A night with Virgo

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >day in the shower in Equestria
  2. >you are anonymous
  3. >and you have currently finished shaving
  4. >your body feels so smooth
  5. >you take some liquid red soap and wash your body with it, making you smell like seductive roses
  6. >and then you rinse off the conditioner in your long hair and the facemask from your face
  7. >you want things to be just perfect when your significant mothpony other comes home from a hard day of work
  8. >after cleaning yourself up you get out of the shower and start to dry yourself off with a very soft towel
  9. >it caresses your shaved body in a tender way, making you tingle and get rather aroused
  10. >you take a look at the clock, you are right on schedule
  11. >you start to get dressed
  12. >those sexy striped socks that go all the way to your hips
  13. >those lewd panties that barely cover any of your shaven perky buttocs but cup your junk oh so good
  14. >that gray tank top that barely covers yoru chest area, exposing your toned tummy and that little belly button piercing
  15. >this outfit is getting you very turned on
  16. >but then comes the last touch, and you insert a vibrating buttplug into your behind
  17. >it feels good as it slides gently into your aroused hole that's screaming for attention
  18. >then you snap the backside part of your erotic underwear to barely cover the end of your bright blue plug and sit down to brush your hair
  19. >the plug feels even more amazing as it forcefully reaches deeper as you sit down, making your member become half erect
  20. >as you brush your long hair you start to grind yourself against the seat a bit to make the plug feel even more good
  21. >but it pales to the real deal
  22. >but still you can't help but to feel a bit naughty as you move your hips as the panties squeeze pleasurably against your cock
  23. >then you hear the door
  24. >you get up, feeling so giddy that it is a bit hard for you to walk, not to mention that good feeling inside of you making your legs weak and shaky
  25. >as you hear your mothpony lover setting his stuff aside, you gently lay on the livingroom couch with your butt up in the air on the edge of it
  26. >the couch feels good against your semi-erect dick as you push yoru buttocs more into the air, spreading your cheeks a bit, making your plugged hole feel even more naughty and hot
  27. "Well well well, what do we have in here?"
  28. >Virgos voice sends shivers down your spine as you can already feel the tint of arousal in there
  29. "A naughty girl with her butt in the air, and her hole looking like it is screaming for something warm and hard"
  30. >you wiggle your butt a bit
  31. >"I've been waiting for you honey, and look how lonely I got..."
  32. >you feel your panties coming off and you move your smooth legs to help Virgo in removing them, all the movement making the plug feel even better as it keeps sending vibrations deep into you
  33. >then Virgo pulls the plug out with a wet pop and you struggle to keep your hungry hole agape and relaxed, as your mind screams for fullfilment
  34. >you feel something hot and long placed onto your back
  35. >Oh god how long it feels as it rests against you, sending your mind into a frenzy on imagining how deep it reaches into you and how good it feels
  36. >you erection has now grown and you feel a wet spot on the couch where the tip of your member lies
  37. >"Oh just give it to me"
  38. >there is no need for foreplay
  39. >you have been squirming in a sexual need for hours now, waiting for your lovers big hard cock to stretch your anus and make you feel that lovely pleasure that hurts just right
  40. >Virgo parts your buttocs and you feel the hot tip of his cock push against your anus, making you squeeze it close in excitement
  41. >but that's ok with Virgo, your honey likes to force it in
  42. >Virgo pushes strongly against your gates, and with a wet sound the tip of his cock enters you
  43. >oh it's just the right size as you feel a slight stretch on your hole
  44. >as Virgo pushes his hard cock into you your mind turns into mush
  45. >every millimeter filling you up with pleasure, your hole opening more and more as the girth of Virgos member grows towards his balls, and every twitch of his cock pushes just in the right places
  46. >you close your eyes as it almost feels like it goes right trough you
  47. >as you feel the last bits of him entering he bumps against a wall, sending a tremor of pleasure trough out your body while you feel his enormous testicles brush against your backside area
  48. >you grasp the couch as you purr in pleasure
  49. "My, you really are horny aren't you?"
  50. >he's doing this on purpose, not starting to ram you right away, just staying there as your bowels throb and squeeze on his member while screaming for movement
  51. >"Nnnnnh just fuck me already..."
  52. >this seems to get Virgo really into the mood as he pulls out and rams himself strongly into you
  53. >if it would not have been for the whole day of preparing for this, this movement would be too much
  54. >but as you are now, you do not care even if you would break a bit as you start to slap your butt against Virgos loins
  55. >Virgo keeps slamming into you, making waves of pleasure travel troughout your body as you bite and grip the couch in the throws of passion
  56. >his thrusts seem to hit just the right spots as your dick painfully twitches, screamign for release and your bowels feel liek they are on pleasuring fire
  57. >Virgo pulls out all the way, his cock making lewd wet noises as it pulls out
  58. >he does not even have to say anything, you already know what he wants
  59. >you get to lying on your stomach on the couch and then stretch your legs out behind you and cross them
  60. >Virgo applies his slippery cock against you and slides the tip between the buttocs adn once again against your hole, and easily slips in to resume his ruthless pounding
  61. >this position is your favorite, and Virgo himself also enjoys this greatly
  62. >for Virgo, your position turns your clentched buttocs into a type of a pre-asshole before the main prize, and gives him a jittery flesh pillow to slam against
  63. >and for you, this position makes your anus tighter and that way you can feel even more of the good stretching feeling inside of you
  64. >not to mention like this Virgos cock pushes a bit of air into you, stretching open even parts where his cock could not reach and his testicles will slap against your butt
  65. >you keep grinding against Virgo as your erect member gets rubbed against the couch by your stomach
  66. >you can't take it anymore as your mind goes blank and you cum like you have never cum before
  67. >your body twitches and jerks about as an unimaginable pleasure fills your whole body and all of your bowel feels like it is having a pleasurable cramp as it shoots Virgos cock out of there
  68. >you can't control your own body as you start to fart out the air and bits of lube as you feel like your bowels have gone crazy and out of control with their convulsions of pleasure
  69. >Virgo himself shoots his hot load on you as you twitch a few last times while moaning uncontrollably
  70. >the two of you stay in there, basking in the afterglow, until something wet and hard slides inside of you again, making your now tender bowels feel almost in pain, but still good
  71. "Ready for round 2?"
  72. >you just back your butt against him in blind lust and the two of you keep going at it for hours
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