Sep 15th, 2013
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  1. “Thanks for inviting us to dinner!” Echo said gratefully. “I could destroy a mango right now.”
  2. “Yeah, thanks!” Speck chirped in agreement.
  3. “Oh it’s our pleasure.” Orchid replied as he joined his guests at the table.
  4. >At that moment Hekesuh glided in from the kitchen bearing a large silver lidded tray
  5. ”Hope everyone’s hungry.” he said as he sat the tray down in the middle of the table.
  6. >Echo and Speck’s eyes both widened in anticipation at the sight of the huge platter.
  7. ”I’m excited!” Speck exclaimed.
  8. “Well there’s plenty for everyone, dig in!” Hekesuh merrily announced.
  9. >With a single swift motion Hekesuh removed the lid from the tray revealing a giant, succulent steamed lobster with melted butter.
  10. >That’s when the screaming began.
  11. “SWEET LUNA THAT’S NOT A MANGO!” Speck shrieked, scooting back from the table and jumping atop her chair.
  12. “Look at the size of its claws!” Echo exclaimed. “That monster must have eaten our mangos!”
  13. “LOOK OUT, IT’S COMING RIGHT FOR US!” Speck yelled from her perch.
  14. >Echo let out a warcry that might have also been a terrified scream and jumped onto the table to vanquish the monster.
  15. “KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT OH MY GOSH KILL IT!” Speck cried amidst her own intelligible screaming.
  16. >Echo, yelling in terror all the while, then proceeded to stomp apart the monster that had so brazenly invaded their dinner and eaten their mangos.
  17. >Meanwhile Orchid and Hekesuh just watched wide-eyed as dinner was destroyed, wincing as bits of lobster splattered their faces.
  18. >Orchid then turned to Hekesuh, a long suffering sigh leaving him.
  19. “This, this right here is why we can’t have nice things.
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