#operationbackyardbrawl evidence

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  1. Veterans on Patrol - for dissemination to the truth community
  2. compiled by UNIRock and #ROCKaSQUAD on 6/6/25018 backed up by livestream on same date and day before
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  4. Part 1.2
  5. summary of compiled problems start with this twitter thread
  7. but more importantly, all issues began and come from this video....  also that the leader for "veterans on patrol" is not a veteran... proof
  8. here
  9. and here
  11. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  13. If you watch this video in full, you will discover what we have discovered, that when zooming in to the "rape tree" you see that these "bindings" are "screwed in" with a drill. This is not indicative of a binding, but of exactly what we see with out own eyes, evidence of a homeless shelter.
  14. I invite you all to mute this video and watch it and look at what they are showing you and ask yourself after you have not only seen everything, but paused and gone through frame by frame on the "bindings on the tree" ask yourself what the most logical excuse is for this area.
  15. Being close to the border, i can say with 95% certainty, that this is a combination of one or more of a homeless camp, and maybe even used as a stop for people that have crossed the boarder illegally. Now... This is important, because now if you go to the video and listen with audio on... you hear the most absurd thing ive ever heard in a video like this. You hear Lewis TELLING Sawyer that this is a "child traffic camp" over and over while taking evidence that very well could be a multitude of things and saying they are but the one thing he wants them to be... a "child camp".
  16. This set us in motion to look at this from the outside, with an open mind considering all possibilities and seeing very quickly that these two individuals were putting a quite a big show making it something it wasn't.
  17. Moving forward... Lewis claims on facebook that the police would not show up and help them. This is an outright lie, but police did respond, with dogs, and teams to collect evidence, this is on video from a news agency... also this link is the result of the police investigation, along with other agencies summed up...
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  21. So, the issue starts to arrise, when Lewis continues to go live and tell people that the police did not investigate and covered this up by bulldozing it.
  22. This is just not true. After many agencies went through finding nothing but a homeless camp, they removed the trash and dangerous situation there.
  23. We must ask ourselves then why Lewis keeps pushing for people to send money, gift cards, and drive down there to help search for things when the original need for all of this was based on the finding of this scene and this evidence. We start to see a Lewis that needs and wants people to follow the narrative hes pushing of discovered evidence of "child rings".
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  25. proof of accepting donations is on their facebook page,
  26. link here and scroll down -
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  29. Moving forward, I hope you have realized these key points,
  30. 1 - this went viral off of the first video where the "rape tree, underground prison were shown"
  31. 2 - the individuals did not consider any other conclusion and instead took the most extreme, least likely, and most viral of conclusions and repeated it over and over without even asking questions if it could be anything else
  32. 3 - Lewis lied about police covering it up, and did not accurately report the real investigation and conclusion by various different agencies, even a dog that sniffed for bodies and evidence that did not find anything, instead representing this as evidence for a cover up
  33. 4 - the entire time asking for donations (just not in cash, but on card form) to be sent
  34. 5 - kept putting out live videos of him and others searching for more evidence, to continually put out a narrative that they were finding things everywhere, when in reality they have not produced a single peice of evidence that they've found anything.
  35. 6 - Lewis is homeless, admitted by himself, not a veteran (which is only disturbing because he named his group "veterans on patrol") but does not address any of these real and tangible things when streaming out to the masses.
  36. 7 - even more disturbing is the origin of the viral trend. see below
  37. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  38. When searching on twitter for how the hashtag #operationbackyardbrawl became viral, you see many accounts and other hashtags involved around #qanon, #pizzagate, and many others, while noticing that the majority of all shared info comes out of twitter accounts with high followers that push the #qanon agenda.
  39. Youtubers and media that are what I call QTubers, have started not only sharing this like crazy, but are claiming that this was a predicted event from the #qanon post.
  40. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  41. more strangeness around this narrative being built.
  43. We have Sawyer, with his own youtube channel going on INFOWars sharing his secret intel sources and that they have told him that arrests are being made (3,000 to be exact) which is very ironic that Sawyer is the one person called by Lewis to come to the scene first (even before police investigators have a chance to show up) and it gets even more LARPy when Sawyer accepts Lewis's "child camp" instead of bringing up other more logical circumstances.
  44. This leads me to believe that this narrative could (and i stress could) be something much bigger that we even suspect now. Right now I'm seeing a Lewis wanting attention on his Vigilante exercises with the aid of a semi celeb in the field adding in the strange acceptance of the #qanon community to this coupled with Sawyer going on infowars, I feel that this much be watched and a disinfo campaign of very high value to anyone trying to distract and divide the truth community.
  45. links below ....
  49. -
  50. I want to stress that I dont know much about Sawyer and this last statement is a gut feeling. Its very strange to me that Sawyer is now telling people that we should stand down on this thing in Tuscon (again allegedly reported by a viewer)
  51. he changes demeanor on hagman
  53. than what he was in the original "tree video"
  56. but not only that.... The minute a REAL investigator saw that something real had happened, he would have instructed everyone to move out of the area and called the police, so that they would not destroy evidence
  57. Instead he lets Lewis, other people, camera men, and himself not only stomp and move all evidence but pick at the "rape tree" and distrub every peice of what he as a trained investigator would know is valuable information and evidence for investigators to collect, and test. The reason Sawyer did not do this, says one of two things
  58. Either he didn't really think this area was what they said it was, therefore did not need to clear the area of people to wait for evidence collection, or
  59. 2 - He was putting on a show the whole time for the camera's, hence the need for the repetitious spouting of key words that trigger and rise emotion in any listener looking at the video.
  60. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  61. To sum up this (part 1) i want you to all think unbiasdly outside the box with the evidence we have to work with
  62. Does the evidence support Sawyer and Lewis and their conclusions at the original video or does the evidence support that it was a homeless camp? Using your own eyes you can see what it is, a homeless camp.
  63. Then, why would they when they are supposed to be good, patriotic vets, who are smart and trained, come to the conclusions and act like they did that day?
  64. to start the viral trend, to most likely help get Sawyers new Netflix docs, and hollywood projects attention and monetary support for Lewis, who if you search and read his own words Lewis is a homeless Nonveteran running Veterans on Patrol,
  65. the single thing everyone should agree on is that VOP should have to change their name
  66. and that Lewis shouldnt be taking the money for the organisation.
  67. but I'll let all that go, let me know what you think and take a look at this last link
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