Dec 7th, 2013
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  1. H-here I go
  2. >A loud crowing comes from the outside, the sun inviting you to open your eyes.
  3. >Out of spite, you pull the dawn comforter over your eyes to shield them from the incoming rays.
  4. >The morning was cool, but you felt otherwise from the pink-maned Pegasus cuddling up against you.
  5. >Finally, you relent, letting go of the covers to gaze at her.
  6. >Your eyes wandering down to her developed form then zipping back up as you hear a snort.
  7. >She gazes at you and then bites her lip for a moment, the corners of her mouth turned up into a smile.
  8. ”Good morning. How did you sleep?”
  9. >”Just fine.” She mumbled, staving off a yawn.
  10. >She reached for your cheek and simply caressed it, your smooth skin very different to the other cheeks that she’s touched in Equestria.
  11. “Do you know what today is?”
  12. >”Umm..” She looked up to the ceiling, racking her brain for an answer.
  13. >”The first day of fall?” She asked earnestly, giving a sheepish smile.
  14. >You chuckle and caressed her cheek in kind, leaning in close to nuzzle her as per the custom that you adopted since living here in Equestria.
  15. “And?”
  16. >She held a serious look on her face; she was cute when she wasn’t paying attention to her mannerisms.
  17. >”…Our anniversary?” Her cheeks turned a rosy pink, her eyes pleading for you to forgive you
  18. >You nod, your eyes conveying that you were not mad at all.
  19. >Far from what you expected, when you first came to Equestria, you were not expecting to be wed to a pony.
  20. >In fact, the fact that a pony and a human could mate in the first place was miraculous.
  21. >But here you are, 4 wondrous years later with your first child growing inside of her.
  22. >You place a hand over her belly, the foal kicked after a while of you searching.
  23. >She smiles and watches you interact with your foal.
  24. >Your smile subsides, a familiar feeling washing about you. The feeling of incompetence.
  25. >Fluttershy and you raise chickens and help wildlife, but you’ve always managed to scrape enough bits to care for the two of you.
  26. >Would you have to find a second job to support her?
  27. >Fluttershy sighed softly and straddled your lap, wrapping her hooves about you and holding you close in the embrace.
  28. >You hug her back, her touch bringing you back from your introspection
  29. >”We’ll be just fine. You, me, and our sweet little foal.” She cooed, rubbing your spine.
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