tub instead. That way you'll have more room to work. You grab a nearby basin to put them in while you toss the towel in a nearby hamper and begin running the bath, much to the displeasure of the bundles. You only fill the tub enough so that it forms a puddle. After checking the temperature you look back to the basin and to your horror it seems like they've all...used the bathroom. Your eyebrow twitches but you relax, reminding yourself that they're essentially babies.
  15. So after a quick mood check you place them all into the tub and watch the scene pay out. The orange and blue ones are chasing each other around the tub making what sounds like happy chirps. The pink one is simply rolling around in the water, somehow its mane, well I guess you could call it that has become poofy. The purple one is just staring at the tub walls as if she is examining them. You can tell the white one is a diva as she sits calmly while washing herself. But the yellow one is just sitting there with its head down. Trying to touch her only makes her whimper and shiver, So you give it it's space. Honestly watching these things reminds you of her. How you used to wash her in the tub. Your heart wretches and you place a hand over your mouth to suppress a sob. You remind yourself that was a long time ago and you need to stop behaving in such a way. You quickly leave and return with fresh towels and to your surprise the yellow one is reaching for you.
  17. Well not you the bunny towel you mistakenly grabbed. But if thats what she wants, fine. You pick her up first and dry her only a little. She seems to be content with snuggling the towel so she'll dry herself. The other ones become seemingly jealous of the yellow one's unexpected gift and begin puffing their cheeks and refusing to let you dry them. But you're a smart man. You leave and return with colored towels, one for each of them. You chuckle. Now they're happy. Each of them have their own color coded ones. Then you glance at the clock and your eyes go wide. "" you say disbelievingly. You gather them all up and take them to your bedroom. Placing them all in a little circle and wrap yourself around them and they fidget slightly. If you know infants they'll fall asleep again and you're right. One by one they fall asleep. "Its too damn early for this" you mutter before knocking out yourself
  19. It's about 9am when you awaken. You look down and find them all still sleeping soundly. You slowly slip out of bed and walk down the hall to the living room. Archimedes is at the door, pawing it and looking at you. You scratch behind his ear an open the door, and he bolts into the fields. Your home sits in the middle of a ranch and there's nothing for miles so you just let him roam where he will. He always comes back so you don't worry.
  21. You close the door and begin prepping your breakfast when it hits you, you haven't fed them yet. Do they even eat? Well if they poo then they must eat but what the hell do they eat. To figure this out you do what you've always done, experiment. You make everything from eggs and bacon to fruit bowls, salad and milk bottles.
  23. Soon enough as you expected you hear them whining from your bedroom. You knew the smell would wake them. So you go fetch the and place them on the ground in front of the couch. Returning to the kitchen you fix six small bowls with everything and place them in front of each of them and wait. They poke and sniff at the bowl but eventually the eat the fruits and veggies but leave the meat. " Ok you're vegetarians, cool that saves on food bills." Then it hits you. Look at yourself. You're caring for them as if the'ye your on daugh----. You don't let your mind finish the thought. You've put that part of your life behind you.
  25. But you do get an idea. After downing what they didn't eat you go into your storage closet and bring out a box. Insides are bits and bobbles and other things they may like. Sitting Indian style, you place the box in front of them. Four of them back away slightly but the orange and blue one stand their ground. "Oh tough ones are ya? " you think you yourself. You place a large purple stuffed dragon on the ground in front of them. The blue one scratches at the ground and charges at it, flipping her little wings as she runs. She collides with the stuffed toy and barely makes it move. Instead it falls on top of her. She grapples with it as if in some desperate struggle . The orange on runs over and bucks the dragon terror, knocking of her blue companion. Then they commence to biting and pushing the toy around, much to your amusement. You dump the rest of the contents of the box onto the ground and the others are quick to picking out their own favorites. The purple one takes a numbers book, while the yellow plays with a stuffed bunny. The pink one fiddles with a water pistol accidentally squirting you. And the white one in all her diva glory is brushing her hair with a plastic barbie brush.
  27. The day wears on and after many baths and feedings they're all asleep on your bed again. You close the door just enough so that the light from hallway doesn't hit and that you can still hear them if needed. You collapse on the couch. Idly scratching Archimedes's stomach much to his delight. You're exhausted but strangely satisfied. This is the most active you've been in years. After your early retirement life slowed down to a halt but now its like you a young man fresh out of college again. But you wonder. Why has this happened and where to go from here. Are they aliens? Some sort of undiscovered species?. Truth be told you don't know. But you do know one thing. They're are growing on you and you dont mind one bit.
  29. Its been 8 months now and wow have they grown. Through process of deduction you discover that they're ponies, or at least that's the closest species they resemble to you. Surprisingly they can talk too. They've even come up with their own names. You gave them their own rooms but they always seem to be in your bed by the morning. You're sitting on the porch watching them play. "It's funny" you think. It took these 6 ponies to help you overcome your daughter's death. In a way they each resemble her . From her determination, intelligence and shyness. To her randomness sense of fashion and loyalty. It's like you never lost her. Yes, you haven't lost her because these six ponies are you daughter. You smile. It's a smile only a father could make. As you watch rainbow smack a beach ball into fluttershy's face you know all the elements of your life.
  31. Are in harmony.
  33. The End, for now.
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